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  1. Congrats mate! Join the Farming elite club
  2. all around me are familiar faces
  3. Welcome!
  4. Sweet RNG! I'm 1 Zenyte on around 300 KC (can't remember off the top of my bed), hopefully more to come!
  5. Ay well done mate!
  6. A few more levels since the last update. Managed to get 2 more Fishing levels as well as an Agility level in the process (inching towards 85 Agility for Ardy Elite diary...) Also, my Tears of Guthix this week got me pretty close to a level in Runecrafting, so I finished the last little bit off myself. (Not sure why 2 of the screenshots didn't capture, but oh well.) In order of levelling up:
  7. Good luck on your running!
  8. Oh really? I guess I've used them for a couple of years now so I don't see why I should suddenly stop. I appreciate the concern though
  9. Bro you're outdoing me with these fishing gains - I can't keep up
  10. Long walks on Mudskipper point are also a favourite of mine
  11. Hey Cody - nice clan experience you've got there, welcome!
  12. It changes very drastically between tasks; melee could be around 10-20k, with cannon maybe pushing 25k, using ancients on some task can get 40k p/hr.
  13. I'm using mouse-keys that come with OSbuddy. All of the actions are 1-to-1 so don't worry
  14. The best thing I can recommend is just to duel someone at the duel arena/clan wars for fun and don't risk items until you're comfortable with what you're doing. Doing it repeatedly will help you ingrain it into your muscle memory
  15. Nice few changes - welcome again Pollie