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Community Intro - Crucio01

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Tell us about yourself.

Hey everyone, I'm Crucio01. Some of you may remember me as the (then 11-year-old) trial member back around June 2008.

I've been checking in on the forums every few years since then, hard to believe I've more than doubled in age since once being a member here. It's a pleasaure to see that WG is still alive and well.

I figured I would make a quick post and see who's still here from the old guard. Saw that Stokenut and His Lordship both made intro posts a few days ago and it made me smile. I'm living in London these days in case anyone is nearby.


Clan history.  

WG trial member in June 2008



How did you hear about us? His Lordship

Do you plan to join? No (quit RS but maybe one day)


Any last comments?  


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