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  1. [03:00] BOTWildGuard: AE MATE#4863 just left the server. Bye bye AE MATE#4863...
  2. got him! Welcome to our forums. I'd say your app is borderline on effort. Perhaps add a little more about yourself IRL and about your RS history
  3. good guys with guns kill bad guys with guns
  4. Hey mate, if you turn your About Me section into sentences it will look a lot better. Take the advice above Apart from that, welcome to our boards and nice to see one of our RS3 members coming across!
  5. Welcome to our clan mate, no worries about the work we understand people have lives to live
  6. it is real ur jealous of the smooth af user interface
  7. Welcome to our forums. Your application is severely lacking in effort and detail. Take a look through previously accepted apps for ideas. also this is not how you heard about us? How did you actually find the cc?
  8. Never heard of it
  9. Welcome mate. Glad you decided to give us a go
  10. Hey mate welcome. We’re more than happy to teach you PKing if you’re up for it
  11. Not a problem mate. Welcome to our boards. Guess you didn’t like the purple formatting?
  12. already got premier club
  13. where the fuck was my survey jagex??
  14. Also to give Jagex some credit where it's due it does make business sense to cut off all your dead games. With the killing off of FunOrb, Chronicle and Classic they are left with 3 games: RS, OSRS and "Unannounced MMO". There have been leaks about both "RS Next Gen" and "RS Remastered" so it would be interesting to see if the new game is either of those.