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  1. Final Combo

    mine was getting like500k on a dropparty in partyroom... instantly went and brought addy g set lol.... then i walked to karamja and got poisoned buy the tribesman ... i died cuz i couldnt teleport home LOL lost everything... i bring antipoison Everytime now when i go to karamja xd
  2. Final Combo

    @Lets Go Pk the only thing why i still raid is because the drop wasnt in my name l0l
  3. Final Combo

    good luck with your app, looking forward to see you our trips :)3
  4. Final Combo

    I recon you wont complete all sets you will miss some weapons
  5. Final Combo

    Tbh I thought i would play it more,... i was very hyped and waited that it will come out but now that i have it i barely play on it, I cant really do a lot of things besides afking stuff but I can do those aswell on my computer ... I think they made a good job on it but it needs a lot of improvement ,... in the bank for example i cant properly scroll my bank without switching items and messing up all my organisation
  6. Final Combo

    Welcome to the family :)
  7. Final Combo

    Great Idea, lets add some personal points aswell 1 out of 10? Ill add some tomorrow
  8. Final Combo

    keep the grind going 1750 total will come in no time believe me
  9. Final Combo

    Damn bro, you will always be our nerd #1 though
  10. Final Combo

  11. Final Combo

    Welcome to the family good luck!
  12. Final Combo

    Good luck joining the family brother
  13. Final Combo

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time in our family
  14. Final Combo

    @swifty 1shot Beat that : 1Kc that Stone to teleport / 4Kc Dex / 11Kc Tbow :]
  15. Final Combo

    Haha i still cant believe it haha