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  1. WG Wizard

  2. WG Wizard

    Welcome to WG!
  3. WG Wizard

    Another maxed friend for @AAIGHT, welcome to the clan!
  4. WG Wizard

  5. WG Wizard

    Welcome to WG
  6. WG Wizard

    Welcome to runescape and hope you enjoy WG, feel free to chill with us in the clan chat WG_CC while you skill and pvm.
  7. WG Wizard

    Howdy, welcome to WG!!
  8. WG Wizard

    Hello! Welcome to WG!!
  9. WG Wizard

  10. WG Wizard


    Nice app, welcome to WG!
  11. WG Wizard

    Yeah for pking I totally understand, but for general skilling/pvm, not good in my opinion. Imagine doing raids 1/2 in fixed
  12. WG Wizard

    Yeah fixed is so aids to play on, can't see anything!! True, but good luck clicking on anything in fixed when your whole screen is taken up by the chat, inventory, and map
  13. WG Wizard

    Hey man good luck with the app and welcome to WG!
  14. How do you guys manage?! I understand when pking in singles but how does one skill and pvm in fixed?!?!
  15. WG Wizard

    Good luck with your app!