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  1. Rut469

    dammnnnn Congratz!
  2. Rut469

    I'm sad to inform you all that Winston (My hamster), has died yesterday's evening. He was really weak for a month so it was kind of a waiting game of when it would happen.
  3. Rut469

    happy birthdayyy
  4. Rut469

    This little guy is Winston, Almost getting to the 2 year mark! Also my two cats, Rosie & Duvel
  5. Rut469

    Looking goood, gl dude!
  6. Rut469

  7. Rut469

  8. Rut469

    Nice dude! Inferno next?
  9. Rut469

    You helped me get a torso
  10. Rut469

    BOII ME?
  11. Rut469

    Android > IOS
  12. Rut469

    Good shit dude
  13. Rut469


    im dutch you twat