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  1. Welcome to the boards, I look forward to seeing u in the discord and the cc.
  2. Welcome to the boards, I look forward to seeing u in disc and in the cc.
  3. Hey Scimmy, good to see you again! not sure if you reconize me, my old name ised to be Hathor|Ray
  4. 99 prayer always hurts the bank.
  5. Welcome to the boards, I look forward to seeing you on discord and in the cc.
  6. Welcome to the boards Tim, I look forward to seeing u in the discord and in the cc.
  7. Hi Tojo welcome to the boards, i Look forward to seeing you in the cc and in discord.
  8. very much so, i was with the clan for years back in the day. i quit when i got hacked and couldnt get my acc back.
  9. Hey CJ welcome to the forums, i hope u enjoy ur time here as much as i have. hopefully we can get a couple others to join as well.
  10. Hey Ray, im glad to see you apply, hopefully we can get the other boys to join as well. This is a great community and I hope you enjoy it here as much as i have.
  11. Thanks Mojo, im still getting used to these new forums lol.
  12. Wg_Drizzile What is your current RS name? Wg_Drizzile List any previous RS names: WG_Ray, Hathor666, Adrizzile, Drizzile My stats: http://sigs.vksoft.eu/oldschool/blue/no/YOUR_NAME.png Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Well i have been in WG for years then i retired and left the clan. some friends finally conviced me to come back and start a new toon since my last one got hacked and i have been unable to reclaim it. Tell us about your clan history. DDC, DG, WG. I lead DDC and joined DG back in the day and then gradutated to WG. Tell us about your yourself. I work hard, and am very busy with RL but im a very rural guy, which means i spend a lot of my time in the country. How did you hear about us? uhhh idk??? Tnuac i think, i cant really remember. What makes you want to join us? Because WG has been my family for years. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: uhh nothing, i have been with WG for so long i have always been honorable.
  13. Well thats good to know, im just making my new char, i started it yesterday. and Moose its so good to see you again!!!! hows it going Mojo? well after i do a few quets ill most likely make my application then, I would love to be back home in the clan.
  14. WG_Drizzile Tell us about yourself. Well, I have been in the clan before and i retired from RS when my old account got hacked and i wasnt able to recover it. My old Name was Hathor666, or Hathor|Ray in irc. I have played rs for year, i cant really remember how long and a lot of the old school people might reconize me as well. Clan history. DDC, WG, DG. How did you hear about us? uhh i cant remember how i heard about the clan, its been a while Do you plan to join? If i ever get to the required lvl most likely. Any last comments? Hi to all my old friends and i look forward to meeting the new members as well.