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The 2011 Synopsis is an extract from a summary of WG history mainly written by His Lordship. This is the last year in which this document was updated and coincided with The Reckoning.



Early 2011

2011 kicked off with the clan's vote to bypass the voting process and re-elect renowned warlord Darth Magul, and shortly after a completley re-worked real life recruitment video - the first re-release in four years. The 2010 Clanniversary was also held in January, extending to eight days again this year. Alongside quite a few ranks, including Raid Leaders, many changes came about to all aspects of the clan. Two in particular stood out - the implication of Dynamic requirements was one. WG raised to 110+ once again, but allowed 100+ in providing they met certain conditions. The other was Tabula Rasa: giving a clean slate. All warn levels were removed, all grudges dropped, and a time for new beginnings came.

There was a dark cloud though - ex-Historian WG Keanu had departed on rough terms and formed a new clan called The Blade Keepers. Relations between WG and TBK were tense for several weeks until the rope snapped and hostilities broke out. TBK became WG's first formal rivals in over two years, and the two clans would remain hostile for over three months. Even so, the rivalry would fuel WG - giving them a reason to give their all once more, especially with it coinciding with the re-release of the Wilderness. In mid-March Airbender and Megajayson were promoted to Council. Both took to their work seamlessly with new Raid Leaders and various other changes to the clan (including solidifying the 110+ requirement).

Meanwhile, WG were featured once again on the RuneScape website - in the Players' Gallery #21. RobbieBot, the clan's IRC bot received a full makeover, and just a few weeks later the Clan Camp was released. As WG stocked up on their newly-designed clan cloaks, the gear requirements were raised to prepare for the Summer. WG's seventh Real Life meeting was also planned for early May. The clan also took another step in a different direction and declared war on a Jagex clan - Mod Poppy's Pink Patrons of Pain. Around 30 WildGuard turned up on the battlefield, outnumbered against over 100 PPoP, but their levels, skill and organisation brough them through to victory.

Mid 2011

May 1st and 2nd started off with WG's 7th real life meeting in London and Cambridge. WG Keanu also attended, as the rivalry with TBK had ended following the collapse of the clan with two exodi. During the meet WG fought RuneScape Dinasty for the first time in many years as part of the Jagex Cup - however WG's 27 suffered a crushing defeat against RSD's 79. The following day, the meeting attendees headed to Jagex's Cambridge HQ to deliver three WG t-shirts to Mod Slayer, brining the total number of J-mods with WG shirts up to 29.

Summer was just around the corner, and WG began the preparation for the increase in activity. In late May, Keanu returned as Historian which caused much controversy with members - however this was overshadowed by preparation for an event known as The Reckoning. On June 20th, the clan gathered at the Throne Room in the clan house whilst WildGuard underwent a mass of changes. These included the first forum switch in over three years (Leaving IPB behind for SMF), the third re-opening of Descendant Guardians (with Keanu, now DG Keanu, as leader), and a complete re-write of the majority of the clan's structure. Runefest 2011 was also announced in June, and preparation started almost immediately. Clan Citadels were released in July - WG embraced the update and began the journey through the tiers.

In August, His Lordship's Tales from Port Sarim was entered for the Golden Gnomes, featuring much of WG despite not being focused on the clan as were the past two Jagex entries. WG also renewed their name and offered public anti-crash services to the clan world - many top clans taking up the offer and asking WG out almost daily for their help. The clan also went head on against Desolation in a P2P PKRI on August 6th, and when Bane (an Infliction remake) crashed, WG held out 2v1. The fight turned into a cluster, but WG made their stand and Bane closed their doors the same night. Meanwhile DG was growing strongly - despite the exiling of Advisor (the new Council rank) Garrett xD, DG received a steady inflow of members, surpassed the lifespan of DG2 and headed out into battle and the Wilderness with strong swords and hearts.




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