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    Yasticaki got a reaction from Mojo in QoL Changes and Warding Feedback   
    This is actually really useful on mobile if you have butter fingers like mine lol xd
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    Yasticaki reacted to Immortal_Sho in [Accepted] Akatsuchi   
    I like sour cream, but dislike mayonnaise. So I kinda half-like you! 
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    Yasticaki reacted to WG Twiz in Least Favorite Quest?   
    +1 on that, although when I did it on this account late last year I got super lucky not falling down as much seeing as I only had the bare minimum Agility requirement.
    I know a lot of people may say One Small Favour but I kind of like that one.. gets you an opportunity to move around RS.
  4. Hash
    Yasticaki got a reaction from WG Twiz in Least Favorite Quest?   
    Yeh definitely One Small Favour. I feel people that say they like it probably just say they like it to drive those who hate it up a wall. Pretty sure they hate it too, lol.
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