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Genesis - Road to Blade of Saeldor on Ironman


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Trying to go for Blade of Saeldor on the Ironman. These are my current stats and reqs. Decided to do a blog for the fun of it.




I will outline below the tasks that I have decided on for myself from end goal to the subgoals leading to it and I will cross them out as I complete them:


-Complete Song of the Elves

-Complete MEP2

-Complete MEP1

-Complete Roving Elves

-70 Construction

-70 Smithing

-70 Herblore

-70 mining

-Kill Venenatis for Dragon Pickaxe (Current KC: 45) Decided to skip

-Get at least 100 LMS points for food/pots for Venenatis

-Kill wyverns for adamant bolts, rubies, diamonds, and cash

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