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The 2006 Synopsis is an extract from a summary of WG history mainly written by His Lordship.



Thirsty for more war, WG accepted the proposal from the Black Dragons clan, for a p2p war. It would be the first p2p war since the DOA war long ago. Between the declaration and the war, many complicated events unfolded, the first of which was New Year. His Lordship, not quite sober from the night before, left WG in a state of rage, only to return the next day, but not before a few clan members left. Also, WG's war plan was leaked to BD, who developed a counterplan. The details were also leaked to Scum, who planned to crash the war. Knowing this, WG asked for Fear's help but they were unable to back us up. Instead, Divine Forces and Valor protected the war whilst BD and WG were fighting. After much fighting, well over 40 minutes (longest p2p war in Runescape history), WG alone remained with 30 members or so and some specators. There were complications with the victor as never before had we witnessed a war with so many problems and spectators and people returning to watch. WG was given the victory. Late January of 2006 saw the election of three council members, Kingdanielii, Xena1168 and Geohood. The expanded council of eight including His Lordship was the most active leadership team to date. Only a few days later, the new website was released, containing completely revised policies. Unfortunately, the stroke of good luck could not last forever. DG collapsed due to complications with the leadership and lack of co-operations between the clans. DG members were moved to WG immediately. It was now time for the long delayed anniversary to take place. Almost two months later than scheduled, the anniversary was a big success with the opening ceremony open for the public. Following the anniversary, WG enrolled in the clan tourney, which had dozens of clans competing in different categories. In the tourney, WG was unfortunate enough to face its allies, Fear and the Synergy. But the wars wouldn't cease there. No, soon the clan would be fighting a rising star in the clan world, Valor. Defeat to Valor was taken well, and both parties enjoyed the battle immensely. Immediately after the Valor war, a forum switch was authorised once more, ending the s10 days, the longest era in WG history.

WG.com Days

The transition from s10 to WG.com began with a surge of excitement. The Rune Raiders clan and WG had initiated a war on p2p, a most rare event amoungst clans. However, it was not to happen, when the famed war preparation movie was released to RR, revealing our tactics. The war was cancelled. It was the start of April in 2006, and the clan had evolved so dramatically. Wildguard had grown into a vast empire, not strong in military, but strong in the hearts of the people. With unrivalled events and spectacular public archives, the clan was truly a jewel of the Runescape world. This, like all things good, was not to last, when the atmosphere decayed dramatically over the next week, when member after member departed from the clan, and fights broke out, with raids turning sour. Some very influencial figures in WG, including the old veteran Rick Hamm, departed for good. Controlling the situation, His Lordship restabalised the clan, removing troublemakers and revisiting some rules. Two weeks after the chaos, the clan was better than before, but at a great price. The clan was 50 members down in number. In the following days, smiles returned to the faces of the clan, and the friendships were rebuilt, and WG's initiation into WG.com was complete. Good times lay ahead. A few weeks after the stabalisation of the clan, Dorcha3377 was the second council member to leave since the transition, and to make matters worse, Kingdanielii was forced to step down due to a pressured real life. In this time, the construction skill hit the world of Runescape. His Lordship siezed the opportunity and pooled together funds and built a clan house. This was the first clan house in RS history. When June of 2006 was half way through its cycle, morale took a sudden upturn with the arrival of the junior clan, the Descendant Guardians, for the second time. His Lordship felt the clan was ready to re-open it. With DG came a steady inflow of member to WG as well. With the return of Kenshln to WG, wilderness success skyrocketed as well, Wildguard reclaimed its place in the ranks. The success would not end there. His Lordship conceived a massive war involving DS, WG, DG, CL and RR. The war was one of the largest wars in Runescape history. It was the largest non-world war ever to be seen. DS defeated all four clans combined. The war had the largest recorded deathmarch in RS history. And just a single week later, WG would declare on Echo of SIlence for a second time, this time on p2p. A week later, the battle was fought, and EoS proved to be too great a foe once more. Things turned for the worse when FEAR terminated its 18 month alliance with WG. The alliance, which propered for a very long time, broke due to many complicated reasons. Caught off guard, WG accepted the separation politely. Most fortunately, thevoid was filled when Reckoning Day proposed a alliance to WG. It wasn't long after when the forums began malfunctioning. Glitches were appearing in every crevasse of the forums. Afraid they could no longer sustain the clan, WG switched back to Invisionfree, ending the shortest era of the clan's life, at about the time Reckoning Day closed, finishing a short lived alliance.

Early Z6 Days

August 2006. A pivotal month for Wildguard. Turbulent, rewarding, immortal. It was the first time since the laste s4 days that the clan had witnessed such great action. The move to the z6 forums was well received, and immediately, a new council was elected in. Four members, namely Rai of Light, Loppls, Tmal34 and Twizlers300 were democratically chosen to lead the clan, restoring the council to its number of seven. Spirits were soaring as we prepared for our third war in this short time span. It would be against the Rune Raiders. Two weeks of preparation commenced. These two weeks proved to be a great challenge. The dishonourable clan Reign of Terror spied on the warring clans and extracted information on the war, planning to crash. WG had asked DF to protect the war, and to miniwar WG afterward. They agreed, but later dropped out. In a last minute hasty attempt, WG and RR called upon RSD to defend the war. When the war arrived, RoT crashed as expected, coming across RSD on its way to the war zone. RSD fought RoT hard. In the meantime WG and RR were fighting fiercely in the ruins in eastern wilderness. WG had just won the war as RoT defeated RSD. But RSD had done their job. They stalled RoT for the entire duration. RoT arrived at the war zone at the exact time WG logged out, just missing us. We were safe and victorious. During the preparation for the war, two bitter rivalries were spawned. The first obviously between WG and RoT. The second, was against WG and Collision, who wanted a war with WG but were declined because of the RR war. However they did not know about the war as it was secret, and became angry that we refused to war them. Amongst all this chaos, His Lordship had begun work on his third and final Flash movie based on the clan. It would be the greatest movie ever made about Runescape.

Mid z6 days

The early z6 days ended with the election of Starzhine and Kenshln into the WG council, and an expansion of the DG council, adding Kaioken757 and Stokenut. For the next month, WG sailed on smoothly, raiding successfully and dominating the clan world with dazzling innovation in the wilderness. The success was sadly too short lived. In a sudden twist, His Lordship was forced to step down from leadership due to extreme real life reasons. In his stead, Xena1168 was placed in charge. Xena, also under pressure with her own life, returned the position soon after. His lordship then bestowed leadership upon Tmal34 and Twizlers300. It was agreed DG was to be phased out as the council could not cope. DG members began the process of graduating into WG and the junior clan was once again closed. The drama had only begun with the change in leadership. The new leaders had begun to implement changes such as Operation Purple Haze, an extreme regime of power training to boost the clan's levels. In addition, the requirements were raised to 105 combat. In anger, His Lordship distanced himself from WG due to the leadership disagreements. He and the clan had developed a hostility toward each other and this intensified to the point it all changed... he publically shut down WG, only to open it three hours later. But the damage was already done. Over 100 members left the clan. His Lordship took back leadership, and now with a less demanding real life, tended to WG. Wildguard was to commence a stage of building over the next few months and through the all important third anniversary. The first month of rebuilding went slowly, and recruitment had halted, as had events. It was a tragedy rivalled by no other. To make matters worse, His Lordship's account was permanent banned for a third time. How was WG to survive? This time, JaGeX was on our side, as the account was returned. This obstacle now overcome, the clan began recruitment and rebuilding, with elections of leaders, changes to the forums and other large scale operations. A few of the members who left returned, although only a minority. Clan life was beginning to return to normal.




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