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  1. WINstanley94

    Best of luck and welcome brother!!
  2. WINstanley94

    hahaha yes yes it is<3
  3. WINstanley94

    no to understanding rules and requirements and that this is an honour clan :s boiii its a no from me
  4. WINstanley94

    Yess! best of luck brother!
  5. WINstanley94

    633m each split
  6. WINstanley94

    So here we are, 13/07/2018 and me and my boii Final Combo AKA: WG milfhuntr decided to do some raids... over the past few days Combo has been teaching me how to raid and I am forever grateful for him to take time to raid and teach me. TODAY it happened on KC 5... I had 5k points and sniped a twisted bow! WTF!!! sorry about the random post but WTF!!! hahahaha WG<3
  7. WINstanley94

    welcome! best of luck with the application - WINstanley10
  8. WINstanley94

    Best of luck brother! Hopefully we get to speak a lot more in game- WINstanley10
  9. WINstanley94

    Best of luck and welcome back
  10. WINstanley94

    Welcome brother!!
  11. WINstanley94

    Best of luck!!
  12. WINstanley94

    Yes brother!! Welcome!!
  13. WINstanley94

    Welcome brother! And good luck!!
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  15. WINstanley94

    ayeeee, welcome brother:D