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  1. Glad to see you decided to apply after lurking in the CC, good luck with your app!
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    Welcome to WG, good luck with your app!
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    Welcome, good luck with your application bud
  5. Welcome, good luck with the app!
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  7. I'm from the UK so I voted for that, I travel a lot and almost spend more time outside the country than in it though, usually around Europe (currently Greece) so timezone pretty close to the UK anyway.
  8. I just had to stop by and say what a well written and thought out post @WG Townsman. Personally, I tend to usually stay well clear subjects like this, even though I have very good friends and even family that are Americans, and have visited several times myself and plan to continue to do so in the future. It is a very touchy subject and at the end of the day I'm not a citizen so despite how many links I have and how much data/statistics I can read, there's still elements I'll always be missing as someone who isn't a citizen. We've all got to admin, as Townsman alluded to there's certainly no "easy fix", and banning weapons won't suddenly make them disappear, the types that are willing to go out and do such atrocities won't really have a problem trying to acquire a weapon on the black market either. It's a really tough situation but I think both sides can agree something definitely needs to be done, what needs to be done unfortunately I think will get bogged down in red tape and legislation for many years to come either way and it's unfortunate that innocent victims will have to bear the brunt of that.
  9. Cronnie


    I spent a few years in Singapore where KPOP is very popular indeed, before heading there I'd never really listened to any, was very quickly introduced to a lot of the popular artists by my girlfriend at the time. Don't really follow it anymore, but have a few songs in the library, got to say music aside the work they put into their MVs and other aspects of performance like dance is unreal compared to most "western" artists.
  10. Never really enjoyed Ninja as a content creator (prefer more chill streamers), but I do admire the man's business sense and work ethic, no doubt he negotiated a massive contract with Mixer to make the switch, he was slowly falling off in terms of viewers/subs so great move on his part to capitalise on how much he blew up last year. Now he'll be top dog again, albeit on a different platform, and as others have mentioned Twitch will have to step up and take notice that although Mixer doesn't have anywhere near the market share they aren't afraid to pull stunts like this to acquire talent and get their name out there.
  11. Stuck with my laptop due to the amount of travel I do, not a fan of playing very resource-heavy games on a laptop so just OSRS on there. I do have my PS4 with me (PSN: Cronnie), haven't been playing much recently as nothing really new/exciting recently, I did put a fair amount of hours in Battlefield V though, been a long-time fan of the series been playing BF games since the first one (BF 1942).
  12. Nice setup! Building my own rigs was a hobby I picked up many years ago, built around seven so far (three were mine and their upgrades over time, rest were for friends/family - I'll need to have a look if I can find some old pics to post here). Unfortunately due to the amount of travel I do these days gaming on a desktop isn't very practical so I've had to hang it up for now while I'm stuck using a laptop, will definitely be keeping an eye on the thread though.
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