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  1. 13IRDY

    Green Vauxhall Corsa with a white racing stripe. Clearly to help it go faster. Beat that bitches
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    Thanks aaight
  3. Hey guys! Hopefully some of you may of seen me chilling around the CC chatting shit here and there... ALOT OF SHIT. Here is no different This is just a general question on guidance for you awesome people, may already be answered somewhere else... I've seen recently an influx of small man PK trips, randomly through the day, i always see them and think one day i'll join one but i never really know what to expect and well... what you expect so i just thought i may aswell ask! I know the whole stupid response of 99 is probably going to come up and if thats the case then thanks, i'm just curious. What honestly would you PKers class as requirements/ minimums to be an efficient pker? I know you can PK with any stats with teams bla bla but what would you guys class as bare bone minimum levels to PK, some trips have reqs but i'm just curious overall. Finally, what would be your top tips for someone with absolutely no experience, what to learn? what to watch? what to expect. Just bare bone basics what i should do to be an efficient and hopefully one day good PKer. Absolutely any advice/ guidance / anything you want to add will be greatly appreciated, just thought it might be pretty cool for some newbies to get a thread of good advice off you experts Bird out
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    Welcome bro! Hope to see you around!
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    Welcome dude!
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    Hey! i power lifted for the RAF last year but moved onto crossfit now, i love the 'murph' workout or simple leg session heavy 10 sets of 5. 82kg fluctuating as i like to eat 105 Bench, 120 Squat, 150 Dead for 1 rep. Don't enjoy 1 rep though too much injury and bad form to get that final rep up haha. If anyone wants some cheeky workouts or have some cheeky workouts for me hmu, always love trying out new stuff! Huuuuuuge rap fan and my PR is ALWAYS hit listening to Jumpman by drake
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    Good luck mate! Hope to see you around some day!!
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    Hey bro and welcome! I would like my tbow back now though please?
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    dam bro! huge count that
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    Let's stop now kitty
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    Hey Jake! im also called jake across the seas in the real air force haha only joking but i am in UK air force as an aircraft maintenance technician aswell!!!
  12. let's never talk about them... ever
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    Thanks guys!
  14. haaappy birthday yooo🎉

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    Hey bro great to see you found us in the end!