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    Mental health topic

    Hey everyone, some of you may know how big of a deal mental health is for me, and as someone who's been struggling for a long time, I'd like to say to anyone out there needing help that you're not alone. I've met great people in this game and in this clan (shoutout to you @MsFreakyFrog), even the slightest act of kindness or progress in my account (lvling up, achieving goals, etc) has made me smile and keep fueling me on trying to get better. Anyways, if you think you need help or that you want to talk about something, feel free to pm me in game or discord, I'm always down to help other people, specially when it's about mental health. Hope everyone has a great day.
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    Breakaway Clans

    Since this is a hot topic here is some history. This is a list of breakaway clans formed by former WG members over the past 16 years. Many of the names are actually breakaways from the breakaways. The Synergy, Sleeping Dragons, Death Jesters, The Crusade, Raining Chaos, Malice, Stoned Dragons, KnockOut, Omega, The Revolution, Sunflower Mafia, Neverending Torment, Assassins of Shadow, The Blade Keepers, Radiant, Colossus, Oak Island Pirates, 7th Circle, Nostrum Olympus Recognise the names? Thought not. Thanks to @Vio for the info.
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    16 Years of the Wilderness Guardians

    On this day 16 years ago the Wilderness Guardians was created. I'll let our tweets do the talking this year, I'm not one for big speeches! As you can see above, we have launched our own wiki: https://www.wildernessguardians.com/w/Main_Page Because of the sheer scale of our clan history it is far from complete but we shall endeavour to complete it over the coming months! Happy Birthday WG!
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    Posting this today as I feel people should speak about there mental health more like I did. So I have struggled with my mental health from a young age lost my parents in a car accident when I was 10 and shortly after that I was in a mental asylum in Inverness(not as bad as it sounds) was there for 2 weeks to get help for my depression as nothing made me happy and I didn't want to live. Feel like doctors just threw drugs at me. But after speaking to people in a similar state that I was in I began to realise that it wasn't just me that had these problems and to be honest ever since the group meetings I have never looked back. Fast forward 12 years my life was perfect had a child on the way hade the same partner since we were 12 she's my rock. Woke up one morning with a loud ringing noise in my ear that I couldent get rid of waited a week like the doctors said and it just didn't get any better they told me it was an ear infection., so I got anti biotics and it made it so much worse and was stuck with it they said it couild be permanent damage. And that brought back the feelings of wanting to kill myself again for the first month of dealing with tinnitus I did not want to live, I did not want to see my son I just wanted to die (if u have not had tinnitus u won't understand how debilitating it is) the first month was the hardest my partner had never seen me cry before I just couldent cope. But with the love from my family and support I have managed to get past it now I have lived with it for 2 years and I know its there but I can ignore it. I finally have started to enjoy life again Basically I'm saying speak about it there is always someone who will listen your family and friends will be there for you. I have missed out parts I don't think really need to be mentioned. Ignore the terrible grammar my spelling is crap
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    Dr Yes

    [Accepted] BathingBobos

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    Breakaway Clans

    First-generation clans: The Synergy was an exodus of WG formed by Eragon CD in April 2004. Synergy drew several members from WG who were unhappy with the leadership[2], and in two weeks were half as strong as WG. Despite attempts at negotiations, a fight initiated and the clans became enemies. Eragon and His Lordship eventually worked out a peace treaty and even an alliance.[3] Synergy also took part in WG's first anniversary. In late 2004/early 2005, several exodi broke off from Synergy as a result of internal leadership issues, including Sleeping Dragons and Death Jesters.[4] The clan survived, and helped restart the Federation in mid-2005. WG retained it's alliance with Synergy after leaving the Federation. It is unknown when the alliance was concluded, however Synergy continued steadily up until mid-2008, closing due to the removal of PvP elements in RuneScape.[5] The Synergy had a junior clan known as The Synergizers, several members of which joined Valeria Victrix.[1] The Revolution was the second exodus of WG, formed by Noricle and Rick Hamm after an anti-American rant was posted publicly by His Lordship. Within two weeks, TR had taken over 40 members from WG, and had the sole intention of killing WG. TR established themselves as a stable ARPKing clan, with some of the highest ranking players in the game. Negotiations were attempted in mid-March of 2005, but failed and the two clans remained hostile. On March 22nd and without much warning, TR suddenly disbanded for unknown reasons. Rick Hamm returned to WG. Neverending Torment - The second exodus of WG to be led by Rick Hamm, and founded mainly by ex-WG. The clan's focus was more on friendship and community rather than in-game strength. NT is not mentioned in WG's history, and seemingly had very little success, though is known to have closed and re-opened at least once.[1] Assassins of Shadow - an exodus formed by ex-WG member Ubg-fcbruges in late 2008, and featuring several other ex-members. Despite having a relatively good setup, the clan saw little success and survived for only a few months, closing on October 29th 2008. The Blade Keepers was a clan formed in February 2011 by Vio, following his departure from WG after a suspension. Within 2 months the clan outnumbered WG, and members included former WG warlord WG Justin.[12] Initially on peaceful terms, a few disgruntled WG decided to hunt TBK on a PKing trip, resulting in a rivalry.[13] Hostilities continued for several months, with WG generally having the upper hand until an alliance was formed between TBK and Team Power Rangers which evened the odds.[14] In April 2011, a range of issues casued TBK to split with two exodi breaking out from it.[15] Despite a peace treaty being negotiated with WG, after a month the clan had not managed to recover and the decision to close was made on May 4th 2011.[16] Members were referred onto former Warlord Vindicator's clan Exalt, while Vio joined Ascension and later rejoined WG.[17] Oak Island Pirates - founded in 2006 by Oak Island, a former leader of DG. Despite heavy criticism and early hostilities, OIP is the only surviving relative of WG at the present time.[1]
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    His Lordship

    Hi, I'm His Lordship

    Hi everyone, I'm His Lordship, old leader of WG. Was speaking to Stokenut, and old friend I made here years back, and got a little nostalgic so here I am! IN A NUTSHELL RSN: His Lordship Name: Gene Age: 32 Country: New Zealand ABOUT MY RS HISTORY Started in July 2003, and founded WG in December 2003 at level 45ish (in RS Classic) Led WG as the main focus of my RS time, and didn't bother doing much skilling and other content Backed off slightly from leadership around 2010, and then pretty much fully around 2013 when Mojo took over Tried to come back to RS once or twice but couldn't find enough time Still want to come back to OSRS, but life is busy Became a somewhat enthusiastic Youtuber, which helped recruitment for the clan Visited Jagex studios twice, once for fun and once to workshop legacy mode in RS3 Went to every Runefest from 2010 (the first one) to 2016. I know very little about what's happened to the game since 2013. That's kind of exciting because I get to relive the discovery when I do return. ABOUT MY LIFE I grew up in Australia, spent a few years living in the UK where I met some WG members, and now live in New Zealand I love board games, working out, LARPing, classical music, fantasy fiction and adventure travel I'm a music teacher, mostly for high school, but right now looking for work I have a partner, Dan, who I've been with for two years now. WG still affects things in my life. I like the colour purple because it was our cape colour, and my gym locker is 27, because that was our homeworld. Other silly little things like that. I will try harder to visit theser forums and connect with people. I miss my old friends dearly, and I'm looking forward to making some new ones.
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    As many of you know, I resigned as officer a bit back and have been pretty inactive. Depression is a bitch and Covid hasn't helped. Was supposed to go to europe, start having kids, blah blah blah. I needed to re-find myself and i have. I started hiking/ fly-fishing again almost every weekend and it's helped. My advice for anyone who is going through shit, get outdoors (obviously responsibly away from other people) and enjoy nature. Shameless plug of my new blog https://fisheverythingaz.wordpress.com/blog-2/
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    99 Slayer xd

    Finally got it after being stuck at 98 for like 4 months lol
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    Fire cape

    4 months. 27 attempts. Countless scales, darts and pots at this point but its finally over. First time ever getting this cape and just want to shout out to all who kept pushing me on, couldn't have done it without you. Now I can finally play the game
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    Alright so time to time, I get asked on how I trained all my accounts up, and I've been making this guide to explain it easy to people. There are other methods out there mentioned, but let me just say, the true beauty of this method is it's simplicity and hardcore AFKness. So, I'm a lazy grinder. I like achieving the grindier goals with the most minimal amount of effort possible. This is why NMZ was a godsend for me and many others, and I believe it can be for a huge number of people in this clan. As long as you're not lvl 99 in combat stats, then chances are that you can benefit from this. I want to keep this guide as simple as possible. The pictures, essentially, should explain mostly everything. Who is this for? - Anyone with a busy schedule and can't afford RS the attention for other training methods. - Where the overload and rock cake/locator orb semi-AFK Hard Mode method won't quite cut it and you want true AFK that won't burn you out even if you do it for a month straight. - You can go to the gym, go to grocery shopping, Netflix/PS4 and much more and utilise Chrome Desktop to click on pots on your PC at home once every 20 mins. Extremely Simple. Stat Requirements Melee Method: 60 Attack, 60 Strength, 60 Defence Range Method: 60 Range, 60 Defence Magic Method: 59 Magic(quest req), 60 Defence Quest Requirements: The Ascent of Arceuus The Depths of Despair Mountain Daughter Vampyre Slayer What Lies Below Magic Method Requirement: Family Crest for Chaos Gauntlets Instructions: 1. Pick one of the gear loadouts below. 2. Start Customisable Normal Rumble (22K per game) 3. Enable ONLY these 5 bosses, NO OTHERS: 4. Go to this exact square and have auto retaliate on: 5. Refresh combat pots/absorption once every 15-20 mins. (Note: You can refresh after 20 mins and you will not die, however auto retaliate simply disables after 20 minutes so you will not get XP after that.) 6. For the ULTIMATE AFK Experience and to unleash the true potential of this method, use Google Remote Desktop to refresh every 20 mins via your mobile phone: https://remotedesktop.google.com/?pli=1 Now, here are the example setups for each type of combat style you want to train: Melee Setups: - Feel free to upgrade anything you want. - Generally the best cost efficient setup here. Max melee rapier is better, but out of pocket for most people. - Expect around 80K xp/hr - This setup is for absolute brand new accounts or if you can't afford Obby. - Upgrade whatever you like above. - Expect around 45k-50K xp/hr at base 60s Recommended stat training routine starting from 60 att, 60 str, 60 def: - 60/75/60, then 75/75/75, then 75/99/75, then 99/99/75, then 99/99/99. Ranged Setups: - Base setup. Will require probably around 100K Rune Arrows for 70-99 Range. - Upgraded Setup, can use arma if you want to as well. - Can swap tank helm to a range helm if 90+ defence. - Can Swap Dhide, nezzy and gloves for Full Void as seen in other guides, however I prefer this. - Around 60K xp/hr Mage Setups: - Gloves are Chaos Gauntlets, raises max hit of Fire Wave to 15? - The key point here is to be as tanky as possible without Magic Atk Bonus falling into negative. Barrows = gp waste. - These XP Rates are FIXED at approx 42K xp/hr or 2.14gp/xp - At 75 Magic you can now use Occult Necklace. Fixed XP Rate of 45K xp/hr or 2gp/xp - Can swap malediction ward for mage's book if 90+ defence. - Will require probably 300K Chaos Runes for 60-99 Magic. Credits to Spellsey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0huAx4pGSk&t=1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3pmWYDZnvI&t=450s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b27yBAurx4 Feel free to post or PM me on Discord if you have any questions!
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    I set myself a personal goal to max out all my combat skills and finally I am finished!!! now I can focus on bosses/skills/pk/raids etc etc etc!
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    drug addiction and rehab

    as most of you may know, a clan member lvl 99 gay left wg after explaining his story about becoming addicted to meth. I personally try to keep my online life and my real life as separate as possible, but its hard to do that sometimes, when at my work, someone had died after ODing on meth last month. And after randomly encountering lvl 99 gay in the wdr discord we had gotten to talking about addiction, and how it comes to fruition and how difficult it can be to curb. As of today, gay told me he had been 28 days clean of meth, however, the only thing that keeps him going is that people care about him and that he has support with his rehab. I know that a decent amount of people have him added on discord and rs. It truly does mean a lot to just reach out and dm him on how his rehab is going and how he is doing. He still cares about WG and I can only hope WG still cares about him. Please take this into your personal life too, as many people struggle with substance abuse and addiction and hide it well. Think, has anyone you know recently become reclusive and shies away from plans and social gatherings? If so please take the time to reach out to them. I've lost a lot of friends to suicide and drug addiction, and I'd hate for you to lose people too
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    Just got this at 85 agility @ Seer's rooftop!!!!!
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    New member

    Hey everyone! I was just accepted into you clan and can't wait to participate. This is my first post and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing haha. I saw I must make 10 forum post and thought it'd be great to start off with an introduction. I'm most exited for the pk events and will try to go as many as I can. Cant wait to meet everyone, feel free to reach out!
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    Moxie PK

    [Accepted] Moxeee

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Moxeee What is your current RS name? Moxeee List any previous RS names: WG Moxeee What is your total level and combat level? total level is 1838, combat level is 121.35 (like a tru legend) https://gyazo.com/403f3e9579ff207dd31b42329ed99351 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. i was once a grand and glorious member of the sacred guardians of the wilderness. I had it all. I would bound through the multicombat zones with my allies, fearing nothing, laughing as Gore got smited for AGS after AGS. In the revenant caves, my name was known. I struck fear into the soul of nerds both north and south, even to the far reaches of west wall. But alas, i am now a hollow shell of the great and fierce pker you once knew. I have succumed to the beta boy life of PVM. but one day i hope to return to the mountain top of my glory. Tell us about your clan history. i was in wg yo. Tell us about your yourself. i am ugly and i am proud. i play soccer ball, and guitar. and i am a corn genius. i live in US, and my only friend is a mutt named JP. Dude is fluffy af tho so its gucci. cant be super active as i have a real life unlike before, but i miss the boiz. so im runnin back to the open arms. How did you hear about us? WG mask. JK he is a scrub lord. What makes you want to join us? i jus wanna see the boiz again. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Unlike the aforementioned scrub, i never tank in robes. If that is a problem, you may not want me.
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    Adult Cat

    this app doesn't really answer most of the questions adequately plus it’s gonna be difficult if you “don’t like leader of the clan”. Not sure why you’d want to rejoin given that info
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    You're UK right? You might not fully understand the reason we have the second amendment in the USA. In addition to the defense of our families and homes, we have the right to bear arms to resist and overthrow a tyrannical government if/when all other checks and balances fail. Nobody is hiding behind hunting or purely home defense against a single unarmed burglar. It is more of a deterrent at the current moment, but if the government becomes unstable the citizens have the capability to re-organize. As far as home defense, the more wealthy you are, the bigger target you become for professional armed robberies. If you want to be naive and plan to call 911 that's your choice. I can't afford to wait if someone comes in my house trying to steal my wealth or hold my family hostage. This shit is real; it's not just in the movies. If you think I'm exaggerating, then open your mind and educate yourself by looking up real attacks on homes over the last 20 years. They don't usually get media coverage so it's more difficult to stay informed. Mass shootings get media coverage because the broadcasts are profitable. Anyway, while this subject has been debated constantly for the past 30+ years, limitations on firearms can only go so far. First, there are millions of unregistered firearms that laws do not affect. Second, if the government attempts to mandate a ban on firearms, there will literally be a civil war. The citizens aren't going to turn in their weapons.
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    Rules, Requirements and What To Expect Thank you for showing interest in our great clan. Outlined below is everything you need to know about WG. The summary is required reading. It's important to know what to expect before joining. Summary Level Requirements: None Suggested for PvM: 100+ Combat. Suggested for PvP: 110+ Combat with 85+ Ranged and Magic. Since 2003, the Wilderness Guardians have been an honour clan. This means we respect the integrity of the game, we respect others, recognising there is a human behind the screen and we show respect to other clans. All scammers are reported to RS Justice and RuneWatch. We expect a good level of community activity from those joining us. Members should be actively following unread content on these boards as well as using Discord and WG_CC, our Clan Chat. You may not join other PvP clans. If you join other PvP teams or non-PvP clans we will uphold our usual activity standards and carefully track your progress. Upon posting your application you will be asked to wait for 48 hours to allow you to integrate with our community and get to know our members a little better (and vice versa). It is then your responsibility to contact an Application Manager or Leader. Upon joining you will then have three weeks to graduate to our full member rank. You will receive all the required information when you join. If you've read up to this point feel free to proceed with your application to join our community. Full Rules, Honour Code and Members Rights As follows are the full rules, honour code and members rights of WG. This is strongly suggested reading and regardless of whether you've read it, all rules apply to you. Rules Honour Code A special subset of rules for our PvP events. You are also urged (but not required) to follow our code of honour on your own, outside of clan events. We believe that we must embody the behaviour of the PKing community as we wish to see it. Furthermore, as a clan, we show honour even to those who treat us dishonourably, and we are renowned for our integrity. Members Rights You have certain rights that nobody can take away from you. Despite the rules mentioned above, there are things that a leader cannot restrict. You will have these rights at all times. Member Only Documents Members of WG can refer to our Clan Charter, a document outlining our basic value. The charter is superseded by these rules in cases of conflict. Clan members can also refer to our advice relating to staking, lending and services. These documents are in the spoiler below. For further clarification on these rules, please consult a Leader or Advisor via these forums or Discord.
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    100M GWD Event Dropthread

    Thanks Corb! I liked this comp and I am glad you changed it so that the teams were randomized, made it more fun + I got to meet new members and bond with them. @Metal [email protected] - it was a pleasure spending the last two weeks with you guys and hope this is just the start of a lovely journey . @frankanator2 and @Hathor666, you guys were awesome competition and were really hard to keep up with despite being only 2 members most of the time. We struggled to find the time during the week around our jobs lol and had to put our best foot forward. The comp would have been boring without you guys, so thanks and good game
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    WG HugBoat

    Officially Corp Ready

    Finally busted out the levels for ornate pool and jewelry box, and my Ashihama merching bought me a DWH. Excited to try it out this weekend
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    [Declined] su q

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. su q What is your current RS name? su q List any previous RS names: N/A What is your total level and combat level? Combat 123 Total Level: 1784 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Been playing runescape since 2002. I have a maxed 2k+ TTL account on RS3, and in classic. I have been an avid fan of PvP and PVM. Been pking since the classic 3 hit pking days! Looking to get more into group PVM and raids for 07. Recently returned to play old school where I will be active 3-5 days a week EST time. Tell us about your clan history. I've never been in a clan for PVM. In the days of classic I used to PVP with some old school players. Not really a clan but a small niche player group where we all took care of each other. Tell us about your yourself. Im an older player and person. I work 5-7 days a week as an developer of web based products and applications. Im an avid gamer of a lot of older games, one being runescape. Im an avid music listener and outdoor enthusiast and dog trainer. How did you hear about us? I was messaged by Twinships who suggested I look into the clan What makes you want to join us? I heard good things about the clan and the historic presence also is appealing. Looking for long term friendships and gettingg into some fun PVM groups and probably partake in some PVP as i build relationships. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Was banned in 2013 for botting in RS3. Account was returned to me and offense quashed. Never received an in game infraction since. I have awesome dogs and share photos, they also bark.
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    KBD PET!

    Finally got my KBD pet on 2487 kc and heres all the loot Pet on 2nd kill of trip yeeet
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    Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween all My costume this year My house Video: http://sendvid.com/roiew4rr My pumpkins: http://sendvid.com/m8v05ji7
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    [Accepted] Tiggobitty

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Tiggobitty What is your current RS name? Tiggobitty List any previous RS names: Smokie 317 Was my orginal account name when joining cc 5months ago What is your total level and combat level? My total lv is currently 1886. My combat level is now 120. Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Account was first created and logged in back in march of this year. I actually was only a lv 94 When i first applied to wg , but never followed through with graduation, resulting in reapplying 2 months later when i moved up to 105-110cb and was able to graduate that time. Tell us about your clan history. Like in my last 2 apps .. I have never been apart of A clan nor had any desire to join a clan, until my irl buddy told me to check out wg cc. Which i did... And am stiiiil here. Tell us about your yourself. Most of the people reading this, if they even are, would already know and seen everything. But for the possible newcomers that are reading.. My name is Ryan, 24 year old. Gentleman. I live in the midwest of the united states. I love to watch and play most sports come to mind. Its easier saying that i only dislike blues, and jazz type music. My line of work consist of pool plumbing [locate/repair] leaks. Which is with my grandfathers own company. I did not move on to college after graduating hs in 2013, partially because of the connection and knowledge i have already & working for a family buisnes, which will undoubtedly become my Responsibility and buisness to run in the future. Uhh im 6 feet 2inches small, and have been naturally athletic my entire life. My days consist of work, la fitness (the gym) and shredding insane xp gains in osrs. I wish there was a way for me to pull up my bio from the last app.. Cuz it was spot on as far as a bio would go, just hmu on discord or something if you have further questions not answered here. [Unless it's donatello wanting to know the ages of my family members or any other ridiculously personal stuff ive seen u ask in cc. Miss me with all that man.] But. If you have normal people questions then go on ahead with them. How did you hear about us? A friend that has left a long time ago introduced it to me. What makes you want to join us? ...Man where to start. Im not sure if its the loads of help im able to offer newcomers or those in need when asked. Or the strong and unexpected connections with memebers of wg. And i dont mean the ,"oh my bff is in that clan, bullish" because Not untill a couple days ago did i realise how many people ive grown a bond with , but how many people care and show support for me.. Especially after the recent nonsense that came up. I guess a good answer here now is, i want "my rank back" hahahanah maybe to soon but jk. I want to b ..remain ... in wg because of how strongly i feel wanted . as in the daily mass messages asking when am i re applying.. Or why do i still not have my rank.. DAIIILLLLY,... If you experienced it theres noway someone would think differently. I Unfortunately was taken way to serious but an unhappy camper. And now just Trynna fix that and be back with the fam again . <3 wg Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I use a ton of sarcasm , .. Probably should've put this on the last one ;p .
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    1750 Total

    Finally got 1750 total
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    My progress to 2k total

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    Yasti's 300 Trip Vorkath Session

    Hi there guys! So some of you may or may not know I am currently rebuilding my bank. Currently my bank value is showing at around 327M on Grand Exchange Tab. It's probably inaccurate however, so I'm guessing it's about 270M. I will check what this value will be at the end of my Vorkath Session and seeing the difference will be interesting! How I woox-walk: https://imgur.com/a/cHPjZ3x So starting off, I set off to buy the supplies for 300 Vorkath Trips. My inventory and setup is as follows: Thus, the required supplies would be: 300 x Range potion(4) 300 x Anti-venom(3) 300 x Extended super antifire(2) 300 x 3 Prayer potions(4) = 900 Prayer potions(4) 300 x 18 Sharks = 5400 Sharks Bringing Total Supplies at 37M. Will hope for some visages maybe!! Perhaps an improvement in my pb? Current PB is 0:51!! Will be interesting to see the final loot tab!!! UPDATE: This Vorkath Grind has now ended! So my final loot tab for those that are interested: Final Loot tab of 227m. I have inserted 6K plat tokens to represent 6m of loot that I sold off for something I had to buy. Overall, I had approx 2.4m of bolts left, so the total profit was 227-38+2.4 = 191.4M Pure Profit. Key Info: Starting KC: 4470 Ending KC: 6208 PB: 0:51 End PB: 0:51 Uniques: 1 x Jar of Decay, 2 x Dragonbone Necklace
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    Hi, I'm His Lordship

    NGL, brought a tear to my eye hearing you again in Disc the other night. Such great memories in WG, Eugene haha. Was a pleasure to be a part of it all these years, no other place felt like home.
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    Hi, I'm His Lordship

    Hey Gene man, it's been a long time. As soon as I returned to OSRS, I looked you up on the hiscores and noticed you seemed to have played quite a bit. I quickly learned that it probably wasn't you training your account lol and felt a little sad only remnants of old WG existed. Nevertheless I held my head up high and embraced all the new members of WG. Over the past few weeks, old faces keep showing up and seems to have culminated with you and a few other OGs. I am really looking forward to catching up some more with you and my old friends, as well as building new relationships! I've been playing for about 2 months now (still a noob) and OSRS has so much to offer, please stick around for a bit
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    Hi, I'm His Lordship

    Hey Gene I can't really put into words how great it is to see you back around here again. I think I was literally asking about you a few weeks ago. I'm looking forward to catching up with you and all these other old faces that have come back recently. I'm glad you've been doing well.
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    100M GWD Event Dropthread

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    WG Logout

    June's Boss of the Day Thread

    Hey guys, if you don't know what this is about, check the calendar here. On the start of the event, I will spin the wheel, and after I do so, I'll give a secret passphrase for you to show me your killcount IN THIS THREAD AND NOT THE EVENT CALENDAR POST at the beginning and end of the day.
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    Planker Hall of Fame

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    A couple of creatures cannot read. Here are their screenies:
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    Mental health topic

    A couple years back I struggled quiet badly with Depression and Anxiety. The key to getting through the dark patches is having people look out for you knowing whats wrong. Going at it alone and your going to struggle more. Like you said even the smallest acts of kindness can mean so much more than people realize. I still get down patches now but I know methods for getting through it. Plus found a wonderful woman to share my life with which helps a ton! If anybody needs to talk, feel free to DM me on Disc or here.
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    Diary Cape!

    Can't believe I actually got it! Been working on this one for several months at least, proud to finally have it. Top three worst tasks were probably 1) BA with randoms, 2) KQ head, and 3) 85 Agility. Favorite diaries were Wildy as the POH Obelisk and choosing Obelisk tele location are great rewards and will be very useful for pet hunting. Also, the tasks themselves were pretty enjoyable (killing all wildy bosses once/ in a sequence). It also introduced me to my favorite afk activity in this game, dark crabs. Favorite elites are Varrock (free daily ~120k from bstaves), Lumby (no staff needed for fairy ring), and Karamja (direct tele to Duradel). I don't really have interest in maxing but other long term goals will be: 1) Music Cape (Trimmed eventually, but this is more time-locked as I need holiday tracks) 2) Tbow/Pet hunting 3) Inferno at some point I will also probably just keep on doing Slayer for the most part as it's my favorite skill
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    lvl 99 gay

    [Declined] Mithril Slut

    As an addy slut myself, glad to have you Maybe one day we'll be rune,,
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    Hey how is it going corbula sent me love pking ready to pk with y'all excited to join
  41. 3 points

    [Declined] Zethima

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Zethima What is your current RS name? Zethima List any previous RS names: What is your total level and combat level? Total level: 1568 Combat Level: 122 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I'm currently 2 weeks into playing after about a year break. My account was originally just made for bossing, but now I am looking to be more involved with PVP, and having a group of people for PVM. Tell us about your clan history. I was in a clan about 2 years ago, can't remember the name. It was a fun experience to know that you were always going to have a group ready for bossing, and have a group of people you could trust to split the drops. Tell us about your yourself. I'm 25 from California, and I spend my free time either surfing, making music, or playing Runescape. How did you hear about us? From a private message I received in game from deadverb What makes you want to join us? To be more involved with a community of players and have events to go to. I've been spending a lot of time grinding and training my account lately and I'm ready to mix it up. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you:
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    [Accepted] Scottynol12

    @Mojo no worries mojo, i guess you can call it recruiting, although i wouldn't call it that, i just like to recommend people regardless, because of the clan organization, clan size, and constant events going on in the clan calendar. plus i didn't have to do much, @scottynol12 was very quick and knew what he wanted. which made everything very simple. anyways he is a good dude, certainly. this clan was my first clan, and the experience was great so, even if i was not on the team, i would recommend it for people looking, because i believe people will enjoy the experience and learn a lot the same way i did. even if it was just temporarily. plus yall got a website which is dope ASF, cheers WG!
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    Computer setups

    Hey people I think there was a topic on this before but I cant find it Just wanted to share my setup now its finished and see what you guys use as well
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    99 mage + max combat ez gp
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    Computer setups

    Photo is from last year, probably the last time it was clean.
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    What do you do for work? 👍

    I'm a service and repair engineer for a company that make medical breath analysers. The devices help with diagnosing things such as Asthma and gastrointestinal disorders. Also we have some that helps smokers quit by showing the carbon monoxide within their lungs and another that helps the fire service with showing carbon monoxide levels within the lungs of people rescued from house fires and stuff.
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    Ardy Nites

    What do you do for work? 👍

    I'm a debt collector, I collect the money my parents owe me for being such an amazing son
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    Just Scapin

    What do you do for work? 👍

    Im currently a support worker, so i look after anyone from young adults to elderly persons suffering from mental health conditions and behavioural issues. Its hard but is very rewarding. Going to uni this month to start my Nursing course :3 I know a few people who work on the underground, really good job to have imo.
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    Community Intro - Hathor Ray

    Hathor Ray Tell us about yourself. Well I'd like to start off with I am an asshole. Anyone who knows me knows this. I dont beat around the bush(except for gore's Bush) and I dont pull punches. For those that are sensitive I might not be there person for you, approach me at your own risk. Now I like playing osrs, I strongly dislike rs3. I also play league on occasion. I'm a very active person and I keep myself in good shape. Yes yas I have abs, no you cant touch them. Clan history. Ddc- merged our active member with wg. Wg- left for rl Wg- left (I dont remember why) Wg- left because of school Zt- left due to inactivity Wg- left due to inactivity Wg- hot booted for being an asshole How did you hear about us? I honestly dont remember Do you plan to join? I already joined back in 04, and I'm currently a member Any last comments? Despite the events of the last 24 hours I am still here, even if someone is trying to get me kicked. Thanks slump for actually looking into all the details even after you had kicked me and I k ow you learned a lot from this (though you already knew I was an asshole) much love to our staff. And those who fought on my behalf I thank you from the bottom of my heart (if I had one that is) and it means a lot that you guys like me so much that you would fight to keep me around.
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