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  1. Rut469

    Welcome back
  2. Rut469

    Get that quest cape fargorn
  3. Rut469

    Sorry to hear dude
  4. Rut469

    Imagine being a middle man
  5. Rut469

    Just bought the one plus 6, didn't get an invite. Feels badman
  6. Rut469

    Love how some people get so retarded they start searching your IP adress over the most stupid shit
  7. Rut469

    800 kc dry for a whip at abbysal demons x)
  8. Rut469

  9. Rut469

    Rip trees
  10. Rut469

    OOooooh snap
  11. Rut469

    I actually airsoft aswell, I have a M4, a glock and AWP (L96). But i'm probably quitting soon. Don't really have time nor the funds to play frequently.
  12. Rut469

    Heey. welcome at the races
  13. Rut469

  14. Rut469

    Noice! just finished my gracefull grind this week ;D
  15. Rut469

    Which mod did you suck? ;p