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Biggest Jagex Fuck Up Ever?

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18 minutes ago, jaredspurr said:

probably idk why they let a jr dev do the coding without checking it

every company including Jagex has Quality Assurance testers (QA). The real question is why did QA fail to catch this?

3 hours ago, WeeLad Gimli said:

Only thing in runescape history that was probably worse than this is the Falador Massacre.

fally massacre is definitely a more famous event but max cash stacks would have a greater impact on the game than pvp everywhere I think

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Now this is some classical Jagex! Reminds me of the archers (?) ring crash because they refunded a person but gave him max amount of archer rings instead of just one lmao.


As Mojo said, how did this pass quality testing?


Regrettably, although the pouches were found to be acting correctly during testing, the flaw affecting other items was not spotted as it was not expected to have changed.



Now this will continue to cause some uproar. What about people who received a rare drop 20 mins before the update? What if you got some mills from someone who had max cash and bought bonds with it and redeemed them? I know I'll be very cautious if I received a few hundred mills from a random but there gotta be people who really didn't know. Will they be banned or not? What about pets? Imagine getting the farming pet only to see it removed?


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