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  1. Mojo

    Welcome to our clan
  2. My earliest memory is of being in school playing RS classic. I think I was wandering around lumbridge.
  3. Mojo

    Welcome to our clan forums. Your application is somewhat lacking in effort. Just click the edit button on this page to change your application. Take a look through some previously accepted applications for inspiration. Good luck
  4. http://services.runescape.com/m=news/an-important-announcement?oldschool=1 This is incredibly sad to hear. Sounds like many billions of GP was stolen.
  5. Mojo

    Happy birthday @batfire
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  7. Mojo

    show her the ring and say "will you marry me?"
  8. Mojo

    Your application has been declined. This is because you posted an extremely low effort application. If you're serious about joining feel free to post another application.
  9. Mojo

    Hello, welcome
  10. Mojo

    Well written app, welcome to our forums
  11. Mojo

    Apple have limited beta testing on all apps to 10k and I didn't get in
  12. Mojo

    gz noob
  13. Mojo

    Welcome. No cop hate from me. You have a tough job!
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    Welcome to our forums
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    Welcome back