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    WG Ross


    Damn you really had to do us like this huhhh...... BUT GZ MOJO
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    [Declined] Bagarstuga

    Welcome! Do you have 99 mining? I still need prospector for falador hard diary and I can't be asked to afk mlm lmao just kidding mate, i dont trust anyone with my account
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    Lait Choco

    RuneFest 2018: OSRS Reveals

    Personally, I don't want a new skill in OSRS. Don't got a problem with it, just not waiting on it and I think that the dev time could be used somewhere else instead of developing a new skill.
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    WG Gore Def

    RuneFest 2018: OSRS Reveals

    I meant I won't hold any strong opinions on it. As in I'm not for it or against it, because I don't know enough about it. We need more information.
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    No words. Only music!

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    WG Mask


    Watched this at work and i was pissing my self
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    RuneFest 2018: OSRS Reveals

    What's your issue with the skill? For me it looks like it perfectly fills a gap and it's not too overcomplicated.
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    WG Fargorn


    MOJOOOOO coming in with some finish! Got the goalie down with the fakey then pops er up high! Wish some other greasers would stop being purebait @Huskington @Willzy @poiuyt415 @Mini Horse @WG Ross
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    My guinea pigs

    Updated first post a little!
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    WG Fargorn

    My guinea pigs

    In this episode of cribs...