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  1. Home made Garlic bread with Philadelphia cream cheese and Pasta Sauce on top hnnggggggg
  2. That would be so satisfying to pull out, you lost me at bad cheese though
  3. Anything with SWANKI DJ IS A F YEAH FROM ME
  4. What if our Air was water I mean technically....
  5. Really inspiring, best of luck!!
  6. My name is Mathew but you can call me Hew
  7. I remember seeing that photo released of his body being shot and that was pre disturbing (idk if it was real it looked it) I never got into his music though
  8. I really enjoy living but I dont feel to good at it
  9. really nice, I need to get those agility levels up.
  10. Recommend PC or Laptop for sure!! Tablet is alright but there is nothing like Runelite on a good system tbh, I been really enjoying the GPU plug in they have.
  11. Coming in strong, nice work!
  12. Massive Turd

    Full send

    I did that on my grind to 99 Range and F it hits you hard if you have 15k+ chins
  13. The 86 Agility is bigg ooft, nice work!
  14. R U S S I A A good read right here I found this dude stumbling across Creepy stories on Reddit, Part two is here as well -
  15. Thanks for the reminder!! I will contact you within the next 24 hours on Discord! ~ I need to get a cool signature
  16. @Malzaphite Cheers! Hey my name does seem like a troll but it is reality for us all eventually. Laugh now, cry later.
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