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Ladies and Gentlemen in the vicinity.


Bare witness to the tob speedrunner, the inferno god among men, cox speedrunner, doesn't-raid-with-anyone-who-doesn't-have-an-infernal-cape legend, challenge mode soon-to-be-part-of-a-5-man-world-record-holder speedrun, absolutely POPPING OFF and showing us why he is GOD AMONG MEN at guardians. Rematch TBA soon, an event will follow.



What @LGBTQHCIMBTW had to say on the matter:







What I thought about it:



I didn't think it was enough to prove his worth, so he took it further.

Man struggling to flee some flying pixels on a screen 🤔



25 seconds later, dying to...? 🤔



What everyone thought in the discord:



Crazyooga, the man, the myth, the legend



p.s fuck off no one cares about you criticising light mode -> this is what you look like when you do it image.png.92d698b5afa081cfcd55ab22b267f166.png

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