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    Mojo reacted to Frozen_10 in Frozen's Iron Man   
    A little update after a week or so.
    Did lots of quests.












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    Mojo got a reaction from Jason in New pet!!   
    well done  
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    Mojo got a reaction from Im not Norm in Im not Norm   
    Obviously we are strongly opposed to auto-clicking so hopefully you've stopped that long ago  
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    Mojo got a reaction from WG Lohow in Happy Birthday Low & Joke   
    a belated happy birthday to both of you  
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    Mojo got a reaction from iloveconess in [Accepted] iloveconess   
    Welcome Max  
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    Mojo got a reaction from Shaba in [Accepted] Shaba   
    Welcome to our forums  
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    Mojo reacted to lukey372 in [Declined] Bloody Emu   
    Haven't been in a clan since '04 yeah. Pretty crazy.
    Thanks for the welcome though:)
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    Mojo got a reaction from Flower Crown in [Accepted] Flower Crown   
    Welcome  Sorry for killing you  
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    Mojo got a reaction from QCZ in [Accepted] H1GH R0LLER   
    Congratulations, you have been accepted into our community!

    You are now an Initiate Guardian and have 3 weeks to attend 3 events, reply to at least 10 posts and graduate.
    Here are some useful links:
    Graduations - you have 3 weeks to post your graduation form. Unread content - gives you the latest posts. Keeps you up to date. Important Announcements - check frequently for major updates. Calendar - all events are here, listed in your own time zone. You can even host your own. Discord - keep notifications on for #osrs and #osrs_announcements. We'll never spam you. Recruitment Tips - help expand our clan New to PvM or PvP? Check out the #pvm-help and #pvp-help channels on Discord.
    Let me know when you've read this.
    I and the staff are happy to answer any further questions.

    Welcome to our clan!
    P.S. Got two minutes spare? Take this optional survey to help us with our recruitment process.
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    Mojo got a reaction from TheJoker 129 in [Accepted] TheJoker 129   
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    Mojo got a reaction from Adult Cat in Adult Cat   
    Happy Birthday puss!
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    Mojo got a reaction from givemefuel in [Accepted] givemefuel   
    Welcome to our forums  
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    Mojo got a reaction from QCZ in [Accepted] H1GH R0LLER   
    Welcome back. Looks like you didn't post your graduation, despite warnings from Mini Horse. you'll need three fresh events then remember to post it this time  
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    Mojo reacted to QCZ in [Accepted] H1GH R0LLER   
    @Mojo I only realized he sent me messages after it was too late ☹️. Its alright tho, i want to be here so il make a greater effort this time to get my graduation done on time
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    Mojo got a reaction from WG Lohow in Its done   
    that's some sick progress. Grats on max combat  
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    Mojo reacted to Sieggy in Alchemical Hydra Basic Guide   
    Just a quick thrown together basic guide for those interested in killing the Alchemical Hydra 
    The setup im using works for me you may wish to swap things around until you find the combo you like best

    Bracelet of slaughter is recommended to swap to for the final kill to lengthen your task at hydra, Dramen staff not needed if elite diary is done and you can tele without it, can swap out sharks and pots ( Range, Antivenom+ & Stamina ) for brews and sanfew serums for prolonged trips at a higher cost.
    Easiest way to reach Mount Karuum is via fairy ring CIR, Skills necklace or Farming guild teleport with 99 farming

    To Reach the hydra lair go down the elevator in the middle of the mountain, once inside the layout is like this

    The hydra has 5 forms all up in the first form it is Grey, Second form is Blue, Third form is red, Fourth form is also red and the 5th form it will turn black.
    In order to attack the Hydra you must lure each form over its respective grate first so the chemicals spraying up will 'deactivate' the hydras protection, the grey first form must be lured over the red grate 

    The second blue form over the green grate

    And the third form over the blue grate

    After the third form you no longer have to lure it over the grates
    In the first 3 forms it has both a range and mage attack aswell as a spitting poison across multiple squares randomly, in the first 4 forms the hydra will attack with 3 of the same attack style in a row before switching to the other, The magic attack send out 3 thin projectiles and the range 1 single larger projectile. ( The poison attack doesnt count towards the attack switching mechanics so if your on two range attacks then the poison the next hit will be the third range attack )
    The second form ( Blue ) also has an electric attack that spawns in multiple locations and chases you around you must outrun these or you will be unable to move for a small period and take damage of up to 20hp

    In the fourth form ( Red ) the hydra will walk to the middle of the room and shoot out 2 walls of fire essentially blocking you into a small section of the lair and then shoot out a single flame that will follow you around as you run damaging you with every hit until it runs out.

    Once you reach the fifth form the hydra turns black and will alternate every attack between mage and range similar to the jad phase but is guaranteed to swap 

    Without the correct pray you can be hit for upto 40+ so try to concentrate your switching after every kill
    If you do die here you can collect your items for a 100k fee from just outside the Alchemical Hydra room, remember to grab another pair of stone boots before you go to collect your stuff otherwise you run the risk of dying and losing your stored items!

    Happy hunting and goodluck! Has been many years since ive written a runescape guide if you have any suggestions let me know
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    Mojo got a reaction from WG Fargorn in The Kebos Lowlands   
    more dead content
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    Mojo reacted to Thottpilgrim in Love Reacts Only   
    Needed more pointless activities to occupy the left half of my screen while AFK Fishing/Woodcutting, so I'm  going back and finding every post I've reacted to with anything other than a Love react, and changing it. Currently only three "Like" reacts remain undiscovered, but I will find them.

    2019 the year of #LoveReactsOnly 
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    Mojo got a reaction from Thottpilgrim in [Accepted] Thottpilgrim   
    😂 was this you @WG Lohow?
    anyway, welcome
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    Mojo reacted to WG Robin in [Accepted] TheRobin129   
    Updated. Not very good, at typing things about myself lol.
    Thank you. gonna check em out.
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    Mojo reacted to Mini Horse in Pets   
    His xmas outfit 
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    Mojo got a reaction from Og FnM in [Accepted] OG FnM   
    Nice RC level 👌
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    Mojo got a reaction from Adult Cat in Pets   
    Here’s an old bunny having a drink 🐰 

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    Mojo got a reaction from I am Violent in [Accepted] I am Violent   
    he's back again
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    Mojo got a reaction from Sjh in [Accepted] SJH0628   
    Welcome  Feel free to use whichever client you like.