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The 2003 Synopsis is an extract from a summary of WG history mainly written by His Lordship.



Pre-Clan Days

It was around July of 2003. The Wilderness Guardians had never been spoken of, and His Lordship had not yet pressed his feet against the damp earth of Runescape. The large PKing clans of the time, including Damage Incorporated and the Runescape Dinasty, had long been excerting their force upon the wilderness. It was at this time that The Sabres sat on the antiRPKing throne, alone. It was them that brought forth the seed of antiRPKing as we know it, and later in that year, the Wilderness Guardians would bear it and nurture it into the concept we all know today. While the Sabres, in all their pride, strived to challenged PKers, they were unable to expand the concept of antiRPKing. This July, a small boy by the name of John, adopted the alias of Lord Xin, and took his first steps in Lumbridge. A few weeks later, Lord Xin brought Runescape to another member of his family, His Lordship. His Lordship was like every other new Runescaper, lacking the knowledge of the game and the levels to back it up. Having ventured into the wilderness several times to explore, to only meet inevitable doom, His Lordship decided that dying for no reason was unfair, and the wilderness was only a place that reaped evil in the form of bullying. Being a witness to several PKers name calling, backstabbing, and threatening, His Lordship decided to take action.

Interesting Facts:

  • His Lordship did not choose his name because he was expecting to run a clan. It was a name chosen by Lord Xin, which stuck, and His Lordship now regrets choosing it, as it makes him sound arrogant.

First Days

His Lordship, full of blind ambition, began his clan with a single post on Rune Village, titled “Read This If You Hate PKers”. At this time, His Lordship believed all PKers were bad, and did not realize the hypocritical nature of his intentions: to PK PKers. The post was reproduced several times because it was locked due to high levels of flaming. Nobody at the time expected the Wilderness Guardians to last for more than a few days. The very first explanation of antiRPKing was explained in this document, as a rebellion against all those who killed innocents; innocents being non-PKers. AntiRPKing has since changed.AntiRPKers and the Wilderness Guardians now recognize the importance of PKers in the wilderness. The clan clock began ticking on December 6, 2003, as WG received 30 members over 48 hours. The clan was only a success because the idea of antiRPKing was brand new. Had the idea not been original and popular, WG would not have succeeded. The first site was an AvidGamers site, and hosted our first members, who averaged level 35. On day three Sum41xx was appointed leader, because he posted the most. The first raid happened on an Australian winter morning, at 8am, which was a mild summer night for the Americans. We lined up in a straight line outside Falador west bank. Our clan smither, Docster, was capable of producing full steel armour. Most of our clan members unable to produce their own armour, we entered the wilderness in full steel armour, taking steel two handed swords (Remember, this was Runescape Classic). Having no food, our members began picking the cabbages at the monastery. We traveled up to level 4 wilderness above Edgeville, where half our clan died to a level 40 PKer in adamant armour. That raid had 7 people present, and lasted for no longer than 15 minutes, and we ventured nowhere above level 15. It is now a tradition for the clan to simulate this first raid on the clan’s Anniversary. It was at this time that our famous Rule 1 was set down. Under no circumstances is a member of this clan allowed to kill a non skulled player.


  • Clan name was originally the PK PK's, which changed to The Wilderness Guardians. A name His Lordship would later regret. If only he had let someone else pick the name...
  • Cape color wasn't decided. WildGuard went through many colors and decided upon purple, which symbolized cleansing, which was exactly what WG tried to do to the wilderness.




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