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WG Gore Def

DS2 and Vorkarth

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After basically being MIA right before this quest got released, I never got to get in on the early hype :(


But I finally did the quest and with that my first KC:



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Thanks guys <3


Small update:




Vork head on 45 =x



another one on 50, but thats scripted




And now I'm at 54 kc, still like 40+ left on my blue drags task.


This boss is super free money, like wtf.

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4 minutes ago, WG Fargorn said:

Excuse me my gore. Could you post your gear setup? I need something that isn’t void. Lol 

I actually switched to void + blowpipe and bgs, people from the clan told me that's the best way to do it, and I did notice a noteable difference. First 50kc was done with void + rcb (had no bgs yet).


For my first 10 or so kc I used barrows stuff but kills took a bit longer. You can see if you can pull it off:



You dont have void tho?


Also use the setup with pray ranged not mage. With a blowpipe you pray mage since you dont have anti-dragon shield.

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