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  1. Welcome to the boards, I look forward to seeing you in the c.f. and disc
  2. Yes Samm I had stepped down around then.
  3. Hey Samm, it was nice seing you in disc the other night sadly Keanu got killed by you guys. Its also nice to see you pop onto the boards. Not sure if you remember me or not lol.
  4. Welcome to the boards, we are happy to have you hear. I am glad you decided to join us after being at bandos. I look forward to seeing you in the cc and in disc.
  5. White american
  6. Of course mine is Ray.
  7. Welcome I hope you decide to stick around and get to know the clan, and let us get to know you as well.
  8. Well to each there own i guess. nothing wrong with it.
  9. It will be nice to play Vanilla again, though I personally think they waited to long to do this. The community has been asking for this to happen for year and now they decide to do it, go figure. And as a side note, it wont even be released when the new xpac is planned on being released the community is going to have to wait another 6 months at least.
  10. I would be intrested in this as well. I have the game but i havent played it in a long time. The last time i played was with gene and a few other old school members.
  11. I will be getting my xbox 1 here soon and then i will be on that halo game again. I cant wait for it.
  12. lol well he still is but he thinks hes hot shit now. He has been pking and freezeing since he got to 82 magic lol. at least he is still training it that way. maybe we might see him hit 85 magic this year even?
  13. Ya looks fun, can't wait to give it a shot.
  14. Welcome James, I look forward to seeing you on the cc and in Disc.
  15. Welcome to the Boards, I look forward to seeing you on the cc and in the discord.