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    His Lordship

    Hi, I'm His Lordship

    Hi everyone, Looks like I'll be annoying you with plenty of posts in the forseeable future. This is actually my first time on these forums, so I'm keen to see if there are any familiar faces. It also appears that Mojo was kind enough to assign me leader rank, though I assure you I won't be leading in any capacity (this may change in a few months). For those of you I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting, I'm His Lordship, former leader of the Wilderness Guardians. A brief timeline: Started Runescape in August 2003 Founded WG in December 2003 Led WG until about 2013 Remained in regular contact with WG until about 2016 Some basic player info: I used to be well known as a video-maker. I'd love to start again. I *may* still hold the record of being the longest serving clan leader in Runescape Australia is my current home. I lived in the UK for four years (2012-2016) I've met at least 40 clan members around the world I was not as good a leader as Mojo is. If you were unlucky enough to be under my tyranny, I had regular temper tantrums and poorly thought out decisions. I will be starting up on OSRS. I dislike RS3 but I tried my best to get into it... I just couldn't Some real life info: I'm a musician. Specifically I'm a classically trained composer. I teach piano full time I have a boyfriend (I'm bi), and he lives in Bali. He'll be moving to Australia sometime next year. I travel a lot. Not including trips to Bali to see my partner I usually take three or four overseas trips a year. I'm a dedicated bodybuilder and I'm at the gym six days a week Random interests of mine including LARP, scuba diving, medieval cooking, fantasy novels and cross-country hiking. I'm so excited to get to know everyone again. I grew up with this clan and it'll be part of me for as long as I live. I'm looking forward to a treasure trove of new memories.
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    Rules, Requirements and What To Expect Thank you for showing interest in our great clan. Outlined below is everything you need to know about WG. The summary is required reading. It's important to know what to expect before joining. Summary Level Requirements: None Suggested for PvM: 100+ Combat. Suggested for PvP: 110+ Combat with 85+ Ranged and Magic. Since 2003, the Wilderness Guardians have been an honour clan. This means we respect the integrity of the game, we respect others, recognising there is a human behind the screen and we show respect to other clans. All scammers are reported to RS Justice and RuneWatch. We expect a good level of community activity from those joining us. Members should be actively following unread content on these boards as well as using Discord and WG_CC, our Clan Chat. You may not join other PvP clans. If you join other PvP teams or non-PvP clans we will uphold our usual activity standards and carefully track your progress. Upon posting your application you will be asked to wait for 48 hours to allow you to integrate with our community and get to know our members a little better (and vice versa). It is then your responsibility to contact an Application Manager or Leader. Upon joining you will then have three weeks to graduate to our full member rank. You will receive all the required information when you join. If you've read up to this point feel free to proceed with your application to join our community. Full Rules, Honour Code and Members Rights As follows are the full rules, honour code and members rights of WG. This is strongly suggested reading and regardless of whether you've read it, all rules apply to you. Rules Honour Code A special subset of rules for our PvP events. You are also urged (but not required) to follow our code of honour on your own, outside of clan events. We believe that we must embody the behaviour of the PKing community as we wish to see it. Furthermore, as a clan, we show honour even to those who treat us dishonourably, and we are renowned for our integrity. Members Rights You have certain rights that nobody can take away from you. Despite the rules mentioned above, there are things that a leader cannot restrict. You will have these rights at all times. For further clarification on these rules, please consult a Leader or Advisor via these forums or Discord.
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    Fifteen years ago on this day, His Lordship founded the Wilderness Guardians. I'm not going to write a lot, the video gives a great overview of those 15 years. The key to our success has been, in my opinion, two main things: sticking to our values whilst adapting to the current game style(s). Throughout the past 15 years, only 7 of which I've been part of, we've seen many eras. From RS Classic right through to the current day set up of both RS3 and Old School our clan has risen to the challenge of the game. Thank you to the thousands of Guardians past and present for making the Wilderness Guardians such a great clan to be a part of. We've consistently said we want the clan to outlive the game and I truly believe that it will. Here's to another 15 years!
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    Adult Cat

    Tips for newcomers in clan

    @AAIGHT - Grandpa @WG Fargorn - Doctor aka Doc @Mojo - Jojo @Frozen_10 - Frozelina @Lait Choco - Just Lait Choco @WINstanley94 - Looser in draughts @WG Mask - Green face @Slumptality - Love you ( and you all must do ) @WG Da Man - My man @poiuyt415 - Hav no idea who that is, but have him added @Mini Horse - ^ @Queen Cersei - Queen with moustache @4474 - Random numbers @H58 - H2O @Butcher baby - He is alive @DroVille - Bong. James Bong @WG Ross - @WG Lohow - WG Lowhow @Vio - Viiiiiiooo @Renikins - WG Rere @Myntie - not FAT @Voooooooorki - Clan mom
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    Only Time Will Tell

    Just got back from Minnesota and only have one more interview to go! Unfortunately I wasn't accepted, but I was put as #5 on the wait list out of 200 students, so it is very likely I get offered a seat at UM for vet school! Here's to staying optimistic
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    Mental health topic

    Hey everyone, some of you may know how big of a deal mental health is for me, and as someone who's been struggling for a long time, I'd like to say to anyone out there needing help that you're not alone. I've met great people in this game and in this clan (shoutout to you @MsFreakyFrog), even the slightest act of kindness or progress in my account (lvling up, achieving goals, etc) has made me smile and keep fueling me on trying to get better. Anyways, if you think you need help or that you want to talk about something, feel free to pm me in game or discord, I'm always down to help other people, specially when it's about mental health. Hope everyone has a great day.
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    Breakaway Clans

    Since this is a hot topic here is some history. This is a list of breakaway clans formed by former WG members over the past 16 years. Many of the names are actually breakaways from the breakaways. The Synergy, Sleeping Dragons, Death Jesters, The Crusade, Raining Chaos, Malice, Stoned Dragons, KnockOut, Omega, The Revolution, Sunflower Mafia, Neverending Torment, Assassins of Shadow, The Blade Keepers, Radiant, Colossus, Oak Island Pirates, 7th Circle, Nostrum Olympus Recognise the names? Thought not. Thanks to @Vio for the info.
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    ChrisYeah's in-depth Flipping Guide

    Hello everyone and welcome to my (somewhat) in-depth flipping guide! I've been wanting to do this for awhile now since this is basically what i do best in OSRS. If you know me, you'll know that i basically live at the G.E. I've been flipping for the past year studying how the market works and the in's and out's of it. If you don't know what flipping is, its basically you buying an item(s) from the grand exchange for a certain price and selling it back for a higher price for PROFIT. I know that we are known for PKing and I've learned a lot from going on trips with you PK fiends, but hopefully now i can teach you a little something about something i love in OSRS. DISCLAIMER: THIS GUIDE IS TO HELP YOU MAKE AS MUCH MONEY POSSIBLE, HOWEVER, THE MARKET CAN BE TRICKY SOMETIMES AND YOU COULD LOSE MONEY, SOMETIMES A LOT DEPENDING ON THE SITUATION. (flip at your own risk) BEFORE YOU FLIP: Before we start talking about the juicy stuff, lets talk about the stuff you need to know before you start becoming runescapes richest man. YOU NEED MONEY Obviously, you need money to start flipping. If you want to make a decent return on investment (ROI) i'd suggest 10+ M, however if you don't have that much cash, a few Mill will do just fine. YOU WILL LOSE MONEY Yeah i know, why are you even reading this guide if you are gonna lose money? It's part of the deal, you have to live and learn, same with flipping. Sometimes the market shits the bed and that flip you thought was gonna be a goldmine shits the bed too. YOU WILL MAKE MONEY This is what you wanted to hear right? I GUARANTEE you that if you follow the guide, you'll make money. Flipping is one of OSRS least common things to do because people are scared to try or just don't know how to do it. Hopefully by the end of this guide you will give it a shot and make some big $$$. BUY LIMIT There's this thing called a buy limit in OSRS which prevents people from exploiting the Grand Exchange if there's a really good flip. The buy limit can vary depending on what item you want to buy. For example, if you want to flip runes, the buy limit is 12k but if its something like a Berserker Ring, its only 8. The buy limit resets every 4 hours, that means if you put in an offer for a berserker ring at 5:00 PM and it sells, your buy limit for the next 4 hours until 9:00 PM will be 7 since you already purchased one. If you have Runelite, it will show you the buy limit above the item you are trying to buy like this: RETURN ON INVESTMENT Return on investment is basically just fancy for the margin of money you will make. The ROI is calculated by subtracting the sell price from the buy price (margin) and then dividing it by the buy price, then you multiply it by 100 to get a %. This probably sounds confusing so ill walk you through it better. I bought the Black chin for 3,457 gp and sold it for 3,448 gp. It looks confusing because i just lost money but i was checking to see what i could flip it for and find out what the buying and selling rate at that moment is. That is called a PRICE CHECK! So now that we price checked it, we can find the ROI. To do this we take the price i want to buy it at (3,448) (THE PRICE I SOLD IT AT) and subtract it from the sell price (3,457) (THE PRICE I PURCHASED IT AT)which equals 9. After that i divide it by the buy price (3,448) which equals .00261, I then multiply this by 100 to get a %. The ROI is this flip would be .26 which is very bad. Normally I aim to go for a 1.0%+ ROI. THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF FLIPS There's two different types of flips you can do, there is the High Volume Flip and the High Margin Flip. Lets talk about the High Volume Flip first. The High Volume Flip is a very safe flip and great for beginners. The reasoning behind this is because there is a lot less room for error when you do this one because of the lower cost of each item. Items that classify as a High Volume Flip are consumables such as darts, logs, farming supplies, crafting supplies, anything that the G.E. sees an influx of every day. I personally love to do these because its basically like guaranteed money since its so safe. Another tip if you are doing this flip is to set your offers at night time if you are doing a flip on a heavily botted item such as fish or logs. The reasoning is because the bot accounts always dump their items at the end of their night when they are finished botting for that day. This will make a marginal difference but its a small tip i like sharing. Lastly, this flip is faster than the other one because of so many of that item coming in. If you are flipping an item with 12k buy limit and buy atleast a few thousand, it shouldn't take more than a few hours. The second flip is called a High Margin Flip. This flip is a tiny more difficult than the last one but can yield much more profit if done correctly. The reason i say that is because it is much more of a risk doing a High Margin Flip because you are putting all your money on one or a few items. Back to our previous example on the Berserker Ring, its fairly expensive which means the price will fluctuate in higher gaps rather than something like a High Volume item such as an Oak log. This can be a good thing but also a bad thing but most of the time good. The only reason it could be bad is if the market on that item crashes for some reason, such as a new update is polled and people panic buy the item. Also doing a price check on this type of flip is not recommended since the prices are so high and you will lose lots price checking it. Your best bet is to look the item up on one of the websites listed below and try to YOLO buy it for less than what its buying for or you can look on G.E. tracker and see what it recommends you offering for it. The last thing about this kind of flip is that it WILL take much longer to flip (possibly a couple days) this is because of the low influx of these items coming into the G.E., but if you are patient enough it will most likely end in your favor. HOW TO START FLIPPING: Before you do anything, you need to choose an item to flip. This is the hardest part of flipping and getting started. There are thousands of items in Runescape so you'd think picking one would be easy right? WRONG. Obviously its easy to choose a random item and buy it and sell it back for a few gp for what you bought if for, but that's now what were here for. We are here to buy multiples of an item with a decent ROI and sell it back to make the big bucks. There are a few ways to find the best items to flip. The Official Oldschool Runescape website The OSRS website features a grand exchange function which shows: Price rises and falls, most valuable trades, and most traded. These are all shown in Top 100. All four of them are great tools to finding an item but the most helpful one is the "Most Traded" section. This section is GREAT for High Volume Flips! It shows the top 100 traded items for the last 7 days, the reason this is so great because you can always count on these items to pay out since Millions upon Millions are being traded by the day. The second website I highly suggest is: G.E. Tracker This Website in combination with the OSRS website is phenomenal. Its a great website to look up items and see the price that its going for at the present moment. It also shows which items have a good ROI and which ones have a shitty one. Although i do not recommend trusting the ROI it has on the website because its not up to date by the second so i usually do the price check manually if its a High Volume Flip and wont cost much. I mainly use this website to search up prices of items i am interested in flipping. Another use for this website is that it shows you a general price on what you should offer which is good for High Margin Flips since you can ballpark it when you place an offer for one. DOING A FLIP: Now it's time to put everything together you learned and do a flip. Just to show you i'm not shit talking you, ill do a flip step by step of both versions. Lets start out with a High Volume Flip. First thing i had to do was choose an item, I went over to G.E. Tracker and decided to go into the new items list. Since its a few weeks after the Kebos update, the prices are beginning to settle. The item i chose to try to flip was the Hydra Bones. The first reason is because as you can see, the buying and selling quantity are very large. My next step was to do a price check in-game and figure out the ROI. I priced checked it and wowee, that is a big margin just looking at it, but lets do the math to make sure. 5,100 - 5030 = 70. 70 divided by 5,100 = .0137. Multiply that number by 100 and you get a ROI of 1.37%! Lets try it, ill put a buy offer in for 500 Hydra Bones for 5,030. They bought in under 10 minutes surprisingly, lets put it back in for 5100 and leave it in there and see what happens. About an hour went by so i decided to drop the price from 5,100 to 5,080, it took me about another hour before they sold. Although it wasn't a great flip, we still made money which is the goal and took barely any effort. In the end, we purchased 500 Hydra bones for 5030 and sold them for 5,080 netting us a 25k flip. This flip wasn't bad but also wasn't great. Lets do our High Margin Flip now. Lets head back over to G.E. Tracker and see what we have. I went to the "High Margin" tab and looked through the list and saw that the Dragon Defender Ornament Kit had a very high ROI. (It doesn't look great in the screenshot but i took the screenshot an hour or so after i put in the offer so the price changed) I placed an offer in for 1.385M and let it sit, It surprisingly came through in about 20 minutes. I immediately put it back in for around 1.42M and 5 minutes later it sold. I could have maybe priced this one higher since it seemed the price was going up but i did not want to be greedy. Lets do the math on the ROI for this one. I sold it for 1.42M and purchased it for 1.385M. If i subtract the two i get around 35K. I divide that by the selling price to get .024, multiplied by 100 to get a whopping 2.46%! 35K in about 25 minutes doing nothing sounds good to me. Both of these flips were done with less than 4M so they were very small, you can get large scale and multiply your money made by increasing the items flipped, I just wanted to do a small simple flip to show how easy it can be done. Well, that's about all i can teach you, I don't think I forgot anything but if you think i did let me know. If anyone has any questions or anything feel free to PM me in-game or on discord. If you made it this far, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed or learned something.
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    16 Years of the Wilderness Guardians

    On this day 16 years ago the Wilderness Guardians was created. I'll let our tweets do the talking this year, I'm not one for big speeches! As you can see above, we have launched our own wiki: https://www.wildernessguardians.com/w/Main_Page Because of the sheer scale of our clan history it is far from complete but we shall endeavour to complete it over the coming months! Happy Birthday WG!
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    Posting this today as I feel people should speak about there mental health more like I did. So I have struggled with my mental health from a young age lost my parents in a car accident when I was 10 and shortly after that I was in a mental asylum in Inverness(not as bad as it sounds) was there for 2 weeks to get help for my depression as nothing made me happy and I didn't want to live. Feel like doctors just threw drugs at me. But after speaking to people in a similar state that I was in I began to realise that it wasn't just me that had these problems and to be honest ever since the group meetings I have never looked back. Fast forward 12 years my life was perfect had a child on the way hade the same partner since we were 12 she's my rock. Woke up one morning with a loud ringing noise in my ear that I couldent get rid of waited a week like the doctors said and it just didn't get any better they told me it was an ear infection., so I got anti biotics and it made it so much worse and was stuck with it they said it couild be permanent damage. And that brought back the feelings of wanting to kill myself again for the first month of dealing with tinnitus I did not want to live, I did not want to see my son I just wanted to die (if u have not had tinnitus u won't understand how debilitating it is) the first month was the hardest my partner had never seen me cry before I just couldent cope. But with the love from my family and support I have managed to get past it now I have lived with it for 2 years and I know its there but I can ignore it. I finally have started to enjoy life again Basically I'm saying speak about it there is always someone who will listen your family and friends will be there for you. I have missed out parts I don't think really need to be mentioned. Ignore the terrible grammar my spelling is crap
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    Dr Yes

    [Accepted] BathingBobos

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    Breakaway Clans

    First-generation clans: The Synergy was an exodus of WG formed by Eragon CD in April 2004. Synergy drew several members from WG who were unhappy with the leadership[2], and in two weeks were half as strong as WG. Despite attempts at negotiations, a fight initiated and the clans became enemies. Eragon and His Lordship eventually worked out a peace treaty and even an alliance.[3] Synergy also took part in WG's first anniversary. In late 2004/early 2005, several exodi broke off from Synergy as a result of internal leadership issues, including Sleeping Dragons and Death Jesters.[4] The clan survived, and helped restart the Federation in mid-2005. WG retained it's alliance with Synergy after leaving the Federation. It is unknown when the alliance was concluded, however Synergy continued steadily up until mid-2008, closing due to the removal of PvP elements in RuneScape.[5] The Synergy had a junior clan known as The Synergizers, several members of which joined Valeria Victrix.[1] The Revolution was the second exodus of WG, formed by Noricle and Rick Hamm after an anti-American rant was posted publicly by His Lordship. Within two weeks, TR had taken over 40 members from WG, and had the sole intention of killing WG. TR established themselves as a stable ARPKing clan, with some of the highest ranking players in the game. Negotiations were attempted in mid-March of 2005, but failed and the two clans remained hostile. On March 22nd and without much warning, TR suddenly disbanded for unknown reasons. Rick Hamm returned to WG. Neverending Torment - The second exodus of WG to be led by Rick Hamm, and founded mainly by ex-WG. The clan's focus was more on friendship and community rather than in-game strength. NT is not mentioned in WG's history, and seemingly had very little success, though is known to have closed and re-opened at least once.[1] Assassins of Shadow - an exodus formed by ex-WG member Ubg-fcbruges in late 2008, and featuring several other ex-members. Despite having a relatively good setup, the clan saw little success and survived for only a few months, closing on October 29th 2008. The Blade Keepers was a clan formed in February 2011 by Vio, following his departure from WG after a suspension. Within 2 months the clan outnumbered WG, and members included former WG warlord WG Justin.[12] Initially on peaceful terms, a few disgruntled WG decided to hunt TBK on a PKing trip, resulting in a rivalry.[13] Hostilities continued for several months, with WG generally having the upper hand until an alliance was formed between TBK and Team Power Rangers which evened the odds.[14] In April 2011, a range of issues casued TBK to split with two exodi breaking out from it.[15] Despite a peace treaty being negotiated with WG, after a month the clan had not managed to recover and the decision to close was made on May 4th 2011.[16] Members were referred onto former Warlord Vindicator's clan Exalt, while Vio joined Ascension and later rejoined WG.[17] Oak Island Pirates - founded in 2006 by Oak Island, a former leader of DG. Despite heavy criticism and early hostilities, OIP is the only surviving relative of WG at the present time.[1]
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    Sabre Ghost's Quick Pure Questing/Training Order Step by Step - Efficient Quest and Skilling Order! A few people in #osrs asked me to make a quick pure guide. Imagine we're on a PK trip and our lowest level is getting hit by pures. We all log out, and log in on 10-15 pures. BOOM!! FREE LOOT!!! If you guys want more details feel free to PM me or search on Youtube. I have a lot of experience questing/leveling accounts over the years and I've done these kind of quest sequences like 10-15 times. This guide is supposed to be straight to the point with only the bare bones info for quick step by step. Both F2P and P2P starting methods are focused on unlocking minimal cost splashing so you can constantly splash while you're AFK in between quests and training strength/ranged. Unlocking 40 ranged for d'hide vambs will allow you to get the negative mage bonus necessary (-65) to splash every spell while wearing vambs and full iron with a Smoke staff. Getting P2P straight away is more efficient and faster, but starting out in F2P is nice if you don't want to buy a bond until you really want to grind. It will allow you to splash your magic pretty high before you get members. Remember, this guide is the efficient quest and training order to create a sick PKing pure with minimal effort. So if you want Mith gloves, Crystal Bow, Anchor, etc. then do some of your own research in addition to this. Let's get started with the basics! Starting out in F2P: Starting out in P2P: 43 Prayer Train: Dragon Bones at Gilded Altar/Wildy Altar until level 43. Don't train past 43 until you know you've done all the prayer quests you want... you don't want to end up with a weird prayer level depending on if you want 45 or 52. View the OSRSWiki page: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Quest_experience_rewards#Prayer for quest XP rewards by skill type to make sure. For example the Ancient Mace quest gives 3k prayer xp. I'll put that quest line near the bottom. 40 Ranged + Ava's Attractor Train: Shortbow/Oak Shortbow on Chickens until level 10 Ranged. Train: Oak Shortbow on Cows until level 20 Ranged. Train: Mithril Darts on Sandcrabs/Slayer Task until level 30 Ranged. Train: 18 Slayer Train: 19 Crafting Train: 35 Woodcutting Quest: The Restless Ghost (Reward: 1.1k Prayer) Quest: Ernest The Chicken Quest: Priest In Peril (Reward: 1.4k Prayer, DT Req) Quest: Animal Magnetism (Req: 18 Slayer, 19 Crafting, 35 Woodcutting, 30 Ranged) Train: Mithril Darts w/ Attractor on Sandcrabs until level 40 Ranged. Range XP Reward Quests (I wanted to mention these here so you don't waste time getting 40 - 50 range tediously, when these quests can save a lot of time. Just do these quests at the right time for training efficiency with Agility/Thieving) Quest: Horror from the Deep ( is best done at 40~ ranged to take advantage of XP reward. It has an agility req with an efficient order. Do it after The Grand Tree. See below. Quest: Temple of Ikov is best done at 40~ ranged to take advantage of XP reward. It's a req for Desert Treasure, but it has a thieving req with an efficient order. See below. Splashing Quest: Imp Catcher (875 Magic) Quest: Witches Potion (325 Magic) Train: Strike Spells until level 13 Magic. (You could skip Imp Catcher and Witch's Potion if you want to just splash Air/Water/Earth Strike until level 13) Splash: Whenever you're AFK, splash Fire Strike with a Smoke Staff. It's best to have a high mage level so you can kill all these quest bosses very easily. Might as well splash to 75 for fire wave early on, and use Smoke Staff and Occult necklace! Melee Quest Order (with Horror from the Deep thrown in for efficiency) Quest: Waterfall Quest (Reward: 13.7k Attack and Strength, DT Req) Quest: Witches House (Reward: 6.3k HP) Quest: Vampire Slayer (Reward: 4.8k Attack) Quest: Tree Gnome Village (Reward: 11.4k Attack) Quest: Fight Arena (Reward: 12.1k Attack, 2.1k Thieving) Train: 20 Agility Quest: The Grand Tree (Req: 20 Agility (w/ Summer Pie) - Reward: 7.9k Agility (should get you lv 20 - 29 Agility), 18.4k Attack, 2.1k Magic) Train: 29 - 30 Agility Quest: Horror From the Deep (Req: 30 Agility (w/ Summer Pie), Barcrawl - Reward: 4.6k Magic, Strength, Ranged) Quest: Death Plateau (Reward: 3k Attack + Climbing Boots, DT Req) Quest: Mountain Daughter (Reward: Bearhead, The Kendall NMZ Training Boss, 2k Pray, 1k Attack) Road to Desert Treasure Quest: Druidic Ritual Quest: Doric's Quest (Reward level 10 Mining) Quest: The Knight's Sword (Requires 10 Mining - Reward level 29 Smithing) Train: 10 Fletching Quest: Tourist Trap (Requires 10 Fletching, 20 Smithing - Reward: Using both 4.6k Lamps on Thieving gets you level 27) Train: Thieving level 27 - 30 *Optional quest The Feud you could also just grind Thieving* Quest: The Feud (Req: 30 Thieving - Reward: 15k Thieving, you should be around 37 Thieving now) Train: Thieving level 37 - 42 Quest: Temple of Ikov (Req: 42 Thieving, 40 Ranged - Reward: 10.5k Ranged, 8k Fletching) Train: 10 Herblore Quest: The Digsite (Req: 10 Herblore, 10 Agility, 25 Thieving - Reward: 15.3k Mining, 2k Herblore) Quest: Troll Stronghold (Req 15 Agility) Train: 50 Firemaking Train: 53 Thieving Quest: Desert Treasure (Req 50 Firemaking, 53 Thieving, 50 Magic, 10 Slayer - Reward: 20k Magic) DDS and D Scim Quest: Lost City (Req 31 Crafting, 36 Woodcutting - Reward: DDS and D Long) Don't finish Monkey Madness if you want to Chin your Ranged, since you can't go back to the island on a pure without ruining your defense level. Quest: Monkey Madness (Reward: D Scim) - DO NOT CLAIM XP REWARD Optional Quests Quest: Haunted Mine (Req 15 Agility, 35 Crafting - Reward: Salve Ammy, 22k Strength) Quest: Underground Pass (Req 25 Ranged, Biohazard, Plague City - Reward: Iban's Blast, great spell for lower levels) Quest: Ghosts Ahoy (Req: 20 Agility, 20 Cooking - Reward: Ectophial, 2.4k Prayer) Additional resources to use when adding up quest reqs/rewards: XP/Level Chart: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Experience Quest Skill XP Rewards: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Quest_experience_rewards I hope you guys enjoy the guide. It's meant to be done step by step for max efficiency in getting all reqs and minimal effort. From this point just AFK Strength/Ranged at Sand Crabs/NMZ and Splash Fire Strike/Fire Wave or Ice Burst! If you want low combat, try doing Pest Control and using the points on Ranged/Strength, Cannoning, or even Ranging Guild mini-game to keep your HP lower. Good luck!!! Ranged Train: Mithril Darts at Crabs until 70 or even higher Train: MSB(imbued) w/ Rune Arrows or Karils Crossbow at NMZ until 75 Train: Blowpipe/Chin until 99 Melee Train: Brine Sabre/Rune Scimitar until 50 Attack. Train: Granite Hammer until 55 Strength/60 Attack. Train: Dragon Sword/Scim or Obby Sword + Necklace until 99 Strength. Magic Train: Splash all the way to 99, or use Fire Wave/Burst to quickly get to 94/85 for Ice Barrage/Teleblock. Ancient Mace Quest Line (There are some other reqs that were all ready completed in the quests above. If you really want the Ancient Mace, you could consider fitting these quests in to get Crafting/Thieving/Firemaking xp while getting reqs for Desert Treasure/Lost City). Quest: Rune Mysteries Quest: Goblin Diplomacy Quest: The Lost Tribe Quest: Death to the Dorgeshuun (Reward: 2k Thieving + Ranged) Quest: The Giant Dwarf (Req: 12 Crafting, 16 Firemaking, 33 Magic, 14 Thieving - Reward: 2.5k Mining, Smithing, Crafting, 1.5k Magic, Thieving, Firemaking). Quest: Another Slice of H.A.M. (Req: 15 Attack, 25 Prayer - Reward: 3k Prayer, 3k Mining, Ancient Mace)
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    Stupid Betch

    Real Life Photos of WG Members

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    Adult Cat

    About staking

    A lot of people nowadays pm me about if they should stake their bank. I went from 40m to 2.2b bank, that is true. But.... First of all, I went to dueal arena, becuz I was drunk af. I don't remember a single duel. I wouldn't go there otherwise (becuz most of times you will end up with nothing). Second thing - I was ready to loose my bank. My idea was to "loose all and train runecrafting". But, sadly I got lucky. Third and most important thing - I WOULD NEVER QUIT OsRs. Most of people who stake their banks and loose - quit. Just dont risk it, if you're not ready to play after that. Remember. Free cheese is only in a mousetrap.
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    Alchemical Hydra Basic Guide

    Just a quick thrown together basic guide for those interested in killing the Alchemical Hydra The setup im using works for me you may wish to swap things around until you find the combo you like best Bracelet of slaughter is recommended to swap to for the final kill to lengthen your task at hydra, Dramen staff not needed if elite diary is done and you can tele without it, can swap out sharks and pots ( Range, Antivenom+ & Stamina ) for brews and sanfew serums for prolonged trips at a higher cost. YOU WILL ALWAYS NEED BOOTS OF STONE OR GRANITE BOOTS TO AVOID TAKING DAMAGE JUST BEING IN THE CAVE FROM THE HOT FLOOR Easiest way to reach Mount Karuum is via fairy ring CIR, Skills necklace or Farming guild teleport with 99 farming To Reach the hydra lair go down the elevator in the middle of the mountain, once inside the layout is like this The hydra has 5 forms all up in the first form it is Grey, Second form is Blue, Third form is red, Fourth form is also red and the 5th form it will turn black. In order to attack the Hydra you must lure each form over its respective grate first so the chemicals spraying up will 'deactivate' the hydras protection, the grey first form must be lured over the red grate The second blue form over the green grate And the third form over the blue grate After the third form you no longer have to lure it over the grates In the first 3 forms it has both a range and mage attack aswell as a spitting poison across multiple squares randomly, in the first 4 forms the hydra will attack with 3 of the same attack style in a row before switching to the other, The magic attack send out 3 thin projectiles and the range 1 single larger projectile. ( The poison attack doesnt count towards the attack switching mechanics so if your on two range attacks then the poison the next hit will be the third range attack ) The second form ( Blue ) also has an electric attack that spawns in multiple locations and chases you around you must outrun these or you will be unable to move for a small period and take damage of up to 20hp In the fourth form ( Red ) the hydra will walk to the middle of the room and shoot out 2 walls of fire essentially blocking you into a small section of the lair and then shoot out a single flame that will follow you around as you run damaging you with every hit until it runs out. Once you reach the fifth form the hydra turns black and will alternate every attack between mage and range similar to the jad phase but is guaranteed to swap Without the correct pray you can be hit for upto 40+ so try to concentrate your switching after every kill If you do die here you can collect your items for a 100k fee from just outside the Alchemical Hydra room, remember to grab another pair of stone boots before you go to collect your stuff otherwise you run the risk of dying and losing your stored items! Happy hunting and goodluck! Has been many years since ive written a runescape guide if you have any suggestions let me know Sieggy
  19. 7 points

    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    Photo by Stephen Hayes (2018) VIO wears 3-piece suit, belt and Oxfords by Burton, shirt by Van Heusen, glasses by Jeff Banks, watch by Sekonda.
  20. 7 points
    orla cat

    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    Me making my friend push me around in a trolley, at Brighton's Gay Pride event this summer.
  21. 7 points

    Hey I got a new cape

    Its a very hot cape. Don't touch or you'll burn your hand!
  22. 6 points

    99 Slayer xd

    Finally got it after being stuck at 98 for like 4 months lol
  23. 6 points

    Fire cape

    4 months. 27 attempts. Countless scales, darts and pots at this point but its finally over. First time ever getting this cape and just want to shout out to all who kept pushing me on, couldn't have done it without you. Now I can finally play the game
  24. 6 points
    WG Fargorn

    [Declined] fat retard1

    Thought for sure he would be a pvmer with a name like that.
  25. 6 points
    Hey guys and girls!! The long awaited return of your old neighbourhood crime fighting machine will be soon! After everything that has went on I am finally in a stable place! Just waiting for the internet engineer to come and sort this land-line out in about 2-3 weeks! I hope everyone is well, WG I love and miss you Not sure if you are still here but special mention to: Poiuyt415 Xavier Crimson Genghis Slump Adult cat Sorry if I have missed anyone Miss you slag faces If anyone wants to personally contact me here's my snapchat- Skwinstanley94 Please feel free to add me. WINSTANLEY 24
  26. 6 points

    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    After multiple people (probably around 50) pm'ed me on discord AND rs to post more selfies, I kinda feel like I have to. drugs is fking cool yo
  27. 6 points
  28. 6 points

    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    Last picture i took of myself was 2 years ago lul
  29. 6 points
  30. 6 points

    Pictures of your Family

    Best Family a man could ask for.
  31. 6 points

    2k Total

  32. 5 points
    I set myself a personal goal to max out all my combat skills and finally I am finished!!! now I can focus on bosses/skills/pk/raids etc etc etc!
  33. 5 points

    drug addiction and rehab

    as most of you may know, a clan member lvl 99 gay left wg after explaining his story about becoming addicted to meth. I personally try to keep my online life and my real life as separate as possible, but its hard to do that sometimes, when at my work, someone had died after ODing on meth last month. And after randomly encountering lvl 99 gay in the wdr discord we had gotten to talking about addiction, and how it comes to fruition and how difficult it can be to curb. As of today, gay told me he had been 28 days clean of meth, however, the only thing that keeps him going is that people care about him and that he has support with his rehab. I know that a decent amount of people have him added on discord and rs. It truly does mean a lot to just reach out and dm him on how his rehab is going and how he is doing. He still cares about WG and I can only hope WG still cares about him. Please take this into your personal life too, as many people struggle with substance abuse and addiction and hide it well. Think, has anyone you know recently become reclusive and shies away from plans and social gatherings? If so please take the time to reach out to them. I've lost a lot of friends to suicide and drug addiction, and I'd hate for you to lose people too
  34. 5 points
    Just got this at 85 agility @ Seer's rooftop!!!!!
  35. 5 points

    New member

    Hey everyone! I was just accepted into you clan and can't wait to participate. This is my first post and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing haha. I saw I must make 10 forum post and thought it'd be great to start off with an introduction. I'm most exited for the pk events and will try to go as many as I can. Cant wait to meet everyone, feel free to reach out!
  36. 5 points
    Moxie PK

    [Accepted] Moxeee

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Moxeee What is your current RS name? Moxeee List any previous RS names: WG Moxeee What is your total level and combat level? total level is 1838, combat level is 121.35 (like a tru legend) https://gyazo.com/403f3e9579ff207dd31b42329ed99351 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. i was once a grand and glorious member of the sacred guardians of the wilderness. I had it all. I would bound through the multicombat zones with my allies, fearing nothing, laughing as Gore got smited for AGS after AGS. In the revenant caves, my name was known. I struck fear into the soul of nerds both north and south, even to the far reaches of west wall. But alas, i am now a hollow shell of the great and fierce pker you once knew. I have succumed to the beta boy life of PVM. but one day i hope to return to the mountain top of my glory. Tell us about your clan history. i was in wg yo. Tell us about your yourself. i am ugly and i am proud. i play soccer ball, and guitar. and i am a corn genius. i live in US, and my only friend is a mutt named JP. Dude is fluffy af tho so its gucci. cant be super active as i have a real life unlike before, but i miss the boiz. so im runnin back to the open arms. How did you hear about us? WG mask. JK he is a scrub lord. What makes you want to join us? i jus wanna see the boiz again. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Unlike the aforementioned scrub, i never tank in robes. If that is a problem, you may not want me.
  37. 5 points

    Adult Cat

    this app doesn't really answer most of the questions adequately plus it’s gonna be difficult if you “don’t like leader of the clan”. Not sure why you’d want to rejoin given that info
  38. 5 points
    You're UK right? You might not fully understand the reason we have the second amendment in the USA. In addition to the defense of our families and homes, we have the right to bear arms to resist and overthrow a tyrannical government if/when all other checks and balances fail. Nobody is hiding behind hunting or purely home defense against a single unarmed burglar. It is more of a deterrent at the current moment, but if the government becomes unstable the citizens have the capability to re-organize. As far as home defense, the more wealthy you are, the bigger target you become for professional armed robberies. If you want to be naive and plan to call 911 that's your choice. I can't afford to wait if someone comes in my house trying to steal my wealth or hold my family hostage. This shit is real; it's not just in the movies. If you think I'm exaggerating, then open your mind and educate yourself by looking up real attacks on homes over the last 20 years. They don't usually get media coverage so it's more difficult to stay informed. Mass shootings get media coverage because the broadcasts are profitable. Anyway, while this subject has been debated constantly for the past 30+ years, limitations on firearms can only go so far. First, there are millions of unregistered firearms that laws do not affect. Second, if the government attempts to mandate a ban on firearms, there will literally be a civil war. The citizens aren't going to turn in their weapons.
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    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    My doggos
  40. 5 points

    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    Me when I first joined WG back in '04 Rip. Me now. With my little cousin riding on my back.
  41. 5 points
  42. 5 points

    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    Your nagging worked @AAIGHT. I hope you're happy. Here's a pic of me and my buddy. I'm the one on the left
  43. 5 points

    Headed in the right direction

    Since sending out my DVM applications in September I've been patiently awaiting a response from several universities. Found this in my email when I got back from work this morning. Hopefully many more offers to come
  44. 5 points

    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    So this is what 5000 hours of BA does to you
  45. 5 points
  46. 5 points

    If you never played RS

    Finding another creative way to self harm... ~~WG I0wn
  47. 5 points

    Happy halloween

  48. 5 points
    WG Da Man

    [Declined] Godwrecker

    Declining this due to piss poor attitude and toxic behavior.
  49. 5 points
    WG Da Man

    1013 Wintertodt kc

    And I got the [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ got her [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  50. 5 points
    In order to live to 254 years old you first have to be 24 years old. Then forget how old you are and type 25, but then also forget to backspace and just put the 4 after the 5 cause extra key strokes are xp waste.
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