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    I used to love smite but I saw myself becoming toxic as shit so I stopped playing. I enjoy red dead 2 and I'm really excited for the new season of path of exile starting in about 12 hours
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    Supreme - 63 kc Prime - 719 kc Rex - 1009 kc
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    Adult Cat

    [Declined] Coolrockmike

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    Yes "Outside" the worlds largest F2P MMO I mostly play Path of Exile or Heroes of the Storm outside of Runescape if I game.
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    Adult Cat

    WG Mask

    Happy B Day my american friend! You did a lot for this clan and hope will stay with us untill the end of the world. С Днём Рождения!!!
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    WG Mask

    Happy bday!
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    100m [email protected]

    only 100m left to go
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    WG Mask

    Happy birthday mask, thanks for your continued work as Warlord
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    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    Photo by Stephen Hayes (2018) VIO wears 3-piece suit, belt and Oxfords by Burton, shirt by Van Heusen, glasses by Jeff Banks, watch by Sekonda.
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    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    Your nagging worked @AAIGHT. I hope you're happy. Here's a pic of me and my buddy. I'm the one on the left
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    Big Britters

    100m [email protected]

    Big gz. But seeing as you own an ags, lets put it to good use eh @AAIGHT?
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    orla cat

    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    Me making my friend push me around in a trolley, at Brighton's Gay Pride event this summer.
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    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    Me and Wife
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    Real Life Photos of WG Members

    These are some pictures of Jess and I, and our little one Quinn. ~Brent
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    Max Botter


    my current favourite anime is......
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    WG Froto

    Real life names

    My name is Troy, and I’m just here for the post count.
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    Places you have been to.

    Ive been to mexico, grand canyon, california, washington dc, new york, basically all the major states in the US lol
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    [Accepted] Purmentality

    420 blaze it
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