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    No words. Only music!

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    [Accepted] Adult Cat

    Holy shit hes back ~<3
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    Lait Choco

    2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™

    Piss of to your FC baguette and FC croisont league, this tournament is for the real men who play in a real league. Thanks based FIFA and referee to let a non-country win. First flight to Brazil is at 00:33, enjoy your first class Neymar! I wonder if they got kids entertainment on-board... I bet he likes to get pissed on by little boys. You can thank Belgium later for eliminating the bad guys. now c'mon england and score some fucking goals tomorrow, i'm rooting for you!
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    [Accepted] Adult Cat

    Welcome back mate
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    [Accepted] Adult Cat

    You helped me get a torso
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    My guinea pigs

    CUTEST GUINEA PIGS EVER! Their home is literally amazing! Every guinea pig dreams of having the white picket fence LOL. straight up awesome! glad you are a great owner and probably make then so happy