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So I got my firecape yesterday and what a tale that is! I tried 4 times in total :

-The first one i got to wave 40 and didn't focus the ranger over the mager.

-The second I got to jad but freaked out and missed some switches when the healers came.

-The third I think the healers killed me

And finally I got it but it was super scuffed as my blowpipe ran out of scaled mid jad and i had to take off the blowpipe and unload it and kill jad using throwing darts XD.


Anyway how many attempts did it take you guys to get your first cape? What did you use? Did you have any bad experiences? and if you don't have one - What's stopping you? 


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I got mine not long ago, also took me 4 attempts


Attempt 1 - Got to Jad, thought there would be a delay so that i could brew and get my prayer up to full. There was not, Jad spawned in on top of me and 3 hit me...

Attempt 2 - Got distracted on like wave 54, forgot to pray mage, misclicked mage twice trying to get it up, got 3 hit by the mager...

Attempt 3 - Got to Jad, survived long enough for the healers to come, got tunnel vision tryin to hit the healers off. Stopped paying attention to Jad and got banged out...

Attempt 4 - Got to Jad, got all the healers off him, downed him easily. Had to log off because my hands were shaking hard af and my heart was pounding uncontrollably and i needed to lie down for awhile.


Everyone should have a Firecape, @WG Fargorn you got your yet??


~~WG I0wn

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I'm 107 combat and since I've been at pest control, everyone gives me crap for wearing an obby cape.  I just am too lazy to research and get it.  It's of course the best cape but it's not THAT much better than an obby cape and right now I need to grind.. but nice job getting it.

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It took me....a while. I had shitty internet, kept saying it was lag and not really believing it, gave up after 6 or so attempts. Moved houses, much better internet got it first try so 🤷‍♂️

I have... three of my attempts recorded, I think? The first time I got to Jad and my successful one. Also have a clip of me getting melee'd by a frog lmao

Video quality is trash don't mind it.







Oh reason the blowpipe vid is my second kill is cause I got a mate to do the final wave for me back when I was first trying so I wouldn't go without :P

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