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The 2004 Synopsis is an extract from a summary of WG history mainly written by His Lordship.



Avidgamers Days

The clan, having helped its smither, Docster, work hard to make the armour which it so easily surrendered to PKers, finally upgraded to mithril one day. Docster had made a breakthrough in his smithing and as a result, the clan shed itself of full steel. WG now proudly marched out to the 20th level of the wilderness in their new blue armour, only to meet inescapable doom. The clan events at the time were only raids, and occured once a week. These usually consisted of 5 to 6 people. Regardless of WildGuard's contant failure, we were an incredibly close-knit clan at the time, and were more than happy to give our lives to save the others. Those who remember it, are quite fond of those times. The clan was not at all success driven, but driven by the bonds of friendship and a cause they all would die for. Sum41xx, secondary leader of the Wilderness Guardians, became inactive, and passed out of leadership. Rick Hamm was appointed as secondary leader, right after the clan anniversa, and has been with the Wilderness Guardians ever since. Persistent campaigns and the rephrasing of antiRPKing led to the inflow of more members, as WG started to climb closer and closer to the dream of 100 members. Little did they know that most of these people were inactive. Perhaps only 25 people in the clan were active. To accommodate the increasing member count, the leadership sat down and wrote a document entitled THE RAID PROCEDURES. It was an official statement about raids, which would be used forevermore. It clearly set in stone, WG's policy against aggressive PKing of non-PKers. The leadership, almost two years on, still remain faithful to this document. It was a Tuesday. It was in the morning in Western Australia, when His Lordship checked his Rune Village recruitment topic. Below it was a reply from one named Mortus Sabre. It was two sentences long. From His Lordship's semi-reliable memory, it went something like: "Finally, a clan with morals. You have the support of the Sabres" It is still not know today what the post really implied, but His Lordship took it as an invitation to start an alliance. He jumped upon this straight away. And, like the Sabres were the first clan in Runescape, they were also the first ally of the Wilderness Guardians, who joined the Federation, a large group of clans united against scamming and RPKing. Mortus Sabre and His Lordship remain good friends. Through the Federation, the Wilderness Guardians extented their alliances to the other participating clans, those being the Knights of Death, and the Royal Kingdom of Asgarnia. The Knights of Death never accepted the alliance request, so the alliance with them was somewhat one sided. Soon, The Council of Dragons joined the Federation, and became an ally of the Wilderness Guardians. They would have been the most powerful ally of the time. Unfortunately the alliance died along with communication with the Council of Dragons. It was a year later that His Lordship finally dropped it. Finally we had achieved that 100 member mark. It was February of 2004 now, and the clan had been existent for two months. We invited all our allies and had a rune drop party worth about 500k in total. Only 9 or 10 Wildguard members showed up. The green Halloween mask was picked up by a level 22, who later joined the clan and quit Runescape a week later. This was really a miniature version of the Clan's First Anniversary, which was approximately 20 million gp in funding. For the first time in Runescape history, thanks to the Sabres and Wilderness Guardians, antiRPKing finally started to make its mark. People were starting to recognize the two clans as unique. Our Avidgamers days ended alongside the introduction of Runescape 2. With the new Runescape 2 out, the clan for a change, stopped being those who were hunted. It became the hunters. It was a remarkable turn around. Everything changed, when, for the first time, probably ever, a solo PKer would flee from the clan. This was March 2004, and our increasing confidence allowed us to venture so far as to level 30 wilderness. It was the beginning of the metamorphosis from PKer bait, into true guardians and protectors of the weak and innocent. A year on, and the leader, His Lordship, ponders on these days. How fragile we were. To have over 200 active clan members a year down the track, with an average level more than twice that of March 2004, was completely beyond him at the time.


  • The first 10 Wilderness Guardians (in no particular order):

Quigleyr123 (Quit) , Rockerpunk (Quit), Anincent (Former Secondary Leader and Current Member), His Lordship (Current Leader), Docster (Quit), Sum41xx(Quit and returned), Unknownbeing (Quit), Drinin2 (Quit), Flame Reece (Current Moderator), Lord Xin (Returns and leaves periodically)

  • Clan was planning to divide into an RS1 clan and an RS2 clan
  • His Lordship made a movie about the clan on Newgrounds. He now regrets it and considers it to be a piece of rubbish. He considers his second movie to be far greater.
  • His Lordship made a game called PK pets. It was a virtual PKer who you had in a cage and could starve, feed, torture or play with. Veterans still have access to it.

S7 Days

At the suggestion of Rick Hamm, the clan moves from Avidgamers to the Invisionfree forums. The first forums were the s7.infisionfree.com forums. Following this forum switch, WG receives its first large inflow of members, recruiting over 50 new members in a single week. This is the second largest inflow of members in Wildguard history At this time, Falco307, a clan member, bribed his way up to a high rank, and soon attempted a mutiny in which he tried to convince WG that he was their new leader and throw His Lordship out of leadership. Before any serious harm was done, His Lordship banned him from WG along with his accomplice Jedi Rin. For over a year a bounty stood for them. Now, Falco is a loyal member of the clan, having made a fresh start. As April of 2004 approached, and the clan was well over the 100 member mark, His Lordship officially recognised the notion of clan veterans, who were members who had joined during the avidgamers phase of the clan. The recognition of veterans is important to WG. Having started out weak as you will have seen, with only 10 loyal members, four of which would attend events weekly, the clan could have very well died. To have faith in a clan in its weakest points is a display of true loyalty. Thus, WG rewards those members who saw potential in the clan early on and helped bring it to glory rather than just join while the clan was strong. The first major crisis of the clan occured at this time. Eragon CD left WG to start his own clan The Synergy. A few people, disappointed in WG, left to join the Synergy. A snowball effect occurs where more people begin leaving the clan to join the Synergy, and what started out as 6 members, soon became 15, then 30. In two weeks the Synergy had already become half as strong as WG. His Lordship tries to negotiate the allowance of double clanning between the two clans to help restore numbers to WG. A fight initiates and WG and the Synergy become enemy antiRPK clans. For three or four long months, through the middle of 2004, hostility between the two clans heightens, and no attempt to resolve the conflict is made. The two clans grow more and more distant. It was in July that His Lordship commissioned the creation of a new website for the clan in addition to the clan forums. wildernessguardians.com was constructed by His Lordship. The templated version is used for over a year, before His Lordship rebuilds the website using Flash. In this site, was contained the clan's Photo Archive, showing WG's growth and progress over the years. Almost a week after the website was created, we attracted the attention of the Scorpions, whose leader at the time, Lady Naomi, offered an alliance with us, which we accepted. The Scorpions were our first non-antiRPK ally The general maturity levels of the clan started to erode, following the forum switch to Invisionfree, mostly due to the new members. General fights were breaking out, and instead of looking toward growth, the leadership, which consisted of Rick Hamm and His Lordship, directed their attention toward healing the wounds caused by these fights, thus restricting the clan's growth. There was also an obvious need to create an event for the increasing European population of WG, and so a new raid was created on the free worlds to address this need. The clan now had two raids operational. Realising the clan has been going for 8 or 9 months now without requirements, the first requirements are set in place, consisting only of 60 combat or higher. Having worn mithril as the standard armour, the clan now makes adamant armour the standard armour for raids.


  • At this time four clans broke out of WG including the Synergy. 3 of them were PKing clans, the Synergy was antiRPKing. The AntiRPKing clan was the only one to last.
  • Two subfactions of the clan were created. Hydro and Pryo. Another brilliant Lordship scheme that never worked.
  • His Lordship is hacked, slowing down the clan's progress, as he cannot conduct raids or events.

Early S4 days

The s7 forums, being so poorly kept with many inactive members and spam, fast declined into a place not worthy of use. A forum switch was authorised and the clan moved from s7.invisionfree.com, to s4.invisionfree.com, known in short, as the s4 forums. The clan, at this time about 200 members large, is reduced to a mere 80 in the switch. Following the arrival of the new forums, came a definitive definition of the functionality of the wilderness and in particular, antiRPKing. The thesis was highly regarded by the community, but contained numerous flaws. It has since been rewritten. Again, WG becomes subject to a large wave of incoming members, boosting the memberlist by an additional 40 people. Finally, after almost a year, the clan officially recognises rune as the main raiding armour, however many people continue to bring adamant armour due to their lack of funds. Then, one of the greatest diplomatic moves the clan has ever made, was initiated. His Lordship and Eragon CD sat down, spoke, and overcame their differences. Both being so similar, the clans formed an alliance, and shared the European raid together. In an act of democracy, a clan census was held in order to see what had become of the clan. With no websites such as RS-Clans at the time, the census was the best way of finding out vital clan statistics, such as the average level. We found it to be 75, while raids were yielding approximately 15 people each, and the average age of the clan was a shockingly low 14.5 years. With increased demaind for raids, Wildguard did something truly unique. We created our first p2p multi-combat raid. This was something other clans had not attempted yet, except for FoM and occassionaly DI. Most clans that operated in members wilderness remained within the single combat areas. In its first few weeks these raids only had 10 or so people attend. With members applying non-stop for WG, the requirements had to be raised once more. The new threshold became 70 combat.


  • Alliance with Ghostknights made
  • Massive upgrades to clan website
  • Crisis in Sabre clan led to massive changes, including the breaking of all alliances, with WG as one such alliance broken.
  • Requirements go up to 75
  • A large increase in the size of clan events. we begin to become more creative with our events
  • His Lordship stops leading all raid and gives other players the opportunity to host raids and other events
  • Brendan reveals to the clan that he has Leukemia
  • Rick leaves WG to stay with the Synergy, but returns after a few weeks.
  • Anarchy ambushed a raid, and we declared war on them. THey refused to accept our conditions so we claimed victory by default. Little did we know that this was not a default victory.
  • Veteran Capes become another bad Lordy Scheme
  • His Lordship is hacked for a second time

Mid-S4 Days

The mid s4 days were by far, the most colourful and hectic days of WG to date (This revised version of the history was completed in January 2006). It officially begins with the Rune Outlaws sending WG an email, saying how poor and pathetic the clan is. In retalation, Wildguard declared an official war with RO. this would be our first war. Only a few days after, Slayeroftime, leader of KoD, offers WG a war. Thinking Slayeroftime was a member of the Rune Outlaws, wanting to know the details of the war, His Lordship unknowingly schedules a war with KoD to run at the same time as the RO war. His Lordship only found out later, a few days before the war, but it was too late. KoD was told to delay their war for half an hour, but instead they came early, at the same time as the Rune Outlaws. So on raged a 3 way war, and the Rune Outlaws called for backup and cheated by wandering out of the warzone and wearing a different cape colour. Having been killed, WG exposed the cheating publically and RO was forced to withdraw their recruitment publically due to negative public sentiment. Soon after WG's first war, came the clan anniversary, to celebrate one year of brotherhood. It consisted of 20 events ranging over seven days, with many millions being spent. Prior to our first official anniversary event, a Bronze war with the Sabres and the Synergy was held. KoD attended, bring rune. For the second time in as many weeks, WG exposed a clan as cheaters. Day 1 of the anniversary began only a few hours afterward, with an attendance of over 60 people. Day one was split from the other 6 days and happened a week earlier. Then days 2-6 came. His Lordship fast grew tired due to lack of sleep and became generally grouchy. Day 7 is postponed when His Lordship becomes to tired to continue running anniversary events around the clock. It wasn't at the anniversary where the dramatic events of WG ceased to unfold. Brendan, a clan member of WG, was reported dead due to Leukemia. Wildguard holds a funeral for Brendan over Runescape, at the Rimmington chapel. Soon after, a member of the Rune Outlaws went to the grave site, where we buried Brendan's bones (which we had obtained from him in the wilderness). The RO member insulted Brendan's grave by dancing over it amoung many other things. As a result, WG declares a war against RO once more, this time calling on the public to come and assist WG to avenge Brendan. Fear, a clan that hated WG with a passion, became aware of the tragedy that had befallen WG. Wildguard and Fear often fought each other in the wilderness and there was much hostility between the two clans. However, in light of the circumstance, they dropped their hostility toward WG and so began the alliance between FEAR and WG. The public of Runescape, now aware of the disaster, became more aware of WG, and many members joined in order to support the cause of righteous behaviour. The Rune Outlaws stood for everything a clan was not meant to be. Similar to Fear, the Legends Legion allied WG. Amidst all this chaos, with the death of a friend, two allies and a war, the anniversary finally came to a conclusion with Day 7, a 5 clan steel war. The Sabres, Synergy, Wildguard, Fear and the Legends Legion, all engaged in a large scale war. It never ended. Zeonic Force crashed the war. The very next day, came the day of the war. We gathered a large amount of people from different clans, and the public. Charging the greater demons, the party found nobody. The Rune Outlaws failed to show.




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