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The 2010 Synopsis is an extract from a summary of WG history mainly written by His Lordship.



Early 2010

During His Lordship's absence at the RL meeting and later on into 2010, WG's progress had slowed considerably. Interclan disputes had brought the community down and WG were on a losing streak for wars. Upon his return, he addressed the clan in a video known as the Great Announcement. Thus began an incredible journey in an attempt to restore WildGuard to it's former glory, and beyond. On January 31st, WG battled The British Crusaders in a historic war for the clan - the Great War. The clan shot out from the slump they had fallen into as 47 WildGuard showed up on the battlefield, each carrying well over 2 million coins worth of armour and gear. The war (Originally organised with Dragonwood, who later withdrew) had incredible preparation, including it's own dedicated section of the WG forums. TBC defeated WG on the battlefield, but mentally and morally, the Great War was an incredible victory.

WG progressed with wars, entering the 2010 Tip.It Tournaments fighting against clans like the Titans, The Rising and Natural Born Killers. Despite the sudden jump with the Great War, with His Lordship overseas again, the clan had little success in the tournament and the streak of defeats continued. February brought around new changes to the ranks of Raid and Event leaders with several elections and promotions, and the mentor system was updated. His Lordship also for the first time cleared the Hall of Shame, honourably giving almost all banned members a second chance and a fresh start in the WG community. Around this time the Winter Awards were held for nominations and voting.

A milestone during February was the release of a new Flash movie. Depicting a WG P2P battle in the wilderness involving the Corporeal Beast, the 30-second clip was produced for the Runescape Machinima competition and truly reflects His Lordship's effort and skill in Flash. Though the movie did not make it into the finals, it received an astonishing amount of recognition and respect, from outside WG as well. At the end of the month, the Clanniversairy 2009 (Which had been pushed forward due to the RL meetings) began. The first four days were hosted with great success, with many events supported by The Sabres, long time friends and allies of WG. However, due to time pressures, the final events of the Anniversary were held on the 5th and final day: the Clan Quest and the Photo Shoot. In early May, Gorgemaster stepped down from Council (making him the longest-serving Council member), and on May 28th, WG Justin and Vephyrus were elected in his stead.

Mid 2010

Following the Great War, WG took part in the Jagex Cup for Skilling and Combined - although, these bore little fruit. With His Lordship occupied with his studies, the clan was slowly losing the feel of success they had gained with the Great War. Though this was not to last. A new, and greater war was organised, with over 20 clans considered. On June 27th, WildGuard defeated Dangerous Business in The Battle of Turning Tides, and ending a six-month losing streak. And it held out. WG went on to gain several more crushing victories, and entered the Tip.It War Rankings in mid-2010. One of the noteable victories was against 'The' Clan in a full-out P2P PvP - acknowledged as one of the first P2P wars in the TWR.

The month of August came with a rush of intensity. Jagex's Golden Gnomes competition had been announced, and WG's fifth Flash Movie was in the works. Preparing for the first clan website in a long time, WildGuard stepped up the pace. Events were thrown out - staff and member-hosted alike, and some weeks averaged more than one official event a day. All had amazing success. Just hours before Jagex's RuneFest convention, the fifth flash movie and the new clan website were released. The website featured the introduction of new and improved video galleries, a stylish new look for the picture galleries, updated information and more. The flash movie would go on to be played live at RuneFest and took second place in the Golden Gnome awards for Animation Short Story.

And it didn't end there - WG hosted their fifth and arguably most successful Real Life meeting around RuneFest 2010 in London. A final turnout of eight WildGuard and affiliates (With a coincidental meeting with the owner of the ex-WG account Pazenon) overtook the turnout of the first meeting in London two and a half years previously. Attending both OneLuckyLady's The Night Before events at the Montagu Pyke and the London Eye as well as RuneFest itself, it was an amazing success. WildGuard made their mark, shaking hands with the likes of Mod MMG, Mod Timbo and Andrew Gower as a clan. RuneFest came with the release of one thousand brand-new WG pens which were handed out free, 200 of which were given to be used by Jagex themselves. Twenty-six Jagex Mods also requested WG T-Shirts, truly showing that WG had become a Jagex-endorsed clan.

Late 2010

After Runefest, WG were featured twice in Jagex's clan submissions - the first having their picture and even quotes from His Lordship and Stokenut on September 17th. Following that, Mod Timbo conducted an interview with His Lordship for the November 11th release, meaning the clan had been present in Clan Submissions a total of 3 times in 2010. Flowing with the success, WildGuard turned their attention back to the clan world. What followed were several unique wars with gear limitations of pre-2005 items, held in abstract locations. WG clashed blades with The Gladiatorz, Australian Army and Oblivion in the Stronghold of Player Safety, Varrock Sewers and even the Al Kharid palace. The clan began to gain a healthy balance of victories and defeats on the battlefield once again, and progress continued as the clan began to take on stronger forces such as Brutality and Phalanx.

Other changes soon began to take place. A new rank known as the Historian was created for WG Keanu, orginally as a bribe for him to get a haircut during the real life meeting. The historical aspect of the clan improved, with additions like the clan's Wiki page to the website. The clan T-shirt was also given an update, and WG Keanu also hosted the Summer Awards from September to November. After much discussion, WG and Zero Tolerance ended their alliance, but the relationship with The Sabres stayed strong. Then without warning, Vephyrus banned himself from the Council without adhering to the 2-weeks notice rule. WG's leadership took a heavy blow, but the darkness lifted as the clan voted to revoke Vephyrus's ban. He returned as an Elite Guardian, and Kcross73 was promoted to council in his stead at the end of November.

As WG entered December, they took a dedicated step towards F2P for the first time in a long time. Several F2P Run-Ins were held against clans like Poison, Titans Revolution and Interqueo (With The Sabres' aid) and Collision. And for the sixth time, WG shook hands in real life. This time in Australia, seven Guardians spent three nights in the Gold Coast for one of their most successful meetups to date. The clan was gradually strengthening, the Anniversary plans were being made, and in the run just before Christmas, Jagex released the poll leading up to the re-implication of the wilderness and free trade. The once slumping clan on a six month losing streak had gotten back on their feet and experienced one of their most amazing years. As 2010 came to a close, WG was ready to stand strong and march forward with the new year.




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