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Community Intro - Mr Mask

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Mr Mask


Tell us about yourself.

Well a few of you will know me from being here before but my names Adam im 32 and I'm from the UK got 2 kinds and 1 on the way. I'm a service & repair engineer for a medical device company.


Clan history.  

Joined Jagz for my first clan, was there for a few months.

Left Jagz to join Gladz, and was there for a few months.

Left Gladz to make my own clan slaves of saradomin, my clan fell apart within 2 weeks.

Then I joined Corruption and I was an extremely active member for many years until I stopped playing due to work and so on (We all have to grow up sometime).

I think i tried to join TBE I can’t remember sorry

Joined WG in aug 2018 was made warlord after a month or so and was here for over a year until I left to try other things in runescape

Joined CT was there for a few months until the clan closed.

I quit playing rs after that.



How did you hear about us?

Was in WG before but when i joined it was from google and


Do you plan to join?

Id like to


Any last comments?  

I loved my time in WG and I miss playing and chatting with all of you.

I have many great memory's from the Sunday funday events I hosted to the 24 hour pk trips I hosted :) and so many other events and PK trips hosted by the staff and other members.

One more thing WG is more then a clan its like a family and I miss mu RS family 😢

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Yay!!!! My man mask is back!!!!!


Now go make your app bud. A few of the guys and I have been thinking about doing that battle royal fun event.



It's good to see you again. Looking forward to chatting with you more

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Holy fuck the legend is back??? Some of the events recently have reminded me of your old events, your legacy has been living here strong since you've been gone haha

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2 hours ago, Mojo said:

Welcome back


this meme might be a joke but honestly it would be easier for everybody if nobody revived it :P 


Agreed :)

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