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On 11/2/2018 at 6:45 PM, AAIGHT said:



very impressive jared, wow what would you even do with all that money

cheeky little shot, like fargorn said usually put half the gp i make from questing/nmz into tokens and half stays gp, tokens go towards pvm gear while gp goes into buyables or goes to my macing alt or tank. some some pvm gear off though to pay for my pvp tab

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Main: Currency/eccy key(s)/my holy sandal collection


First tab: PVP/PVM/slayer


Second tab: Utility outfits (graceful, pryo, prospector, etc.)/Clue scroll items/fashionscape


Third tab: Teleports/jewelry


Fourth tab: Skilling/junk



I've got another tab that I put loot in but it's quite empty atm since I just cleaned it out, I keep all my totem pieces and long/curved bones in there too, also clues.

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I know that this isn't much, I've just cleaned and organised my bank ready for future use, most of my bank was used to fund my construction and my house.



Tab 0, this consists of all my teleport options and the most important items I use at the moment.


Tab 1, this is my gear tab.. I know it's not much but you've got to start somewhere!


Tab 2, potions & herblore tab, this is where most of my 3 dose potions go and the most useful potions that I use which are 4 doses go to tab 0.


Tab 3, simple farming tab because why not, the seeds I gather are those used for the potions in my potions tab, I don't bother picking up seeds if I never use the potions related to them.


Tab 4 is use for mining and smithing


Tab 5 is for woodcutting, fletching and firemaking


Tab 6 is for crafting and construction


Tab 7, this is going to be used for my future slayer loot and as a sales tab


Tab 8, I'm just going to use this for miscellaneous items until I find other locations for them


Tab 9 and the final tab is going to be used for outfits and fashionscape.. once I finally get round to finding some fashion. :P

Tab 8.png

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Tab 1 - Money Food Teles Runes



Tab 2 - Pots and Jewelry 



Tab 3 - Armour and Weapons, Where the magic happens



Tab 4 is just random junk



Tab 5 is my skilling tab



Tab 6 is my new slayer tab and 7 is the start of my pking tab


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