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The 2005 Synopsis is an extract from a summary of WG history mainly written by His Lordship.



The hectic nature of the clan didn't end there. His Lordship, over a Rune Village forum, made a topic about the USA, attacking its political and moral values and attitudes. This causes a massive dispute as the clan divides and many people leave. Noricle, one member who became offended and left, negotiated a way of salvaging the situation, which included the need for His Lordship to temporarily resign as leader so that trust could be re-established. This failed. Soon followed a trend of people leaving, because their friends were leaving. Many left because they saw no future for WG after the tragedy. It became worse, and the clan was left only with its most loyal members. This was how 2005 for WG started. Noricle and Rick Hamm, having left WG, created a clan called the Revolution. The Revolution was the second antiRPKing clan to branch out from WG. In two weeks, the Revolution pulled over 40 members from WG.

Late S4 Days

The late s4 days were born out of the largest clan war in history. Legends Legion vs Rivendell. It was an allied war. WG fought of the side of LL, which came out victorious. The war, held at the beginning of 2005, has had little competition for the title of largest war. Not even the world wars could fill a server like this war did. For the first time since before the anniversary, His Lordship began admitting people into the clan. The clan received about 40 new members in the first 2 days and the memberlist expands rapidly over the next few weeks. This was the largest member surge in the history of the clan. Finally, after a long while, the requirements once again increase, this time to 80 combat. With The Revolution now a strong, established clan, diplomatic talks were initiated between the leaders of both clans. All negotiations failed. The Revolution and Wildguard remained hostile toward each other. Our old ally, the Ghostknights, disbanded. Their leader, D Distroyer, joined the Wilderness Guardians. Like many clans, it often takes a small problem in the leadership for instability to reign. The Synergy became a victim of internal leadership problems, and several clans broke out of the Synergy, including the Sleeping Dragons and the Death Jesters. To the great joy of the clan, Brendan was discovered to be alive after all. However, this was in early 2005. Nobody has seen him since. The last time we heard from him, he was still sick with Leukemia. The Sabres, absent from our list of allies for many months since they dropped all alliances, were finally approached. Our alliance was restored. Owing to the turbulent times, there was a greater need to lay down a clan history. So, after over a year since the last history was written, a new one took its place. Wildguard, now 200 members large (only 100 of which were active), placed a heavy burden on His Lordship, who was running the clan completely alone. A council was elected, five members large. These people were handpicked my His Lordship, but no record exists of who these five were. March saw the disbanding of The Revolution. Soon WG saw many members returning. Old faces we missed had come back. The clan numbers surged once more, and the membercount arrived at somewhere around 250 registered members. Maturity was on the decline. Hesitant to ban people, His Lordship had attempted negotiations with individuals, seeking to make them more mature. However, the limitations of the internet prevented the message from being taken as seriously as it should have. With more time on his hands, His Lordship created, the second clan Flash Movie. This one, he regards as far superior to the first. For a third time, WG declared an official war against the Rune Outlaws. For a third time, RO violated the war conditions. This would be the last time WG considered a war with RO. Shortly after the introduction of the 80 combat requirement, the clan fast moves toward 85, as mid 2005 was approaching. The long sustained age of peace within WG came to an end when a hacker entered the ranks, taking WG banks one by one. Fearing that the problem was on the forums, another forum switch was set into motion immediately. This would mean the end of the s4 days.

Early S10 Days

Shortly after the forum switch, one council member, Oaktownrules, left to join the BlacKnights clan. In his place, was elected Terakaern. Terakaern was the first council member to be elected in democratically by the clan rather than simply chosen by His Lordship KoD soon declared war on WG, but the clan turned down the offer. After the offer was rejected, they proposed a war between WG and the KoD Junior clan. This war was accepted. WG won. The KoD juniors fought with honour. This was the first honourable war WG had won by itself and not by default. Now that WG had become a common name in the clan discussions of Runescape, the site was attracting much more attention. Month after month the site would blow its bandwidth limit. There was urgent need for a new host. In the meantime, the Federation is restarted by the main antiRPK clans, the Sabres, The Synergy, Sleeping Dragons, Death Jesters, Retribution and Wildguard. This time round, the Federation is much more active, and often there are joint events. It was mid 2005 when Terakaern introduced the mentor program to WG. With a clan as large as WG it is somewhat easy to become easily confused. With complex systems such as voting systems, many ranks, many forums, procedures for raids and such, mentors offer an easier transition into the clan. The Unbreakables shortly after declared war against WG. Due to a busy scedule, this could not happen for 3 weeks. The days rolled by as the clan prepared as best they could, with Terakaern as the war organiser. WG won, twenty minutes in. Bringing about the same number as the Unbreakables, at around 100 people, it was a great victory. However the Unbreakables accussed WG of cheating. This took a long time to resolve and we were eventually proven innocent. It was the first war we won to get ourselves recognition by the clan world as a true clan to be on the watch for. With the warmth of victory still running through us, Wildflame saw this as an appropriate time to step down from the pressures and demands of the council. With the requirements rising constantly, came the need to cater for lower levelled members, so consideration for a junior clan began. The council elections began. All of a sudden, the clan found itself flooded with new members. There was no limit to the amount of successful applicants. While many new members were co-operative, a few disrupted the atmosphere and status quo. The mentoring system reduced the impact of the problem, but further action was required, and taken through the form of His Lordship's theory, that by befriending the new members more, the clan would have been giving them the attention they were seeking, and in turn, stability would return. In the process, Half a dozen clan members were removed from the clan. Soon The Moriquendi declared war on WG. Not aggreeing to a rune war, The Moriquendi desired a steel war. The war was accepted. Mori won the steel war. Lying beneath the events in the clan, was a tention between WG and DOA. The two clans had been at each other's throats in the p2p wilderness now. WG declared war against DOA as a means to resolve tension. Finally, after the site had crashed for the fourth consecutive month, there was a dire need to change hosts to one which could cater for the growing demands. The process of switching took nearly a month. For the duration of that time the site was down. There were associated technical problems and problems processing the financial data.

Mid S10 Days

Shortly after the restoration of the clan website, WG fought DOA. The fight was WG's first P2P war, and little did we know, it was one of the first p2p wars in RS history. It was even sided most of the way through, right up to the point where FoM crashed. DOA and WG have since reconciled and again, the outcome of the war was mostly positive. However, tension with FoM rose. We never quite built back the respect for them. A short while later, the second election, for Wildflame's successor, began. Jesusislord6 and Jezzamon were chosen as two replacement council members, with an extra position being needed as Anincent had stepped down from the council. The Descendant Guardians clan opened, just a few days after, with a huge inflow of new members from the word go. With Gibble as their leader, DG would be endulging in the benefits of WG. Unfortunately, along came the time where His Lordship decided to give up full time leadership to pursue his studies. His workload was reduced as he attempted to spend the next 4 months studying for his final exams. It was August of 2005 when the clan entered a war-free period so that it could overcome its internal conflicts which had arisen as a result of an intake of too many new members in such a short span of time. For over one and a half years, the clan refused to follow the standard codes of honour, running from battle often and teleporting. It took one and a half years for WG to finally hammer down on teleporting and running and all else that the clan world saw as dishonourable. Hall of Fame at this time was created, recognising major achievements in the clan by its members. Stronger than ever, Wildguard extended its wilderness watch to encompass the Europeans by creating a European p2p raid, bringing the total to 5 weekly raids. It was a Federation raid... an unsuccessful raid. There was a large fight... Some time late in August or early September. WG left the Federation but retained its alliance with The Synergy and the Sabres. In this fight many valuable clan members left out of anger, but most returned soon after. Prospects for rejoining were considered, but turned down. THE offered WG a war, that month. Knowing we couldn't win alone, we called upon our noble ally, FEAR, to accompany us in war, and the war was accepted. The preparations were two weeks long, and having warred THE clan, WG and FEAR lose, but our reputations and clans both increased dramatically on most forums. Generally all three clans were pleased. We do not see it as a loss. Slowly, life became more quiet, as the leadership returned to work on the clan system, without a war hovering over the members. A new promotion system was set in place. Also, DG and WG began raiding together to help DG improve its wilderness performance. With this quiet life, the most quiet in a long count of months, another clan census was called. This one showed that the average combat level was hovering around the 96 mark, and that people were mostly happy with how things were run. Axe Man Jack, a clan member, became hostile when WG refused to kick out a clan member who inherited an account from his friend. After a rather heated argument AMJ left the clan on a bad note. This version of the history, written in January 2006, is currently accurate in saying that AMJ continues to attack WG verbally over public forums, for even the slightest of things)

Late S10 Days

His Lordship, having graduated from High School in mid-November, departed for a holiday to Singapore and Malaysia for two weeks. In the meantime, Blazer903 was made the primary leader of DG. In His Lordship's absence, EoS declared an official war against WG. WG accepted. A week later, we lost. A few days after His Lordship returned from his holiday, he tried to log in only to find his account permanently banned from Runescape, for advertising the Wildguard website over the game. The clan was dismayed when the appeal was turned down as well. However, thanks to Sabre Treky, who contacted a Jagex mod, the account was soon unbanned. Shortly after, some ex-WG members, along with some WG members, over Teamspeak, crashed a WG raid. Aggrevating His Lordship immensely, the betrayers were immediately suspended, and the ex-WG members were exiled from our presence, in particular Calmax, whose immaturity makes one glad he does not remain in WG. While banned, the clan Chivalry of Legends begin flaming WG publically and the tension between the two clans rose to a point where WG declared war on CL. However this war was fated not to happen. Regardless of the attempts to cool the flaming, CL and WG continued to flame, so His Lordship pulled WG out of the war because the hatred was growing far too strong. More arguments arose as a result, but the fighting slowly dies as time went by. It was a few days after the war was declined when Flummbullen from ST offerred WG a miniwar. It was a tragic defeat on our part. Due to a combination of low levels, a tactic that failed, and a bad time of day for us, we only took down a single ST member.




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