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  1. BirdyIsAFK

    let's never talk about them... ever
  2. BirdyIsAFK

    Thanks guys!
  3. haaappy birthday yooo🎉

  4. BirdyIsAFK

    Hey bro great to see you found us in the end!
  5. BirdyIsAFK

    Jake but last name bird hence what everyone calls me Birdy
  6. BirdyIsAFK

    Welcome bro great to see you've applied!
  7. Brilliant Goals guys! I think getting fit seems a common goal for everyone! The power of RS stopping us all though
  8. Loving all the goals guys! We will look back in a year and see who’s achieved what! Keep grinding all
  9. Nice! I’m the RAF, so if you have any questions about entry or basic training feel free to message me it’s basically the same entry And good luck with your goals!
  10. Hey guys!! It’s getting really close to the big 2k19 now, and I just wondered if you guys wouldn’t mind posting your goals and aspirations for 2019! Both in OSRS and not in game (if you guys aren’t like lynx Titan). It would be nice to hear what you all want and a great place to look back at next year to see if you achieved everything! My real life goals: Complete 10 Marathons Enter the GB Swimming team Gain a 1st in my degree OSRS goals: Untrimmed Farming Cape 1800 Total Let’s do this Wilderness Guardian!!
  11. BirdyIsAFK

    Hey all! Don't take many photos so you'll have to excuse me, can't take a good photo! Hope everyone had a good xmas and it's great to put faces to names
  12. BirdyIsAFK

    I would however i think i wouldn't control my actions the day i died...
  13. BirdyIsAFK

    Hey mate welcome!
  14. BirdyIsAFK

    hey hey welcome!
  15. BirdyIsAFK

    Hey bro welcome!