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    Hatred Sabre got a reaction from Warner in Community Intro- Warner   
    sup Chilli good to see you here,
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    Hatred Sabre reacted to Warner in Community Intro- Warner   
    Hi everyone,
    I'm Warner, others may remember me by Sabre Chilli.
    After chatting with Vio, Gene, Ghost and hatred it renewed some old flames for WG.
    A brief history, I was in the sabre's for the longest time, like 10 years maybe ultimately becoming leader. I have a lot of fond memories with WG following multiple alliances and events over the years.
    Mostly i play my main, Warner but ive recently made an iron man just to dabble on when im bored.
    Ingame I enjoy slayer, raids and other pvm. If anyones down for cox hit me up, even if you want to learn.
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    Hatred Sabre reacted to Ghost Sabre in What Should His Lordship Cook Next? (August 2020)   
    get dah bird wit deh stabbehz n roastz itz on dah fiah
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    Hatred Sabre reacted to s m o k e in Planker Hall of Fame   

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    Hatred Sabre reacted to Genesis in Building a Pure - All You Need   
    To start off, please read the entire guide before committing to the build to make sure you do not make mistakes which may ruin your account. This guide is NOT achievement focused, meaning I will not be including everything you CAN do on your account, just what you NEED to do and what I suggest you do to have a PK build. As such, you will be locked out of certain achievements such as diary tasks by the end of the guide. If you wish to have an achievement focused/fully completionist maxed pure, I suggest doing your own research.
    Next, I feel it is important to mention that I did not make this quest order list entirely on my own. I found the list years ago on Reddit so I unfortunately do not know the creator's name. However, I have added a bunch of extra quests at the bottom of the list on my accord depending on the type of build you'd like to go for. Also, big shoutouts to @Hatred Sabre, @Corbula, and @Mojo for helping out with various things in the guide.
    If you want to go for a 60 attack, 52 prayer pure which I recommend, do all the optional quests mentioned except the Elf Quest Line as soon as possible and BEFORE 60 attack/52 prayer to give yourself enough XP leeway. The easiest time to do this would be after doing all the main quests for Desert Treasure/Mith Gloves/Ava's so you have some decent base stats. However, you may choose to weave the quests into the optimal quest order to minimize training.
    Useful links before you start your journey:
    - Combat level calculator: https://oldschool.tools/calculators/combat-level
    - Optimal Quest Order Guide: https://tinyurl.com/y4urgflv
    Step 1 - The basics:
    This guide assumes you are a member. Once you are done with tutorial island, have your main account ready to give your new pure some basics such as essential teleports (plenty of rings of wealths/glories), lots of stamina potions, and a nice big chunk of cash. About 10M should last you a VERY long time, but I recommend a minimum of 4-5M until at least the quests are done.
    Tele to the GE, buy a cannon, some cannonballs, like 200 dragon bones, and a burning amulet. Equip a ring of wealth and your burning amulet, grab like 150 dragon bones, a stamina potion, and some gp. Tele up to the lava maze, head straight for the chaos altar and get that 43 prayer out the way. 44/45 prayer helps as well for offensive prayers if you want to bring some extra bones.
    Next, tele out, grab a varrock teleport tablet and some GP, tele to varrock, head northeast close to the museum and buy yourself a house. Now you can use a lot of useful teleports in W330 in other people's POH.
    Grab your staminas, get a skills necklace, and any other reqs for the Dwarf Cannon Quest. Finish it off.
    Tele to the bank, grab your cannon and a lot of cannonballs. Your goal is to get 40 or, even better, 50 range. There are lots of spots you can do this at, but this is where I did mine on Zeah:
    Once you get your 40 or 50 range, quickly finish off waterfall quest for 30 attack as a prereq to wielding a battlestaff. You should have no issues as you're 43 prayer.
    Head to the GE, grab a few house teleports, some staminas, an elemental staff, the 4 colored beads, a necklace of passage, a smoke battlestaff, some elemental runes to get you to 30 magic, and mind/chaos runes depending on how much money you want to spend. Finish off imp catcher real quick for 8 magic (optional), then head to port sarim and begin your splashing journey to at least 59 magic. At this point, you can train your magic up to whatever level you want. 82-85 for baby pures, 94-95 for mid level pures, 99 for maxed pures.
    OPTIONAL FUN: If you've splashed all the way to 59 magic, you should still have 10 HP. You can use this opportunity to have some fun by grabbing a tome of fire, fire blast runes, and whatever cheap magic attack bonus gear you can. Maybe snare sacks too. Grab a games necklace, tele up to corp cave, and run north to the black chin area. You can 1 shot some low level black chin hunters. Make sure you don't forget protect item. You may choose to do this at 71 magic as well with divine magic potions into fire wave (with at least 11 HP). Beware of pkers!
    Step 2 - Questing:
    With your current 43 prayer and 59 magic, you can now easily complete all the required quests for DT/Mith Gloves/Ava's.
    Be careful to not complete Monkey Madness if you want to burst/chin at skeletal monkeys. I REPEAT. DO NOT FINISH MONKEY MADNESS 1 IF YOU WANT TO BURST/CHIN THERE. YOU WILL GET DEFENSE XP IF YOU DO THE TRAINING AFTER THE QUEST IS DONE. There are cheaper alternatives to this but if it's your thing, keep an eye out. It's the best xp/hr you'll get from chinning/bursting, and it is not possible to access after quest completion. Your main alternative to this is temple spiders, but I personally recommend splashing magic and doing NMZ for range to minimize hp lvl gain.
    That's all step 2 is, questing!
    Step 3 - Optional Quests:
    At this point, you should have decent base stats, and you should be able to complete some optional quests depending on the path you want to follow on your pure. You may choose to weave the quests into the optimal path as you get the reqs. Do NO further training until you're sure of what you want. If you want to limit yourself to 50 or 60 (recommended) attack, make sure you do all the quests that you can for attack xp before training attack.
    I would highly recommend doing the NMZ quests listed regardless of the situation.
    If you want to limit yourself to 52 prayer, do the anchor quest line, the extra prayer quests mentioned, and the ancient mace quest line. This will also get you the ancient mace for future macing if needed in addition to the Barrelchest Anchor which is a great combo with the granite maul and the hardest hitting melee weapon you'll get at 60 attack.
    Step 4 - The End of Your Journey:
    Congratulations! Your account is now fully quested and you are on the final stretch. All you need to do now is afk and train your account. There are various guides you can follow at this point, but I will suggest a few things.
    Splash splash splash. You want to keep your hp level as low as possible unless you want to max your pure. This will give you a very big combat level advantage in fights and allow you to attack lower levels.
    Alching is also an option if you don't mind clicking much. I did a lot of alching during quests, while training some skills like agility, and between castle wars games if I missed one.
    You can also burst at temple spiders or skeletal monkeys depending on what you feel like and whether or not you completed Monkey Madness 1. The only req is ice burst (you can boost with imbued heart/divine magic potions). Here's a guide on how to kill them.

    I suggest cannoning to 50 range at which point you can head off to NMZ with an imbued magic shortbow and rune arrows. Do this method until whatever range you feel like. If going for a baby pure, 82-83 range is good. Otherwise aim for 90+ (try to keep it around the same lvl as your magic).
    If you don't want to do NMZ, you can also train on the sand crabs at the depths of despair dungeon using Runelite's NPC Aggression Timer. This is less afk but slightly more xp/hr. If you have a regen brace, you should be fine if you only tank a couple of crabs. Otherwise, you'll probably need some food.
    If you have money to spend and don't want to afk, you can chin at either temple spiders or skeletal monkeys, similar to what was mentioned in the mage section regarding bursting.

    Grab a brine sabre, a granite hammer, and a d scim. You will want to use your brine sabre to first train your strength to 50, then attack to 50. At this point you will swap to a granite hammer and train attack to 60 at which point you will swap to a dragon scimitar. Now it's just strength training all the way. If you want to stay as a baby pure, you probably won't be training past 60 attack/strength in order to avoid extra combat levels. You could however stay at 50 attack and get your strength to the 70s to allow you to G Maul.
    You have a couple of training options. I personally trained to 60/60 at sand crabs in the Depths of Despair dungeon. At this point I moved to NMZ. You can just do NMZ straight up if you wish, but I recommend at least 50/50 first.
    Other optional stuff:
    You can do LMS or castle wars for a halo as that is best in slot for pures. LMS is also great practice for NH tribridding which is what you will mainly be doing on the pure.
    You can do castle wars for the decorative top (ranged/mage) as that is best in slot for pures.
    At some point, you will want to do Mage Arena I and II for the god capes/spells.
    Fire cape is easy to get starting 75 range with a blowpipe but you can wait until you're much higher range to make it even easier. You should train your ranged before melee for this reason.
    Curse of the Empty Lord Miniquest for Ghostly pieces. Very good/free pk gear.
    65 Construction or 62+Eyes of Glouphrie to boost to 70 for POH pool.
    P.S: Editing will come soon to make it all look nicer.
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    Hatred Sabre reacted to Yasticaki in [GUIDE] The BEST Combat Training Method! [20-min AFK NMZ]   
    Alright so time to time, I get asked on how I trained all my accounts up, and I've been making this guide to explain it easy to people. There are other methods out there mentioned, but let me just say, the true beauty of this method is it's simplicity and hardcore AFKness.
    So, I'm a lazy grinder. I like achieving the grindier goals with the most minimal amount of effort possible. This is why NMZ was a godsend for me and many others, and I believe it can be for a huge number of people in this clan. As long as you're not lvl 99 in combat stats, then chances are that you can benefit from this.
    "Honestly tried this for the first time after thinking "it can't be that good" but it fucking is"
    - WG Craewyr, Honoured Guardian, Master Guardian
    I want to keep this guide as simple as possible. The pictures, essentially, should explain mostly everything.

    Who is this for?
    - Anyone with a busy schedule and can't afford RS the attention for other training methods.
    - Where the overload and rock cake/locator orb semi-AFK Hard Mode method won't quite cut it and you want true AFK that won't burn you out even if you do it for a month straight.
    - You can go to the gym, go to grocery shopping, Netflix/PS4 and much more and utilise Chrome Desktop to click on pots on your PC at home once every 20 mins. Extremely Simple.
    Stat Requirements
    Melee Method: 60 Attack, 60 Strength, 60 Defence
    Range Method: 60 Range, 60 Defence
    Magic Method: 59 Magic(quest req), 60 Defence

    Quest Requirements:
    The Ascent of Arceuus
    The Depths of Despair
    Mountain Daughter
    Vampyre Slayer
    What Lies Below
    Magic Method Requirement: Family Crest for Chaos Gauntlets
    1. Pick one of the gear loadouts below.
    2. Start Customisable Normal Rumble (22K per game)
    3. Enable ONLY these 5 bosses, NO OTHERS:

    4. Go to this exact square and have auto retaliate on:

    5. Refresh combat pots/absorption once every 15-20 mins. (Note: You can refresh after 20 mins and you will not die, however auto retaliate simply disables after 20 minutes so you will not get XP after that.)
    6. For the ULTIMATE AFK Experience and to unleash the true potential of this method, use Google Remote Desktop to refresh every 20 mins via your mobile phone:
    Now, here are the example setups for each type of combat style you want to train:
    Melee Setups:

    - Feel free to upgrade anything you want.

    - Generally the best cost efficient setup here. Max melee rapier is better, but out of pocket for most people.
    - Expect around 80K xp/hr

    - This setup is for absolute brand new accounts or if you can't afford Obby.
    - Upgrade whatever you like above.
    - Expect around 45k-50K xp/hr at base 60s
    Recommended stat training routine starting from 60 att, 60 str, 60 def:
    - 60/75/60, then 75/75/75, then 75/99/75, then 99/99/75, then 99/99/99.
    Ranged Setups:

    - Base setup. Will require probably around 100K Rune Arrows for 70-99 Range.
    - The D boots and D med are particularly important here to provide defence so you break even on NMZ points used on absorption pots.

    - Upgraded Setup, can use arma if you want to as well.
    - Can swap tank helm to a range helm if 90+ defence.
    - Can Swap Dhide, nezzy and gloves for Full Void as seen in other guides, however I prefer this.
    - Around 60K xp/hr
    Mage Setups:

    - Gloves are Chaos Gauntlets, raises max hit of Fire Wave to 15?
    - The key point here is to be as tanky as possible without Magic Atk Bonus falling into negative. Barrows = gp waste.
    - These XP Rates are FIXED at approx 42K xp/hr or 2.14gp/xp

    - At 75 Magic you can now use Occult Necklace. Fixed XP Rate of 45K xp/hr or 2gp/xp
    - Can swap malediction ward for mage's book if 90+ defence.
    - Will require probably 300K Chaos Runes for 60-99 Magic.

    Credits to Spellsey:
    Feel free to post or PM me on Discord if you have any questions!
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    Hatred Sabre got a reaction from WG Gore Def in [Accepted] Lange Straat   
    insta accept?
    i support?
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    Hatred Sabre reacted to His Lordship in Hi, I'm His Lordship   
    Hi everyone,
    I'm His Lordship, old leader of WG. Was speaking to Stokenut, and old friend I made here years back, and got a little nostalgic so here I am!

    RSN: His Lordship
    Name: Gene
    Age: 32
    Country: New Zealand
    Started in July 2003, and founded WG in December 2003 at level 45ish (in RS Classic) Led WG as the main focus of my RS time, and didn't bother doing much skilling and other content Backed off slightly from leadership around 2010, and then pretty much fully around 2013 when Mojo took over Tried to come back to RS once or twice but couldn't find enough time Still want to come back to OSRS, but life is busy Became a somewhat enthusiastic Youtuber, which helped recruitment for the clan Visited Jagex studios twice, once for fun and once to workshop legacy mode in RS3 Went to every Runefest from 2010 (the first one) to 2016. I know very little about what's happened to the game since 2013. That's kind of exciting because I get to relive the discovery when I do return.  
    I grew up in Australia, spent a few years living in the UK where I met some WG members, and now live in New Zealand I love board games, working out, LARPing, classical music, fantasy fiction and adventure travel I'm a music teacher, mostly for high school, but right now looking for work I have a partner, Dan, who I've been with for two years now. WG still affects things in my life. I like the colour purple because it was our cape colour, and my gym locker is 27, because that was our homeworld. Other silly little things like that.  
    I will try harder to visit theser forums and connect with people. I miss my old friends dearly, and I'm looking forward to making some new ones.
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    Hatred Sabre reacted to Kyle in Hi, I'm His Lordship   
    Hey Gene ❤️
    I can't really put into words how great it is to see you back around here again. I think I was literally asking about you a few weeks ago. I'm looking forward to catching up with you and all these other old faces that have come back recently. I'm glad you've been doing well.
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    Hatred Sabre reacted to Abs in Hi, I'm His Lordship   
    Hey Gene man, it's been a long time.
    As soon as I returned to OSRS, I looked you up on the hiscores and noticed you seemed to have played quite a bit. I quickly learned that it probably wasn't you training your account lol and felt a little sad only remnants of old WG existed. Nevertheless I held my head up high and embraced all the new members of WG.
    Over the past few weeks, old faces keep showing up and seems to have culminated with you and a few other OGs. I am really looking forward to catching up some more with you and my old friends, as well as building new relationships!
    I've been playing for about 2 months now (still a noob) and OSRS has so much to offer, please stick around for a bit ❤️
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    Hatred Sabre reacted to Augustane in Struggles of late - Why i've been gone   
    Dude, I'd think that we all understand. Depression and this COVID lockdown go hand in hand.

    Things aren't great in my house either. The fact that you're tackling it and making it better, that's fucking great. I hope you keep on trucking through.

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    Hatred Sabre reacted to Yasticaki in Struggles of late - Why i've been gone   
    Well done getting through as much of it as you have. I've been in some really shitty situations in the past, and you gotta do your best but stay strong. No one will understand the struggles but yourself, but just know that you do have the power to get through it.
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    Hatred Sabre reacted to Sh0resy in Struggles of late - Why i've been gone   
    As many of you know, I resigned as officer a bit back and have been pretty inactive. Depression is a bitch and Covid hasn't helped. Was supposed to go to europe, start having kids, blah blah blah. I needed to re-find myself and i have. I started hiking/ fly-fishing again almost every weekend and it's helped. My advice for anyone who is going through shit, get outdoors (obviously responsibly away from other people) and enjoy nature.
    Shameless plug of my new blog
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    Hatred Sabre got a reaction from Ordo Clan in FC Achieved!   
    gratz ;o
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    Hatred Sabre got a reaction from Ordo Clan in Barrows gloves unlocked!   
    yes yes i'm on it,
    and gratz btw, good gloves 2 have.
    atleast u had em b4 123 cmb 🤣
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    Hatred Sabre got a reaction from Just Poked in Other games than Runescape.   
    u mean battling depression online?

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    Hatred Sabre got a reaction from LII0NHEART in I get pet and attempt to lose it   
    why? its a good pet.
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    Hatred Sabre got a reaction from WG Logout in I get pet and attempt to lose it   
    why? its a good pet.
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    Hatred Sabre got a reaction from Ghost Sabre in [Accepted] B B Q Sabre   
    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process.
    B B Q Sabre
    What is your current RS name? B B Q Sabre, Hatred Sabre
    List any previous RS names: BEYOND Sabre,
    What is your total level and combat level?
    1305 Total
    81 CMB

    Tell us about your RuneScape account and history.
    i started in Runescape classic, i switched to Rs2, stopped for a while there, got back into the game after that and was hooked
    was there when free trade/wilderness was removed, enjoyed pvp worlds/clan wars, was there when they added the bountyhunter crater, was there when pking/free trade was added back in, was there for the EOC update, quit after that. played a bit of EOC, stopped, started OSRS couple of months ago
    Tell us about your clan history.
    The Sabre Clan Warlord, was in the Sabres untill they closed
    oh yeah was in OIP for a bit in rs3
    Tell us about your yourself.
    Hey, i'm a 26 yo noob from NL, i play FPS games/some other games, and recently came back to RS, my irl cooking lvl is 5 sadly. i am pretty chill, i'm a master weeb and enjoy playing games in a competitive setting,
    How did you hear about us?  i got spammed by a noob at G.E called Ghost Sabre telling me WG's Pile was there, but i couldnt find it
    What makes you want to join us? so i can have fun in a community and have fun pking with several people instead of only doing solo activity's ingame
    Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes
    Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: idk i am noob?

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