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Path to 2200

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Welcome to my progress thread as I try and hit my next goal - 2200 worlds. I will be updating this sporadically as I hit mini goals which I will outline at the bottom of this post. If you have similar levels to me and want to race to level goals that I'm trying to achieve I do support betting ;)


Starting Stats
Check me out 2/24/19 - 2083 Total






                                                      Current Statistical Goals:

Base 80 Stats

89 Agility for Rev Shortcut

95 Slayer for some of that Hydro

99 Herblore cause I'm the weedman

99 Mining 

                                                    Miscellaneous Goals

Elite Void

800m Bank (Currently ~520m)

Top 20k in OSRS Rankings (Currently ~28564)

Top 2k in Prayer Rank (Currently ~2934)



2104/2200 Total


96 Levels Left


Goals Completed:

Ferocious Gloves
99 Farming cause 420 blaze it
90 Herblore for COX success and soloing



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I've actually been losing rank while doing slayer since I haven't leveled other things 😂

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I keep hitting 600m bank and it fluctuates due to prices rising and crashing. Been a hump but I'm about to pump and dump right over it  



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