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  1. grats
  2. books

    🤦 Currently reading The Gender Games series (fiction) by Bella Forrest.
  3. grats dude, half way there
  4. Jagex really do have money to burn at the minute
  5. Hey sorry for any delay. Shoot me or Lait a message on Discord
  6. Welcome to our boards
  7. Welcome
  8. sick man
  9. Welcome to our boards
  10. Personally would definitely focus on one account if stretched for time/money.
  11. Your application has been declined as you did not request your application review from an Application Manager or Leader. Feel free to apply again if you feel you can be active.
  12. good stuff
  13. Use this topic to discuss the latest episodes of Game of Thrones. If you're not up to date then look no further!
  14. Welcome. Bit more detail wouldn't do any harm.
  15. picture

    aptly sums up the rs community