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    Well war wagon pierce armor is insanely high, those cav archers aren’t doing shit. Mass heavy camels and support with BBT and he would mow them down
  2. Huskington

    Bad unit choice Suffud. Turks are a real mismatch vs Korean, but camels would've been 100x better than cav archer
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    Crab legs. $30 all you can eat buffet and I'll go through 10-15 clusters (5-6 pounds)
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    SKOL Vikings
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    Mine is garbage compared to yall
  9. Huskington

    Thanks, this is a cool idea Farg. We need more North Americans
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    Build one. Rosewill ATX midtower $30 MSI LGA1150 B85M-G43 motherboard $50 i7-4770 CPU $250 EVGA 600w power supply $50 16GB ddr3 ram (its all the same no matter the brand) $80-150 EVGA GTX 1050 Ti GPU $200 Samsung Evo 500GB SSD $150 1TB HDD $50 That's a near top of the line rig for less than $1000, it's very similar to what I'm running right now
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    Welcome Kyle, good luck with the application process. We have a few pkers around your combat range, but I would encourage to keep training. Sorry we had to slay you.
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  13. For those of you that don't know High lvl was a clan member that left a few weeks ago. He left because we didn't PK often enough for him. He was well known as a "rag ranger" that never contributed on PK trips. As you can see from his loot, old habits die hard.
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    We need to start adding a disclaimer for new members. If you choose to leave WG, Huskington will smite your +1's (I also got a B ring from Myjello)
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    Most creative 99 milestone vid I've ever seen
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    Its so beautiful
  17. Huskington

    Thats insane! Gz man can't help but be a bit salty. Wish I had been there lol
  18. Huskington

    Lol I only rag at revs. Mojo was on me the other day for bringing full ahrims to vene
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    Is this Mini Horses alt?
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    Don't look unless you've seen past season 3 ish I think
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    My huskies Titan (red) and Leela (black)
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    Like a fuckin AA meeting. Hello John.