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  1. Get 70 mining then use the ore mined from 60-70 to raise smithing from 65-70. To get 70 mining, I would look into motherlode mine. Not the fastest xp, but fast way to collect large amount of ore. Can work towards Prospector outfit needed for fally hard diary as well. 63-70 firemaking you can easily get in a day at Wintertodt. Wear warm clothing and be prepared to spend lots on food though!!! Barbarian fishing is quick 42k xp/h, wouldn't take long till 70 fishing either.
  2. Hello and welcome.
  3. Awesome app! Tons of info. I'm a fellow RS classic guy. Played back in 2001 as well and for whatever reason your name looks/sounds familiar. I just recently picked up OSRS and it has definitely been an adjustment for me. Much more to do and much easier ways to do it. Hope to see you around the forums and in game. Be happy to talk about classic and the old ways with you too. Good luck!
  4. Hello and whalecum!
  5. WG classic WoW clan to come? lol
  6. Hello and whalecum. Thank you for your service. Been there.
  7. Nope AAIGHT!
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    Hell ya. Congratulations.
  9. Congratulations man. That's some serious long hours and hard work. Well done.
  10. Hello and welcome. Awesome app. See you in game.
  11. Me! Kaas
  12. Mmmmm beer! Alaska has tons of craft beer breweries! The Alaskan line is decent. They've got some good IPA's like Hopothermia. Elysian is amazing. Love that line. Spacedust is awesome. We've got a place here called ABC - Anchorage Brewing Company. These guys make some mean ass beers and barley wines. Deal with the Devil is a rare sought after special brew they only do every few years. You just gotta explore and try new things.