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The 2008 Synopsis is an extract from a summary of WG history mainly written by His Lordship.



Early 2008

His Lordship left for Europe in early 2008, for 6 weeks. During that time, Dorcha3377 was given leadership, and the clan basically froze. In London, His Lordship hosted a real life meeting. Nine members turned up and together the clan visited JaGeX offices, and later at night went out and had some less legal fun. In the meantime, those members that weren't enjoying the IRL meeting were slowly decaying, waiting for His Lordship to return from the trip to Europe. By the end of the six weeks, WG leadership was inactive, along with the remaining members. His Lordship spent a full month rousing the clan back into activity. The clan website was now several months out of date and needed immediate attention. A forum switch from z6 to wg.com happened when the leadership purchased a private server. Previously, the new forums kept going down because of a fault with the hosting company. With the new forums came new activity and morale lifted. The clan began a winning streak in clan wars once more and recruitment sped up massively. The biggest change was the merging of the sectors. After one month, WG had almost doubled in size and had grown massive levels. Growth like this was unprecedented. WG had never improved so quickly in such a short space of time. Dorcha3377 stepped down from the council a few weeks after His Lordship's return. However, His Lordship was overworked and abused, and not offered any help by the membership. Under this pressure, he decided to step down from leadership for good, appointing Abmanju to be the new Primary Leader. Under Abmanju, WG continued it's winning streak, and growth continued steadily. His Lordship would remain in the background, working on the clan website and the recruitment material, and would slowly phase out into retirement. Abmanju and the current council of Stokenut, Darkzero101 and Snowzak, kept WG on a similar path, and started an alliance with The Death Monkeighs, and existing ally of TBE. And, after 6 long months, the clan website was updated. As WG now owned its own private server, the clan forum technician, Robbiethe1st, was able to create substantial modifications to the forums, including Teamspeak monitors, better skins, and generally more control. The wilderness was still non-PvP, and the clan world began to shrink, and WG along with it. Many members knew they would never see the maxed option wars again. The clan continued growing following its slump due to His Lordship's six week vacation. This came only a few weeks after the WG warlord Snowzak retired. Under Abmanju, WG continued its growth slowly and steadily. His Lordship was still there on the sidelines, easing into retirement slowly, in case he was needed. However, after His Lordship banned a trial member (Crucio01), several members protested against the alleged power abuse and the rights of the founder's rank. Consequently a big fight ensued and His Lordship cut off his ties with WG completely.

Mid 2008

It was June now, and Abmanju was the primary leader of WG. The clan was sailing smoothly, but not growing as quickly as it once had. After a short while, Abmanju was fighting his own council and there was general leadership disagreement. Some of the members were bickering and not obeying the council, seeing it as week and divided. RSC at this time had hosted the Clan Wars Premiere League, taking to the Clan Wars Arena that replaced the wilderness. WG did extremely well in these categories, although the leadership was not keen to re-enter a second season after members were complaining about the league being too demanding. The clan ran out of motivation to war in the league, and attendance started to fall. Following on from this, the clan began to slump, and Abs took the decline personally. When August came, His Lordship held a second real life meeting in Paris, as part of his own personal holiday. Those who attended were His Lordship, Snowzak, Dhboy123 (from the Divine Forces), and Bassism. Bassism was really the only member with direct relations to WG, but the meeting is still considered to be a WG meeting. During the meeting, the group played some pranks on Runescape community and WG, and spent the night on a pub crawl. It was approaching the end of August. The clan was still strong, but Abmanju was having difficulties running the clan, and fighting his council along the way. Several council members (explicitly Robertw56 and Darkzero101) had already posted two weeks notice and were on their way out, another council member, Theevildead2, was retiring to emeritus, and Abmanju was very close to posting his own. The community was getting strained. In a last attempt to save the clan from a morale-breaking situation, Abmanju asked His Lordship to return to WG. His Lordship refused at first, and then after requests from several members, reluctantly took back the position.

Late 2008

Fortunately, in the four months where His Lordship was out of leadership, Abmanju managed to sustain the clan and avoided any disaster. The clan was in a decent shape and under His Lordship, underwent some reparations and recruitment. Upon his return, Lordship made a rather controversial move by the clan world's opinion. He distributed a WG T-Shirt to the members for no profit, and then to the clan community, to fund the cost of the servers. The shirt was a huge success. 40 were sold within a month, and then dozens more over the next few months. Immediately after this, elections were held to replace the outgoing council of Robertw56, Darkzero101, and Theevildead2. Kingrandy0 and Anatcrafter were elected into the council. Leading up to the end of the year, several key elements in the clan's life changed. Firstly, the creation of a private clan leader forum gave the clan members a more intimate relationship with JaGeX, and many clan members were unmuted through His Lordship's request on the private forum. Soon after this, PvP worlds were released. All of a sudden, the clan world sprung back to life and things were getting into full swing. Through His Lordship's judgmental error, WG was slow to take to PVP, and so was a step behind. Recruitment suffered for several months, while WG remained in the Clan Wars Arena, and the rest of the clan world was migrating to PVP worlds. At the same time as this update, WG's initials were uncensored. For almost 2 years, the initials WG were censored over Runescape. To commemorate the decensorship of the clan's initials, the members put together a public party for the clan world. On top of all this, the clan lost its warlord, Dalejamesw, who left for DF. he was, at the time, the most loved member in the clan. WG held an appreciation event for him on his way out. Following his departure, Mugger84 and Arsenalfan32 were elected into the council as co-warlords. December was approaching now. December was always a vibrant month for WG; the anniversary became the central element of clan life. The 2008 annicersary was a success, despite the attempts made by SE to crash. The dozens of events were executed with perfection, and the participating members enjoyed the festivities, that lasted for the entire month. Dalejamesw at this time, began inviting himself to WG events and making a fool of himself, and he lost favour with WG and was demoted from ex-member rank to clan friend. In the background of all this, Robbie was continuing his forum work. By the end of 2008, the WG forums had become the best functioning clan forums in the Runescape clan world. GuardianScore was released as well as other major features. It was clear that WG would never switch forums again.




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