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  1. Don't look unless you've seen past season 3 ish I think
  2. My huskies Titan (red) and Leela (black)
  3. Like a fuckin AA meeting. Hello John.
  4. Only would pay if you do palm seeds. Otherwise just use some ultracomp and call it a day.
  5. Fruit trees. High xp, low cost. Just do a 5 minute run every morning, they take 18 ish hours to grow
  6. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.
  7. Hope theres no hard feelings about dying to the powerhouse that is WG. Welcome bro
  8. Nice! I'd say thats insanely lucky but I got mine on 6kc so I have no room to talk lol
  9. Hmmm.. I don't see any mage gear for freezes.. HMMMM...
  10. Saw nobody else had any american muscle classics, thought I'd show you mine. 77 Chevy Nova with 377 stroker.
  11. Gz on Olmlet, just got it one day too early
  12. Welcome! Always glad to have more max cb pkers
  13. Welcome Naseem
  14. Best dspearer in all the land