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    When The Blinding first occurred, I thought I was the only individual affected. I was sitting at my desk working on a school paper and in an instant, everything went black. I had cried out to my parents in fear and confusion, but their response was like an echo of my own. They, too, couldn't see. And we soon learned the entire world had been victim to having their sight filled with darkness. Interestingly enough, we don't think this affected any of the animals living on Earth. Just us humans. The only strange thing that occurred after this was the fact that the demand for Milk skyrocketed. At first, adapting was extremely difficult. Something as mundane and simple as using the bathroom had become a daily challenge I didn't look forward to. Within a few months, support groups had been created by individuals who were already blind prior to the incident. They assisted those who were struggling with adapting to their newfound obstacle. Thankfully, the world never really stopped moving or progressing. Outside of major adjustments that had to be made, such as devising a different mode of transportation or different requirements and standards in the working world, we managed to pull through. It's been about 2 years since The Blinding and there were times where I had forgotten such an event occured. I was taking a short walk to the store to get some groceries. I don't know why, but I've developed an almost dependency like state on milk. I had gripped the handle to the door to the small grocery store and pushed the door open. A bell was hung on the inside handle of the door. "Hello, let me know if you need help finding anything." A voice said to my right. "Thanks, Dave. I will." I responded. "Hey John! How've you been?" he asked with a somewhat enthusiastic tone. With a somewhat slow pace I walked around the store, feeling along the brail to determine if I had found my item. "Pretty much the same" I said with a bit of a chuckle. My hand touched something cold. Finally. Found the milk. As I was about to open the door I could see my reflection in the rectangle shaped window of the cooler. I wasn't entirely sure how to react nor was I sure as to what happened. I was looking. At myself. In a mirror. For the first time in two years. I started shaking and I could feel warmth and moisture filling my eyes. I noticed writing on the reflection itself. I was so excited I hadn't even noticed. In fact, most of the interior was covered in this writing. Looked a little closed at the message written in black. Don't tell them you can see. What the hell does that mean? Who's them? I then caught a glimpse of the individual standing behind the counter of the store. Who...what the fuck is that... "John? You need some help buddy?" it asked. It had Dave's voice, but it definitely wasn't Dave. And the way it's mouth moved was... Wait, is that it's mouth? I have no idea. I was staring at something that was at least 6 feet tall. Grotesque and eldritch was the only way I could describe it. It's dark brown skin was smooth and moist with extremely tiny openings in its skin. It wasn't wearing any type of clothing. It's arms were somewhat long and thin looking appendages that ended in human looking hands. Its head was shaped like a large Basket Ball. The creatures mouth looked to be in a vertical position and when it spoke I could see many layers and rows of crocodile like teeth. "Here John, let me come help." It said. Its voice had changed as well. It was gurgled and sounded like it was being put through a filter. As it moved I could hear it squish against the floor. That's the first time I've ever heard that. Why am I hearing that just now? Why have I never heard that before? Instead of gaping at the reflection and trying to ascertain how it walks, I simply stared at a jug of milk. That's when I noticed the color of the milk. It wasn't white or brown or any color a milk should be. It was dark black. As the creature grew closer a foul smell harassed my nostrils. It took everything I had not to vomit. It reached out with it's human like appendage and touched my shoulder. My entire body tensed up. "We're having a lot of different specials on milk today." It said and I could see its mouth open wide behind my head with what I assumed was a smile..... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's a subreddit called "writing prompts" where users post an interesting happening and others try to complete the story in the comments. This is one of my favorite ones, i would like to introduce you folks to "https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/" As for the above post, it's not my work and i carry no credit.
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    Looks good. Once you get confortable, bring range helm switch, e.g. arma hel, torm braclet and maybe even a ranged shield
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    @LII0NHEART we can do another run a bit later if you would like
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    Diary Cape!

    amazing, gratz mate
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