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  1. Wow
  2. Starter packs are fun
  3. Rune scim was gonna carry me
  4. happened to roughly 100 people. The player count on mmorpg's stream went from 650 to 550.
  5. some good changes here. Fuck the bots
  6. nice trip
  7. hey welcome. Who is your cousin?
  8. Update your forum profile if you didn’t already
  9. Hey welcome to our forums. Your application would look better in sentences
  10. I’ll rename one of the event channels
  11. That is some next level flower planting there
  12. Hey nice to see you around. Did you get banned or something?
  13. not to my knowledge. You must tag nsfw channels though Our server current has an 'explicit content filter' which is built into Discord which I think will delete nsfw images not posted in nsfw channels.