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  1. Damn dudeee, barrows is still good loot
  2. Osu

    Osu is a game where you need to click on bubbles which appear on the beat of the music. There are different kind of difficulties so when you get better it gets pretty intense.
  3. Osu

    Anyone here who plays osu?
  4. Wish i could do them solo, and that fast aswell.
  5. NOice m8
  6. Hey

  7. Nice1 m8
  8. Good shit!
  9. Will you ever join again?
  10. I know it takes ages for 1 lvl, but you got a runecrafting level yet?
  11. Sick m8
  12. I want more of these! Edit: I NEED more of these!
  13. Damn, It's been a while ey. Haven't really been updating this so i guess i'll start doing this again. So, in the beginning i needed to do some thins for DS2. Wel... I did some more. Also, i got the fire cape! (finally) Next to that, revs came out. Thanks to revs, a bandos trip and a zenyte shard i got some new goodies. I bought myself a nice BGS. a archer&berserker ring. And a nice zamorakian hasta As of stats i didn't really grow a lot, i was more busy with making some gp. Something i am very happy to have unlocked is Piety tho! As for some new goals. - BIG GOALS I want to get al my skills up to lvl 70. Get a rejuvination pool. Go do some bossing/skilling in search for pets. At the moment i only got the farming pet Tangleroot but i would like to expend my collection. - Smaller Goals Get every barrows item. Get every void helmet. Do some more raids to learn it better. Get mage arena 2 done