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  1. Final Combo

    @swifty 1shot Beat that : 1Kc that Stone to teleport / 4Kc Dex / 11Kc Tbow :]
  2. Final Combo

    Haha i still cant believe it haha
  3. Final Combo

    What About the Phat Smuggle that was fixed after months ppl abused it or the 10m/h runecrafting exp in dungeoneering?
  4. Final Combo

    I fucking love Rice Pudding... I eat so much of it ... god damn it
  5. Final Combo

    How is it going atm @mrhugobear??
  6. Final Combo

    Congratulations buddy! :)good luck on inferno! hehe
  7. Final Combo

    Good application hope to see you in the clan! good luck!
  8. Final Combo

    only affects autoclickers so all good
  9. Final Combo

    Gratz mate, I like that skilling pet a lot specially the golden one :]
  10. Final Combo

    Well here is mine, enjoy
  11. I just looked through the Forums and I've noticed we could add some small Guides since ppl always ask how to keep membership or how to make quick money. So I decided to do one for you Guys. Basically choose between Daily Moneymaking guides that go quick and ez like Farm runs/B Staves from Varrock Diary etc or Consistent money makers where you can choose between normal ones like Green Dragons and the common ones and some more Exotic ones that ppl forgot/ dont know. Would be cool If you all would select 1 but you can choose multiple if you would like to see more, I might look into it then. Poll ends at the 01.08 so hurry up
  12. Final Combo

    Good application, hope you stopped scamming ppl though everybody grews up over time, anyway I'am looking forward to see you in game and welcome to the wilderness guardians!
  13. Final Combo

    Hell that is a sick Application, everybody can see, that you have put a lot of effort in it, which will get rewarded trust me !:) Looking forward to see you in game, welcome to the wilderness guardians!
  14. Final Combo

    Share I Tb'd? Gratz mate!
  15. Final Combo

    Maybe do the bones somewhere you can get other stuff aswell like brutal dragons, post nice drops and the tab in the end I am sure it will spice everything up! Good luck buddy!