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  1. WG Lohow

    Finally he applies! Welcome brother
  2. WG Lohow

    Good luck joining!
  3. WG Lohow

    I think 2 is enough for now Im always changing it here's how it looks now
  4. WG Lohow

    Currently rank 3960 on Overwatch (PC) add me on battlenet: ErenJeager#21437
  5. WG Lohow

    Be careful, once you start PKing you wont be able to stop! Welcome
  6. WG Lohow

    Grats @H58! Got myself another one lol
  7. WG Lohow

  8. WG Lohow

    Hello and welcome!
  9. WG Lohow

    Ratchet & Clank on the ps2
  10. WG Lohow

    Oh yeah I thought this was the pvm comp, my bad! I'll be sure to post juicy loots here, going for 91-93 slayer
  11. WG Lohow

    How will they know its from now? Could just grab a old pic of levels/drops?
  12. WG Lohow

    Super helpful as always
  13. WG Lohow

    Good luck with the app and welcome!