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5 Year Memories

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When some random kid named Mojo got his barrows gloves. It was the beginning of a new age.


Getting 99 prayer as it was my favorite 99 back in the day but I never managed to get it.


Getting Kraken pet on like 80 kc as my first pet ever.

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Now Mojo likes to humiliate noobs by telling them to train more. "Go to NMZ and max, it takes like a day, he says." 


My best memories are of the original runescape. I have only been around for a little while in OSRS and nothing quite compares thus far. I did find a good bunch of people that I like to call family though. 

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I actually think my  funniest memory so far from the clan was watching mojo jump that gap and fight a elder mauler with a salamander. 

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16 hours ago, WG Da Man said:

joining wg


I've done nothing else on OSRS so I guess that works

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Mojo getting B gloves is something we all should be very proud of.  :D

Joining WG ofc

Getting scammed for 500k :DDD

Getting my first 99 ever (fletching)

But by far the best thing was finding out OSRS is a thing. I could already feel the nostalgia and after 5 checking it was for real and not some shitty private server... ooh boy, couldn't think of much else those early days :P

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Logged into a p2p world after doing some f2p PKing and ran into a pker. Hit the portal and hopped off just before it activated and he got teled away. No food, 1hp, 0 prayer. Greatest escape ever.



Winning a fight on 5hp



First 99






AGS lost #1



AGS lost #3



AGS lost #5



PKing with Bullerik to help improve WG/RoT relations



Guthans spear at 5kc barrows



smiting a dbow with a dds in the midst of the 'no dds on raids' bullshit



A train lol






70 combat (WG reqs at the time)



Banner I made for our first osrs fight, still proud of this



Our second consecutive pull of 100+ opts to an event



Training up on RoT members



A rogues fight



Some awesome pulls





The beautiful deathcharge into RoT






Ballista PK



The Ely prediction


Ah, early OSRS servers <3


3rd age kiteshield




ARPKing for Dalek Cookie in a high-risk world, I end up having to skull while risking AGS, telling her to log but she just goes ahead and takes her time to pick up the box traps and stuff ¬¬


My SML features:



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Well,  I didn't even know OSRS was a thing until about a year or so ago.  I was stoked to come back and absolutely loved the nostalgic feel of the original classic game that I once played.  I was happy I found a great clan in WG and leveled away to the point I'm at today.  My best memory of the last year... perhaps the Imbued Heart drop off my 3rd abby spectre superior in one task.  Epic night, great drops and a 22m sale to top it off.  

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