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    [Accepted] RawrXDUwU

    Welcome Shout out to the cousin @RNGeezusPLS for recruiting!
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    I set myself a personal goal to max out all my combat skills and finally I am finished!!! now I can focus on bosses/skills/pk/raids etc etc etc!
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    [Accepted] Baites

    Welcome back and thanks for being honest about this. That said, we need to take some time to consider what to do about people returning from this clan for obvious reasons. App Managers will be in touch once we've made a decision.
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    So if anyone ever wondered if every quest on OSRS can be completed via mobile.... The answer is YES! Been on this grind for a long time and if I’m honest I nearly gave up a good 25 times
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    It's in the name boys

    First ever trip to bandos with the boys near 10m split for 3 My first ever big drop, i kinda freaked not gonna lie
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    Show me your setups

    One of the tinier setups. '
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    WG HugBoat

    Conora Bonus

    My office just switched to working from home for the next 2 weeks. Hoping I can NMZ my way to max combats by early March!
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    Show me your setups

    I like your DDS! I personally have a steel battleaxe on the wall next to me
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    Leaked Data

    Face ( and name ) reveal?!

    I thought after a while that it would be time for a face (and name) reveal and a bit about myself. For the ones that don't know me, hi! I'm Leroy, feel free to call me Jenkins, I live in a small city called Steenwijk, The Netherlands. If I'm not doing any schoolwork I mostly play rs or hang out with friends. On rs you can usually find me at Raids 1 or 2, pk'ing or doing any other boss. Besides all that I love to go out and chill. Sometimes I get a bit too much alcohol but that's fine. I'm in uni for a computer science major, and before that I was in college for the same. While in college I went on an internship to Ireland for half a year as a junior software developer. I had great fun there too. Now you know a bit about me, tell me about you too!
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    lvl 99 gay

    [Accepted] lvl 99 gay

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. lvl 99 gay What is your current RS name? lvl 99 gay List any previous RS names: mirandarites, ruth bader What is your total level and combat level? 2093 / 125 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. You guys know my story. For the sake of brevity, I'll just say I've been playing forever, slayer is my favorite skill, and since the Alchemical Hydra is mean to me and won't drop a claw, I've turned to work on maxing. Tell us about your clan history. Was in WG for a bit more than a year and left in December 2019 (I think?) because I had a lot going on in my life... I was in a dark place. Things are finally starting to look up. Tell us about your yourself. Hi! I'm Casey, but you can call me KC, lvl 99, gay, or your mom's sidepiece. I'm 25 from NYC working in the field of mental health. I'm a person in recovery and I aim to be a symbol that recovery is possible. I have a degree in psychology and sociology, and soon I'll be going back to school to become a psychotherapist. Oh, I can move each side of my tongue independent of one another, but you didn't need to know that. How did you hear about us? Ex-member What makes you want to join us? I miss my WG family. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I am in a social clan that I don't want to leave. I'm comfortable being just a WG clan friend because I don't want to ditch a great system of people I've grown attached to, just like I didn't like leaving WG.
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    [Accepted] Genghas Khan

    Why the fuck did you change your name? Old one was so much better
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    Ardy Nites

    drug addiction and rehab

    I've struggled with depression and drug addiction for most of my life. I never really cared which drugs I did as long as I didn't have to be sober, and all that culminated in meth addiction ages 15-16, xanax and party drugs in college, and finally heroin. Now I'm 22, fully sober off everything except weed, and as happy as I've ever been. If you're struggling with addiction, just know that you are bigger than your problems and stronger than the negative influences in your life. The catalyst for change comes from inside yourself, and it's a lot easier to get better if you surround yourself with the right people.
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    [Accepted] zero talking

    Congratulations, you have been accepted into our community! You are now an Initiate Guardian and have 3 weeks to attend 3 events, reply to at least 10 posts and graduate. Here are some useful links: Graduations - you have 3 weeks to post your graduation form. Unread content - gives you the latest posts. Keeps you up to date. Important Announcements - check frequently for major updates. Calendar - all events are here, listed in your own time zone. You can even host your own. Discord - keep notifications on for #osrs_announcements and #graduation. We'll never spam you. Recruitment Tips - help expand our clan New to PvM or PvP? Check out the #pvm-help and #pvp-help channels on Discord. Important: as our clan chat is public, please do not talk about PvP events in WG_CC. Use Discord. Let me know when you've read this. I and the staff are happy to answer any further questions. Welcome to our clan! P.S. Got two minutes spare? Take this optional survey to help us with our recruitment process. P.P.S. Are you a Discord Nitro subscriber or have a lot of IRL money? Consider giving us your Nitro Server Boost. See #nitro-boost on Discord for info.
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    WG Hendrix

    WG Hendrix

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. WG Hendrix What is your current RS name? WG Hendrix List any previous RS names: God Hendrix WG Hendrix pretty much Hendrix everywhere What is your total level and combat level? 109 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I've been in WG before for quite some time, dont remember the time period, but Husky was the warlord I'd like to say suffud was too, but I'm not adamant on it, he led lots of PVP trips tho. I dont think anyone will remember me, but I was High guardian in WG when I had to quit. Tell us about your clan history. WG and only WG :) miss ya guys Tell us about your yourself. I quit osrs for some time, because trying to fit university and a job at the same time got me lacking a lot of free time. I'm honest and cool, not problematic, just enjoying the game and other people's company. How did you hear about us? Was a WG member for a generaly long time What makes you want to join us? I want to experience the nostalgia I had with you guys, mainly revs pking was amazing, also the members were very cool and chill. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Used a bot 8-9 years back, when I was a dumb kid lol and that's it. And how could I forget Vio's shotcalling mid fights?
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    WG HugBoat


    Welcome to the forums kemq!
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    Butcher baby


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    WG Logout

    WG Hendrix

    Welcome back king
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    zero talking

    [Accepted] zero talking

    @Mojo Will do, working on 95 combat, getting my ranged up atm @LiggyThanks, finally done with dragon bones
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    [Accepted] zero talking

    Welcome buddy
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    Ghost Sabre

    [Accepted] MinusMilitia

    Hello and welcome! Dutch unit 2 str0nk!
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    Gwap Gang

    [Accepted] Gwap Gang

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Gwap Gang What is your current RS name? Gwap Gang List any previous RS names: Vork Sucks What is your total level and combat level? https://gyazo.com/ecda26988c1e90f3dc871b85f24b772c https://gyazo.com/f24240f96c7a34336a1ac7dbbbfff3c4 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I Started playing runescape when I was about 7 or 8 in elementary school. I'm now 25 years old. I created this account a couple years back and slowly have gotten to where I am now I'm a lot more serious about the game now adays and really enjoy clanning! PvP/PvM Are the main thing I do. I Enjoy questing a lot I just hate skilling but at the same time things need to get done for certain quests so I'll do em! Tell us about your clan history. Used to be in a f2p warring clan called EVO Clan the leader EVO COLT or one of the higher ups anyways.. And a good friend of mine to this day! Currently in a clan called Infinity Rs the leader Inf Tastic/Bongbubbles and a good friend of mine aswell. this clan is mainly events/skilling/pvm based. Tell us about your yourself. My names Alyer and I'm a 25 year old Canadian M Lives in Toronto,ON. I Worked for General Motors before they shutdown in my town and am just waiting for this coronavirus to F off so I can get back out there and make money, but for now I will be grinnnnding to get those 99's boii! my main goal in the game is to get 99 atk/str/def/range/pray/mage just got HP last night which is my first 99 ever pretty proud. I Play to Clan PvP And PvM I will probably not get 99 Runecrafting ever because thats just me! Cant wait to be apart of a team like this and meet all of you! How did you hear about us? Osrs forums What makes you want to join us? PvP/PvM with more friendly people in the community you can’t ever have enough friends! and to do more things with people in general I cannot stand playing this game alone. Also I can learn things from more experienced players! Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yessir Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you:
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    [Accepted] Gwap Gang

    Do you remember Slinger X? Him and Miss Diggler and SharpieSmurf started 3v0luti0n X after Evo Colt closed Evolution closed down.
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    [Accepted] AgroDwarf

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    [Accepted] AgroDwarf

    Nice app, welcome!
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    Leaked Data

    [Accepted] RawrXDUwU

    boa sorte meu caro!
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    Butcher baby

    [Accepted] Slassh Web

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    Gz man, I still have a few more lvls to go. Extra points for the pet flex though
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    Gz killin’ it
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    That is sick! Well done mate
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    Congrats! Something I'd never be able to achieve lol
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    [Declined] FREERANCH

    Come on. Crashing wars and DDOS'ing teamspeak servers was so 2010.
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    [Accepted] sharpdistnce

    Welcome, and great application! Good luck with the rest of the process!
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    [Accepted] Dr Steez

    welcome back! if you decide to drop your bank again, please pm me so I can be there
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    [Accepted] Stokie Lad

    I'm new to this clan and I notice a lot of people who wanna join back and that's pretty cool to me. Welcome back!:)
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    [Accepted] Typh 2g

    WB!:) gl on new tbow
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    [Accepted] Azaethor

    Thank you! Ha! I'm looking forward to it! thank you for being accommodating! I am game for all events that I am capable of I'm going to renew my non iron account 1st of April and I have him decked out on gear I just need to grind out some combat levels. I probably won't run in wildy with y'all but I've been doing a lot of barrows if y'all ever want to have a barrows party Thanks! it was between that and Falcorn defender of the Alliance!
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    [Accepted] Augustane

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Augustane What is your current RS name? Augustane List any previous RS names: Mac Daddy183 August Rise What is your total level and combat level? 1808 and 125 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. My account is my first and only Runescape account. I started out in 2005 as a 12 year old and have been playing ever since. This account's gone through just about everything. From the release of the Farming skill, all the way to the introduction of the Nightmare of Ashihama. I had nearly maxed out to level 136 when EoC released, quit, then started all over again in 2016 with OSRS. In between all of that, I had some of my best experiences with clans. My favorite memories were Corporeal Beast masses hoping for that lucky Divine, duo Bandos trips with my best friend I met from clanning, spur of the moment 7-8 man PK trips in PvP worlds, and 14 hour PKRI's that made my ass fall asleep. These days I admit I'm just a basic casual. A normal session usually involves me casually dabbling in skilling, maybe a Slayer task, and a Castle Wars game if I'm feeling adventurous. I noticed that I don't do anything or exciting anymore. For the most part I now play Runescape for stress-relief and do slow AFK activities that allow me to get things done on the side. Runescape's has gone stagnant for me. I guess that's why I'm looking for a clan to give me something to really look forward to again. Tell us about your clan history. I started in The Death Monkeighs in 2006. I moved to The Gladiatorz in 2007 when I realized I wanted a more PvP oriented experience. I met one of my best Runescape friends (now in real-life also) in Gladz. I hopped over to The Titans with him around 2008, since we wanted to get involved with the rivalry between the 'big three' at the time (The Titans, Runescape Dinasty, and Violent Resolution). I finally quit Runescape in 2012 nearing the release of EoC. I tried to apply for a couple clans in 2016 when I returned to OSRS and became a trial member, but never officially became a member. Tell us about your yourself. I'm a 27 year old high school teacher in California. I've been teaching English for four years now. Outside of Runescape I'm a boxer, graphics artist, musician, and a surfer. Usually every other day on weekdays, from 6pm-8pm PST, I have fun getting punched in the face. On weekends depending on the swell, from 8am-1pm PST, I'm out catching waves. I also have a collection of pixel signatures I used to do back in the day for Runescape: https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/668kef/i_actually_used_to_do_pixel_art_on_ms_paint_for/ Those are a few fun facts about me and just a small idea of my schedule (since I know sometimes that can conflict with clan events). How did you hear about us? I was going through a nostalgia trip browsing the old Zybez forums. I decided to look up clan histories on Google and Reddit. I clicked around and went down a rabbit hole.. until I ran into this guy's post: https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/fdyyh2/to_all_players_searching_for_a_clan/ What makes you want to join us? I really want to get back into PK'ing and PVM'ing with a solid group of friends. All my friends have left the game and I miss that feeling. I loved hanging out in Teamspeak shooting shit while chopping yews, then having someone spontaneously suggest a PK trip, a Bandos event, or a Corporeal trip. The sense of community and wonder that made me go "I wonder what's going to happen when I log on today?" was something that I only experienced when clanning. I'm hoping to get that feeling back again. Other than that - Wilderness Guardians was the only recognizable honor clans of yesteryear that I found still active. I'm not really interested in joining the newer 'CC' clans. Also, I've never been interested in RoT and VR, which seemed to be the only other options for recognizable Zybez clans. I'd probably rather stick to casual skilling for the rest of Runescape than ever joining those two. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I'm a teacher that has mountains of grading on some days. I'm in a serious relationship that requires date-night once in a while. I also have an asshole dog who eats my shoes if he isn't exercised enough. My activity can vary a lot due to real-life circumstances. You might get me 7 days a week, 20 hours a day during the summer, but then you can just as easily lose me during the school year for weeks on end when progress reports and student grades are due. It's definitely not consistent or reliable by any means. Really, I'm just trying to dip my feet back into the clanning world. I admit that I failed horribly at trying to meet minimum attendance requirements of clans like The Rising back in 2016 when I first returned the OSRS. I think it was to make one event a week consistently for a month or something? I couldn't balance it with my masters courses at the time. So now - I don't want to make any promises I can't keep. Still though... I wouldn't have typed out this essay if I wasn't genuinely trying to find a community I could be a part of. I hope you guys can understand. P.S. I have 0 Raid experience and haven't PK'd since 2016. I've really missed out on things that (I feel) you really need to do with a group of friends. Hope y'all give me a chance.
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    [Declined] Mortalfox12

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    WG HugBoat

    Show me your setups

    Razer Huntsman, got it on sale. So far I really like it!!
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    El Grishnak

    Start Your Own Business?

    Hello, my name is Kale Walch (El Grishnak in OSRS.) I just got my banana a few days ago -- and though I not have the best stats or an affluent bank, I do know quite a bit about how to start and grow a Small Business! Are you sick of that micro-managing boss constantly up your ass? Are you tired of doing grunt work for someone else when you could be managing the whole operation better? Perhaps it's time to start your own small business. I run a Vegan Butcher Shop called The Herbivorous Butcher in Minneapolis, MN. We started as a tiny stall at a Farmers' Market selling handmade Plant-Based Meats and Cheeses, and are now building our second production facility to handle the customer load -- and if my dumbass could do it, you easily could as well. With the network of contacts I've gathered through the years of business, I can do my best to help you get start up Capital, work on your business plan to pitch to investors, and expand your marketing to reach whatever clientele you desire. And though my specialty happens to be in the food sector, I've got contacts in many different industries that will know more than me and will be able to better help you as well. That's all for now! Glad to be part of WG, and let me know how I may be of service.
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    WG HugBoat

    [Accepted] lvl 99 gay

    So glad to hear that you're doing well, and welcome back Casey
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    [Accepted] Genghas Khan

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    [Accepted] Genghas Khan

    Gl man:)
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    drug addiction and rehab

    Hey man, I'm really happy for you. Congratulations on being sober. If you haven't already reached out to 99 gay it would be super nice. I'm sure he'd love to hear from someone who has gone through what he's going through.
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    drug addiction and rehab

    as most of you may know, a clan member lvl 99 gay left wg after explaining his story about becoming addicted to meth. I personally try to keep my online life and my real life as separate as possible, but its hard to do that sometimes, when at my work, someone had died after ODing on meth last month. And after randomly encountering lvl 99 gay in the wdr discord we had gotten to talking about addiction, and how it comes to fruition and how difficult it can be to curb. As of today, gay told me he had been 28 days clean of meth, however, the only thing that keeps him going is that people care about him and that he has support with his rehab. I know that a decent amount of people have him added on discord and rs. It truly does mean a lot to just reach out and dm him on how his rehab is going and how he is doing. He still cares about WG and I can only hope WG still cares about him. Please take this into your personal life too, as many people struggle with substance abuse and addiction and hide it well. Think, has anyone you know recently become reclusive and shies away from plans and social gatherings? If so please take the time to reach out to them. I've lost a lot of friends to suicide and drug addiction, and I'd hate for you to lose people too
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    Diary Cape!

    Can't believe I actually got it! Been working on this one for several months at least, proud to finally have it. Top three worst tasks were probably 1) BA with randoms, 2) KQ head, and 3) 85 Agility. Favorite diaries were Wildy as the POH Obelisk and choosing Obelisk tele location are great rewards and will be very useful for pet hunting. Also, the tasks themselves were pretty enjoyable (killing all wildy bosses once/ in a sequence). It also introduced me to my favorite afk activity in this game, dark crabs. Favorite elites are Varrock (free daily ~120k from bstaves), Lumby (no staff needed for fairy ring), and Karamja (direct tele to Duradel). I don't really have interest in maxing but other long term goals will be: 1) Music Cape (Trimmed eventually, but this is more time-locked as I need holiday tracks) 2) Tbow/Pet hunting 3) Inferno at some point I will also probably just keep on doing Slayer for the most part as it's my favorite skill
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    Lait Choco

    No words. Only music!

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