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The 2009 Synopsis is an extract from a summary of WG history mainly written by His Lordship.



Early 2009

The early days of 2009 were somewhat weak days in comparison to the clan's noble history. To begin, 3v0lution_X, an ally of WG, was torn in a leadership rift, and soon collapsed, and out of it, two new clans were formed. The alliance was terminated. At this time, a new system of applications was created, in order to improve the flow of applications. The first weekend of the year saw WG attain rank #10 on the RAW list of top CWA clans, a big achievement indeed. There were two major victories in the early part of the year. A victory against CR, and a victory against RE. These two official RAW wins affirmed to everyone that WG had plenty of strength... but the clan was still lagging behind the rest of the clan world... who were now all competant in PVP. Awakening to this, WG immediately began taking steps to become more PVP-conscious. One of the early attempts to do this, was His Lordship's siding with The Titans clan, against Violent Resolution, who had angered much of the clan world by crashing fights and flaming. Lordship pleged WG to the cause of counter-crashing VR. This meant crashing VR's planned fight with DF. These two clans were the two strongest clans of the day, and going against either of them would be dangerous for WG. Ex-WG-Warlord Dalejamesw, now in DF, made many threats against WG, causing him to get banned. In the end, His Lordship conceded to the expressed wishes of his co-leaders, and abandoned the cause, but not before VR directed much anger toward WG. Mugger84, the warlord of the time, was instrumental in ceasing the hostilities. We will never know what would have happened if WG continued their plege to the Titans, but as a result of pulling out, WG lost an opportunity to dive deep into the realm of PVP... though admittedly we were saved from VR's vengeance. As February came about, long-time member Gorgemaster was elected into the council. At this time, WG started stepping into PVP. His Lordship left for Vietnam, and the clan was placed in the hands of the second-in-charge, Kingrandy0. Randy, alongside Mugger84 and Arsenalfan32, saw to it that PVP was given more attention. WG, after so many years, abandoned the full-out war. It was now PKRI's. CWA would only be on occassion, with Megaraids becoming the feature event of the clan's weekend. His Lordship hoped intently, that the full-out war would make a comeback. Mid February came around, and all of a sudden, there grew a tension between the leaders and the clan members. The central figure in this saga was Mugger84, who found himself getting harrassed by several clan members, and fighting back. Events started to lack, as the leadership circle pushed for greater PVP activity. His Lordship, at this time, introduced new set raid times to be strictly adhered to. But it was too little. Too many members had become disgruntled with the clan's lack of progress. In the course of two days, the clan lost almost 20 members, who quit at the same time, including Mugger84, the warlord, who banned himself. WG was left with a core of loyal members, upon which everything had to be rebuilt and improved. Counting his blessings, Lordship began work promptly. The council would remain lacking. Poor timing also saw Anatcrafter leave the council reasons due to lack of time to lead. His Lordship could no longer allow the council to maintain such a high turnover rate. Promotions into the council would be more difficult than ever. Following the mass leavings, His Lordship renewed the clan server, and upgraded the clan website, working hard on recruitment. Kingrandy0 and Gorgemaster would together work on bringing the JaGeX cup to WG, and remind the clan that there was more to Wildguard than PVP. The clan had suffered big blows, but as this very history has shown, WG's resilience and ability to recover swiftly is its great strength.

Mid 2009

Then, in blew the summer wind. As summer came in, so too did a new strength and spirit into this old, seasoned clan. Remember, the clan was still crippled from the loss of many great members, and was in its weakest state since D-Day in December 2006. Things were dire. But His Lordship had finally come out of his studies, able to provide his full time services to WG. And Back To Own, the new warlord replacing Arsenalfan32, forged a new path down p2p PVP wilderness. Over the next two months, the clan transformed, What was once a crushed group of core members became a flourishing community once more. Many major changes took place, the most important of which was the creation of a required equipment list. The demands on members banks allowed them to sustain much higher quality raids, and very soon, Back To Own's innovative wilderness leadership saw the greatest recovery in morale and power since Kenshln and KF. The rift in 3v0 that happened several months earlier caused the clan to divide in two, and WG had allied the new break-off clan, Zero Tolerance. The two clans had been allies for about three months, but ZT was undergoing inner turmoil. It was only in late August that the alliance could properly grow. Most other clans experienced what is described as a very uninteresting summer. People had expected so much more from the clan world. But WG seemed to flourish. As the autumn of 2009 creeped in, the clan was left with a breath of fresh air, ready to continue growing.

Late 2009

The restrengthening of WG's PvP aspect continued in August. A rare switch around took place in the late of the month, in which Back To Own (One of WG's most recognised and respected leaders in the PvP field) took the rank of Raid Leader alongside newly-appointed Leecable, and Arsenalfan32 took his place as Council. Not too long after, the election for a fourth Council took place, and Darkzero101 once again was promoted in early September. His Lordship released The Guardian Power, WG's theme song.

In mid-october, the three-day wait and the 12-hour application waiting periods were removed from WG's application system, meaning Intros could apply any time after posting their introduction. Plans for WG's third Real Life meeting in the USA began at this point, and the Summer awards were released at the end of the month. WG's warring strength continued to stay strong, and on November 15th they successfully defeated the Masters of Dragons in an intense F2P PK Run-In, just 14 days before MoD would close their doors. Later in November, WG returned to the battlefield for an intense F2P PvP battle against Exer. WG lost the war, but soon after defeated Zero Tolerance (both times) in a 2-round P2P CWA fight on the 28th.

WildGuard's 3rd Real Life meeting took place at the end of 2009 for WG's 6th birthday during His Lordship's visit to the USA. Another election was hosted in December for a new Council member, but during the election Darkzero101 posted his leaving notice, and so Rachellove9 and Stokenut were both promoted on December 12th. Background improvements were made to the website and forums as forum tech Robbie began an upgrade to the server on the 14th. Improvements to the forums continued over December and into January.




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