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Are you addicted to caffeine?


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Oh man... I used to use pre-workouts like Jack3d back in the day, that shit was so crazy. Then I transitioned to soda/pops and coffee every now and then without really needing the urge to caffeinate. After a while, I started trying out different energy drinks, but I quit that too (just wanted to know the taste). Getting ready for a long vaca on the road, so I figured I'd pick up a few bang energy drinks, drank one the other day just to see what it would do, legit thought I was going to pass out lmao. No more caffeine for Frogo

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I'm actually on a caffeine 'fast' right now.


I used it too much. Got REAL bad headaches if I went too long without.


Been without caffeine of any kind for a few weeks now.  Sucked at first, now it's indifferent. Decaf coffee helps if you enjoy coffee. (little bit of caffeine in decaf)

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