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  1. Great to see old members returning Would be nice to see you rejoin soon!
  2. welcome
  3. Welcome to our boards
  4. yeh it was sparc mac's tribe. Basically a gathering of people who didnt join a big dm clan. We were mostly level 80s and 90s. I was only level 73 and outlasted a decent proportion of my group
  5. pressure of trying to stay alive gets to you, wasn't think 100% clearly all the time and I was looking for the word 'top' when it was 'body'
  6. I don’t usually bother with holiday events lol
  7. still owning nice job
  8. For those interested, here's my final 10 mins before I died in the deadman winter tournament. Was only level 73. Apologies for the background noise too forgot to suppress it.
  9. There’s three chaos altars in the Wildy. Two are prayer and one is rc. This one is the prayer one in 38 wild.
  10. Welcome
  11. not convinced that anybody will use the wildy altar tbh. Some of the benefits they polled didnt pass
  12. this quest is annoying when half the items wont buy on ge Boring stats, will be grinding Ranged to 75+ tomorrow I hope
  13. to some extent that's just propaganda from OSRS players because they don't like what Jagex did to RS3. This site shows interesting data from 2k13 about player count on both games:
  14. On December 6th 2003, His Lordship founded the Wilderness Guardians in RS Classic. 14 years later we're still here! We've had an interesting year which has included pretty major changes to OSRS with things like new forums and no requirements but with our CC nearly always active, Discord with 100+ people online and 40+ daily forum users it's been a clear success. Although not relevant to most of you, our RS3 unit has also had a very stable year with 200+ people in the clan (lower activity reqs). So Happy Birthday to all Guardians and here's to a strong 15th year. Don't forget to join us on Saturday for our Birthday events across OSRS and RS3!