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  1. WG Wizard

    Welcome to the clan, great job on your app. Hope to see you around!
  2. WG Wizard

    Welcome to the clan!
  3. WG Wizard

    Might want to add a bit to the app, otherwise, welcome!
  4. WG Wizard

    Welcome to the clan! Good luck with the app!
  5. WG Wizard

    Might want to add a bit more to the app, otherwise, welcome to the clan!
  6. WG Wizard

    Welcome, glad to have another Adam in the clan!
  7. WG Wizard

    You can't lose what you don't have.
  8. WG Wizard

    Well I got my fire at a a measly 70(ish) combat, and at 75 range with a blowpipe/mith darts and full blessed dhide. Took me around 5-6 tries. GZ on your sexy asf cape!
  9. I don't see why people are mad at it so much, it's really no that bad
  10. WG Wizard

    LOL, Welcome to our forums
  11. WG Wizard

    Welcome to the clan man!
  12. WG Wizard

    Main: Currency/eccy key(s)/my holy sandal collection First tab: PVP/PVM/slayer Second tab: Utility outfits (graceful, pryo, prospector, etc.)/Clue scroll items/fashionscape Third tab: Teleports/jewelry Fourth tab: Skilling/junk I've got another tab that I put loot in but it's quite empty atm since I just cleaned it out, I keep all my totem pieces and long/curved bones in there too, also clues.
  13. WG Wizard

    Welcome! Good luck with your app!
  14. WG Wizard

  15. WG Wizard