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The 2007 Synopsis is an extract from a summary of WG history mainly written by His Lordship.



2007 came, and things started looking better, as the clan slowly replenished its numbers and regained that long departed family atmosphere. Events began to return and the leadership stablised. The stage of growth was slow, yes, but very steady. It would not be long before the clan returned to its former glory. When March arrived, the clan was overrun with applicants, many of which were the old members who had left in the collapse of the clan. Tmal34 and Kenshln constituted a part of those who returned. As the clan continued to grow, it was not long before numbers were replenished. His Lordship released a new clan movie to lift clan spirits, and the clan began a winning streak of wars. A council election was held, with Tmal34, Bassism, Tnuac and Valdremia winning, and thus entering the council to support an over-worked Stokenut, Georgio9 and His Lordship. In about May 2007, the clan hit a plateau where growth seemed to slow down for no particular reason. In this time morale slowly declined, despite the good community. Activity was decaying. It was time for the council to meet and discuss massive structural changes. The council, in a historical meeting, agreed that WG needed to be split into three components. The fighting sector, the skills sector, and the community sector. These three sectors would form the basis of the entire WG structure. Not long after, the clan warred the Shadow Elves, and coming out victorious. This success was short lived, however, because the following month, the clan lost for the third time, to EoS. Soon, Tmal34 and Bassism left the clan, and following this several high ranking members, causing WG to once again fall. Seeing this, His Lordship introduced one critical change that would stop the drama. Democracy was revoked. Fighting between members was no longer tolerated, and protesting was outlawed in hopes that this would allow WG to stabalise. The entire clan world was shrinking. It was time for WG to replenish its numbers and have the clan soar beyond 200 members once more, becoming one of the most powerful clans in Runescape as it once was.

Mid 2007

All of a sudden there is a dramatic shift in the values of the clan. Whilst it is important for the clan to continue to strive for excellence in all aspects, such as the wilderness, more attention than ever was given to the community sector. Reflecting this change, recruitment became more important, promotions were handed out, and the council took a renewed interest in making sure all members got along. At this stage, the clan world had changed dramatically. Wars were now rare, and new tactics of returning and dragging were replacing older tactics of hugging. WG had been fighting an uphill battle, trying to preserve the old ways. The clan world, as most agree, had fallen into a terrible state. WG itself was finding it difficult to recruit or to hold wars, as clans were shrinking in size. Nonetheless, the clan would maintain its attitude toward the traditional, and arguably more honourable fighting methods, even if it meant struggling to find wars. During this period, His Lordship hosted the "Big Event", a mid-year anniversary-style extravaganza, with monetary prizes, large-scale spectacular events and many other publicity stunts. Community had once again become stable. The members were in love with the clan. With its newfound stability, WG was ready to take on mastery of the wilderness once more, and revive the old ways.

Late 2007

Around October, the leadership soon began to realise that WG's interest in Runescape was decreasing. There was an important council meeting held, and it was decided that a forum switch would be in order. Robbiethe2nd collaborated with His Lordship to make a start on the new WG.com forums, this time using an older version of IPB. They would have improved anti-spying mechanisms, more features, a better look, and would be more organised. The council felt that a forum switch would improve the clan's activity rate, and would offer a fresh start. However, the forum took many months to create, and was not ready until early 2008. Around this time, the clan flash movie was placed on the front page of Newgrounds, giving WG greater attention, and new recruits. Wilderness success was a major problem for WG as the year drew to a close. The clan adaopted a warring-only policy, because it could not keep up with PK run-ins, which lasted many hours and required dozens of rune sets. Our members could not afford this level of input into fights, and so the clan stuck to warring, which was far less popular than the PKRI. WG launched the classic clan campaign, explaining these policies, hoping that other clans would join in the restoration of the noble warring tradition - the tradition that WG had been following for almost four years. In late October, Abmanju and Snowzak were elected into the council. It became clear that WG was declining once more due to lack of interest. We were not warring regularly, and event attendance was going down in a hurry. Attention turned to the forum switch, which was going slower than expected. To make matters worse, JaGeX released the lethal update that destroyed the wilderness, replacing it with the clan wars arena and bounty hunter. WG was doing very weell in these fields to begin with, but they were no substitute for the wilderness, and morale plummeted to a point where activity was reduced massively. It wasn't just WG. there was widespread chaos in the clan world. Many hundreds of members from different clans quit Runescape and despite mass riots, JaGeX refused any compromise.




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