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Computer setups

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Nice setup!


Building my own rigs was a hobby I picked up many years ago, built around seven so far (three were mine and their upgrades over time, rest were for friends/family - I'll need to have a look if I can find some old pics to post here).


Unfortunately due to the amount of travel I do these days gaming on a desktop isn't very practical so I've had to hang it up for now while I'm stuck using a laptop, will definitely be keeping an eye on the thread though.

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That is beautiful.


I'm still gaming on 6 year old laptop. Good thing OSRS doesn't take much power to run.


How did you acquire all your parts? I think I'm gonna want to look at building my own PC soon.


Also that map is so cute!

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On 7/29/2019 at 2:16 PM, Mask said:

Hey people I think there was a topic on this before but I cant find it :(


Just wanted to share my setup now its finished and see what you guys use as well :)







Sick set up bro omg

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5 minutes ago, wallace said:

so much porn is being watched on that pc mask haha supprised u didnt have tissue at the side going by your discord hahaha


dont need tissues thats y i didn't show u under the underside of the desk ;)

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Setup at home.. Will take a pic later


i9-9900k overclocked to 5 GHz

RTX 2080 Ti EVGA Black

32GB Corsair 3200MHz RAM


Alienware 35" Ultrawide 1440p 120Hz monitor


Lil overkill for runescape


On 10/14/2019 at 9:52 AM, Crazyooga said:

I'm deciding between getting a new laptop vs desktop. Don't do much hardcore gaming anymore there days. Any suggestions ?


Budget around 1-1.3k


This depends on what you're wanting... 


You will get better specs for a desktop. Do you need a monitor/peripherals or do you have all already?


Let me know and I can help you decide. Do you need something mobile? Do you want better specs for money?


If you get a laptop and you want to hook it up to all of your peripherals you most likely will need to get a docking station as well.

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Don't have a pic of my desk and perhiperals as I am at college, but the specs of that pc are

i7-8700k @ 4.6ghz with Hyper 212EVO cooler

Gtx1080 Superclocked


1TB WDblue HDD

Corsair CX600 PSU

16GB 3000mhz RAM


What you don't see

25' Alienware 240hz FHD "1080p" monitor

23' random side content monitor 60hz

Anker 8200dpi mouse, play on 2000dpi

Drawing tablet - to draw and play osu, a rhythm game

Gamer Girl Anime desk mat cuz we can

Logitech 720p Webcam

SkullCandy Crusher wireless headphones


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pic of headphones

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