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  1. here's to many more great years ahead!
  2. That’s not the name of the rank. He was using the phrase “fully pledged”. I think their rank name is simply “member”.
  3. Welcome back! looks like the new leadership have cleared your return which I respect but I will say it openly: I am not a fan of names related to domestic abuse and never will be. ive seen domestic abuse cause too much harm in many families including my own so I urge you to change your RS name.
  4. Mojo

    [Accepted] Karaja44

    Welcome! This one is about yourself, rather than what you do in game. We don't want super personal stuff like addresses etc, we just want to get to know you a little!
  5. Mojo

    WG GodFasan

    Welcome back. This is relatively low effort though and there is a ton of new people in the clan so why not edit more info in so they can learn more about you?
  6. Mojo

    [Accepted] JustBBQ

    Hello and welcome! On this one, please ask the PK leader before streaming a trip as it can often be a risk to do this.
  7. Mojo

    [Accepted] kingcat

    Welcome back, fake Mojo
  8. Mojo

    [Accepted] Tresus

    Welcome! Frog doing some good work
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