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  1. I've got the minimum requirements and would really like to learn to do raids
  2. Wasssuuup
  3. Why can't we all just have a good ol' Hertog Jan
  4. Hhahahah nice Crimson, finally an item
  5. gg ez
  6. Runecrafting, cuz yh, Runecrafting.
  7. Hmmm 9k, one of the more higher chances tho, or am i seeing that wrong haaha
  8. Got it from apple tree lol, their pretty cheap i believe But don't really know the best droprates for every tree
  9. Welcome btw ;D
  10. I thought i was the grandpa Nice pets tho, got my Tangleroot on 57 Farming
  11. Heyhey
  12. Welcome